Glee Sneak Peek: Who's Crying Over Graduation? Plus: [Spoiler] Makes a Cuddly Return!

Graduation is nearing on Glee, and that means emotions are on overload in the following photos from the March 4 episode (Fox, 8/7c).

While seniors Tina, Blaine and Sam are having trouble saying goodbye — more than one of them is in tears! — another character is coming home: Emma (played by The Millers star Jayma Mays) returns to share a moment with her hubby Will.

PHOTOS | Glee Sneak Peek: Santana Makes Her Broadway Bid, Artie and Tina Face Off in ‘Frenemies’

Elsewhere, the tension between Rachel and Santana, who’s gunning to become her roomie’s understudy in Funny Girl, doesn’t seem to be dissipating.

Click through the gallery below for a peek at what’s ahead.

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  1. Robert Taylor says:

    Cue the following responses to the video:

    -“Ugh, I HATE Sam. He’s, like, the worst character in the history of time.” (this despite Sam not being a major part of the slideshow)

    -“Ryan Murphy, stop trying to make Sam the new leading man. It’s not gonna happen!” (see above)

    -“The only thing worse than Sam is Blaine!” “I love Blaine!” “Shut up!” “No, you shut up!”

    -“I hate Lima. The New York stories are so much better!”

    -“Glee hasn’t been good in five years why doesn’t everyone just kill themselves!?!?!”


    • Kaycee says:

      Because most of them are true. Sam I can tolerate but Blaine is a terrible character and Darren Criss overacts. I actually like the Lima side of Glee, I wish Alex Newell and Becca Tobin didn’t have to leave.

    • Jenna says:

      How is Sam not a major part of the slideshow when he’s one of the five characters featured and is in more than one of the stills?

    • Rachel says:

      The thing is, I don’t hate Sam or Blaine I just don’t think they are great leads for the show. Sam I loved when he first showed up but the writing for him was awful last season and Blaine is good with Kurt but I just don’t enjoy him on his own.

    • Meg says:

      I feel like a sensitive Sam fan makes this same preemptive concern post in the comments of almost every Glee article I’ve read lately.

    • Jase says:

      So true. Hating Blaine/Klaine/Darren Criss is written in the Constitution over here at Tow the Line.

    • Lisa says:

      You are missing: Darren Criss is a horrible actor and that shines even through stills, to make this a complete list of truths. You are welcome.

    • Ray says:

      So they are hooking Tina and Sam up. Uh ok.

      • Jess says:

        I actually would have preferred Sam and Tina to have gotten together last season. Too bad their kiss is going to be painted as a bad/gross thing. I think they’d be cute together and sing well :/

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t mind Sam. I just happen to like season 2 Sam the best. I miss our Avatar lovin’ geek. I miss when he wanted to be more than a body.

      Ryan Murphy is not trying to make Sam the new male lead. The new male lead is Kurt.

      I like Blaine and Sam. I love their friendship and I don’t mind them.

      I love the new characters but I just don’t see the story in Lima anymore. It shouldn’t have been in season 4. It should have centered around all of the originals that wished to still be on the show.

      Glee hasn’t been good? I agree it’s not the most amazing show out there but it’s not bad either.

      Glee in it’s own has been a very helpful show to this world. It has helped a lot of people. Glee has given people the confidence to come out and support what they feel is right. It encourages children, teens, young adults and even adults to go for your dreams. While it is not always realistic it has been a decent show. Glee has also shown people that acceptance is key to the future of our world. It has shown that people need to accept themselves as well as others.

      As for everyone killing themselves that’s possibly the more ignorant thing anyone could ever say.

      It isn’t okay in any circumstances to say this. It’s mean and bullying. It’s small minded and comes from a bunch of halfwitt’s who think it’s funny to post such things.

      It’s a threat that now a days is being taken very seriously. You CAN be reported for threatening comments by telling people to kill themselves or threatening to kill someone. Suicide/murder are no joke and should not be taken lightly. You should be ashamed of yourself for your behavior.

