Exclusive Hannibal Video: 'Will's Death Is On Me'

It’s always nice to have dinner with friends… unless you’re on NBC’s Hannibal.

In this exclusive clip from the drama’s Season 2 premiere (which airs Friday, Feb. 28 at 10/9c), Jack is busy punishing himself for Will’s alleged mental breakdown and Dr. Lecter is serving up the same kind of creepy mindgames he always does.

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Sure that his former profiler will pay the ultimate price for his crimes, a very guilty Jack laments that”Will’s death is on me.” Meanwhile, Lecter says that Jack shouldn’t blame himself but likely thinks about whether a Crawford filet pairs better with red or white.

Worth noting: The two colleagues’ interaction is a sight more civilized than the series’ other, more violent sneak peak that’s been making the rounds. As far as we can tell, that badness doesn’t go down on the same night as this dinner — Hannibal and Jack appear to be wearing different clothes in the two clips — but feel free to put on your profiler hats and see if you can come to a different conclusion.

Press PLAY, and dinner is served.

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