Star-Crossed's Aimee Teegarden Previews 'Rift' Between Emery & Roman, Plus Major Atrian Twist

Star-Crossed Roman & EmeryEmery and Roman may be Star-Crossed lovers, as the title of The CW’s new alien drama suggests, but Aimee Teegarden tells TVLine not to expect the couple’s ‘happy ever after’ anytime soon.

In fact, Monday’s episode (8/7c) introduces even more obstacles for the couple, both earthbound and extraterrestrial. And as if Emery’s relationship with Roman didn’t complicate her life enough, the aliens might just be harboring a pretty nasty secret of their own.

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TVLINE | Obviously, everybody’s rooting for Roman and Emery to make it work. When can we expect to actually see them together?
It’s a fun romance to play; it’s almost more intimate not touching than it is touching. There’s definitely hope for Roman and Emery down the line. I’m not saying it’ll be this season, or next season, but at some point, I think they’ll be together. I mean, there will always be ignorance from outsiders as these two people from different races try to form a relationship and cohabitate, but they have such a magnetic force between them that I think it’s inevitable.

TVLINE | I assume Emery’s dad getting Roman’s dad killed certainly won’t help speed up that process.
No, that definitely creates a huge rift between Roman and Emery. Now that his dad is gone, Roman is forced into a new role as the leader of the Atrians, and Emery is trying to get him to open up to her. She also tries to fix things, which doesn’t go so well, but there’s a lot of learning that happens along the way. Not only do they have to figure out where they stand with each other, but also with the people around them.

TVLINE | She also seems curious about the Atrian culture, in general. How far down the rabbit hole will she go?
Yeah, she really wants to know more about the Atrians and to understand what they’re all about. As the season goes on, she dives deeper into Atrian culture, and the writers definitely give you a lot about the Atrian mythology — who they are, why they are. Was it really a crash landing, or did they arrive on Earth for some other purpose?

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Star-Crossed Roman & EmeryTVLINE | So there’s quite a bit we don’t know about them then?
You have no idea.

TVLINE | Back to the humans, I don’t trust Grayson. When will we find out where his loyalties lie?
You’ll find out more about Grayson and his secrets this week. He becomes an intricate part of the Atrian integration situation, and he also comes between Roman and Emery. His whole family has a history of being baddies.

TVLINE | Lastly, what’s something you’re really excited for us to see that we probably won’t expect?
Well, I get to do something really cool this season. Emery has a dream-like sequence where she actually gets to embody an Atrian. She learns a good bit about why they’re here.

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