Exclusive Psych Sneak Peek: Shawn and Gus 'Suck It' All the Way Back to the 1960s

Gus as a suited-up lounge singer? Shawn with a pencil-thin mustache? Oh yes, Psych fans, that’s all happening tonight.

TVLine has an exclusive first look at the time-traveling, mind-boggling episode (9/8c on USA), in which Lassiter attempts to solve the decades-old murder of the mayor’s uncle in the hopes of being promoted to Chief of Police.

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Juliet’s relationship with Shawn is also tested in the episode, but we promise it has nothing to do with him slapping her on the butt in this clip.

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Following tonight’s episode, only four more cases remain until Psych airs its series finale March 26.

Press play below to watch our Psychadelic preview.

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