Which Grey's Doc Griped? Who Had the Best CW Tats? Mixology's Worst Shot? And More Qs!

House of CardsWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Teen Wolf, How I Met Your Mother, Arrow and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Spoiler alert for House of Cards Season 2, Episode 9: After listening to Freddy describe in graphic detail the inhumane (and illegal) methods he uses to procure his ribs, did anyone really shed a tear when his BBQ was shuttered?

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2 | Why on earth did Downton Abbey spend all season building up the Charles/Mary/Tony love triangle, only to backburner it in the finale?

3 | We’re with The Walking Dead’s Rick — how nice (and kinda bittersweet) was it to hear Carl laughing with Michonne over breakfast?

4 | Does Shameless even need Frank as an antagonist anymore? He’s barely even conscious this season!

5 | On a scale of Very to Yikes, how delusional did Tonya Harding sound during NBC’s Nancy and Tonya special?

How I Met Your Mother6 | Why did How I Met Your Mother‘s Lily look older in 2020 than when she was sending her son off to college in 2030? And was that Barney-and-Robin-have-a-kid bait-and-switch just cruel? Also, did you think maybe it was going to be the story of how Robin became a bullfighter?

7 | Is Teen Wolf‘s Ms. Morrell some kind of omnipotent being? She went from guidance counselor to French teacher to working at an insane asylum — all jobs that happened to connect directly to the core characters. Bonus Q: How did she survive her encounter with the evil Alphas last season? The last time we saw her, they were literally impaling her.

8 | How did The Following‘s Joe go from drugged-into-unconsciousness to full alertness with just one whiff of Emma’s homemade smelling salts? And Max and Mike are totally going to hook up this season, aren’t they?

9 | How did Dallas‘ Christopher grow a beard during the “12 hours later” time jump? And what are the odds that at this very (OK, any) instant, John Ross and Emma are somewhere doing the horizontal two-step? Come up for air, kids!

10 | Considering the dress that got Kelly Mantle eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race, should we give up saying that “everything’s better with bacon”?

11 | How do we feel about Christina Grimmie — an artist with almost 2.5 million YouTube subscribers, 393,000 Twitter followers and a recent gig opening for Selena Gomez — competing on Season 6 of The Voice?

The Originals The Vampire Diaries12 | Who wins when it comes to magical tattoo shirtlessness: The Originals or The Vampire Diaries? And sorry, “witch bitches,” but can we get Davina back instead?

13 | We get that Supernatural‘s Sam is upset with Dean, but slamming his door? Really?

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14 | Whether or not you loved or hated Rachel and Santana’s sudden and incredibly nasty feud on Glee, didn’t both Lea Michele and Naya Rivera make the flood of toxicity and bad feelings absolutely palpable? And speaking of the NYC-based arcs, can we make Adam Lambert a permanent part of the cast going forward?

15 | What was more hilariously wrong on this week’s New Girl: The Abby-Schmidt kitchen-counter hog-tying experience (pictured) or Abby “giving Schmidt a special” at the dinner table?

New Girl16 | Which of you Arrow fans caught the Batman nod, in that William Tockman suffers from MacGregor’s Syndrome, which also famously afflicted Mr. Freeze’s wife?

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17 | Despite all the talk of a Modern Family “slump,” wasn’t this week’s “The Feud” — with Claire’s lice crisis, Gloria’s skin outbreak and Jay and Phil’s bond over their mutual contempt for Gil Thorpe (and his dad) — on par with the show’s all-time funniest installments?

18 | How many of you gave up on Mixology after the writers dropped in a rape joke three minutes in? Or was it the female character cooing, “If I talked like that to Don Draper, he would smack me in the mouth — that is a man” at the 12-minute mark? Leave your deal-breaker moment in the comments!

19 | Why did American Idol opens its Season 13 finals with its five absolute worst performances? Was there no one on the production staff who thought viewers might get fed up and tune out after not hearing a single solid contestant for almost 45 minutes?

20 | Can Nashville‘s Avery, Gunnar and Zoe please form a band ASAP? And is there any way that Scarlett and Liam hooking up won’t end in complete disaster?

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21 | Where do you currently stand on Scandal‘s Quinn, now that she has added child abduction to her resume?TESSA FERRER, JERRIKA HINTON

22 | Did Grey’s Anatomy residents Stephanie (jilted by Jackson) and Leah (eager to see the hospital socked with a lawsuit) suddenly become 10 percent more interesting? Also, wasn’t Meredith a little too cool with the fact that her husband has been secretly providing financial support for a disabled high school classmate for the entire length of their marriage and then some? Bonus: Poll!

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23 | Do you miss the narration during Reign‘s opening sequence? And which forces conspired to get rid of it? (Our guess: forces of the heart.)

24 | Big Bang Theory‘s TV-remote magic wand: Organically integrated geek gadget or slightly conspicuous promotion for a Warner Bros. product?

25 | Can someone please create a Kickstarter campaign to get Late Night With Seth Meyers some decent furniture? (Or furniture period?)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!