    • O-Town says:

      That was inappropriate about everyone killing themselves. A little too soon since Cory Monteith’s death. Good timing on your part. Really, you lost all credibility with that second to the last line. As for Sam, don’t worry. No one’s forcing you to continue watching if you think it’s all drek. Try watching a different show. Or in your case, try complaining about another show. Some of us are perfectly fine with things. Poof, begone.

  2. james says:

    does Sam need to move to New York.

    • Rachel says:

      He has to there is no one left. Finn is sadly gone, Puck, Mike, they are gone to. Artie is going to NY but he’s not a “hunk” Sam is all that’s left for the females since Blaine is with Kurt.

      • Chloe says:

        Sam the hunk yeah no thank you Chris colfer is 100 times more the hunk than Chord.

        • Rachel says:

          Yes but Chris is playing Kurt who is gay and Blaine is also gay, Chord gets to go to NY because he’s a straight decent looking guy (who needs a hair cut)

          • David. says:

            Right cause a persons sexuality decides wether or not someone can be deemed a “hunk”. (Sarcasm).

          • David, I think what was meant wasn’t that Kurt and Blaine can’t be hunks because they’re gay but that the female characters need a straight hunk, hence the “Sam is all that’s left for the females” comment.

          • Ashley says:

            He was already given a hair cut. Both he and his character got a hair cut on screen. If I remember right he was contracted to keep his hair long so they could cut it on screen. Just like Joe was instructed he could never lose his dreads until he was off the show.

      • JJ says:

        Yeah he has sceen time by default. How about they get actual new talent and leave the tool that is Sam in Lima?

    • may says:

      Don´t worry. He won´t suck screentime. He will be in the background again pretty soon. Just wait and see LOL

    • Lisa says:

      Apparently he has because of some deal Chrod made with the devil (a.k.a Ryan Murphy) over 2 and a half years ago and along Darren continues to give the writers jucious gifts at Christmas.

      In all honestly, along with Darren, that’s the most useless and secure way of making NY the awfulness that Lima became but it’s their money.

  3. Jenna says:

    You can actually SEE the bad acting in those Sam/Tina/Blaine stills. Holy Hell.

  4. Emma says:

    Its funny how everyone acts like they love the New York side of Glee when everyone found the New York side so boring to Santana moved there so really you don’t love the new york side you love santana

    • Angela says:

      I can’t speak for others, but I personally liked the New York side of things both with and without Santana.

      • Kaity B. says:

        I agree. I loved the New York scenes before Santana came. Santana being there made it even better though.

        I don’t see why Rachel needs a hunk. Why can’t she focus on Funny Girl and her dreams? I just hate how Rachel went from being this shining light for females looking to accomplish their dreams to being defined by the boys she dates.

        • Angela says:

          No argument there about Rachel. She deserves to just take some time for herself and deal with all the sadness she’s been through of late and work on doing what she loves and making it her living. If/when she does find love someday, wonderful, but the show should have her being as well-rounded in her interests as possible.

    • dcl33 says:

      I actually liked NY side of the story very much before Santana moved there. Somewhat good story lines, it was funny and chemistry between Lea and Chris was great. And then Santana moved there and it became even better. But lets be honest, everyone couldnt wait to see Naya back (you may have hate/d Santana but lets be real, that woman is gorgeous and a sight for sore eyes) . Santana is a bitch but means well ( most of the time) and she keeps it real. And as much as it seems that Hitchcock hates Naya, thats one character that they didnt completely screw up.

  5. B says:

    Lea looks so gorgeous in those photos! I cannot believe this Rachel/Santana drama is actually happening. First of all, there is no way that Santana would be a good understudy for Fanny Brice. She just doesn’t have the style of voice for it. It’s not an insult. She’s just not a Broadway singer and them forcing it, isn’t going to make anyone believe it. Also, they’re about to ruin one of the best friendships they’ve had on the show. Why is it that the girls always have to be fighting? I loved seeing those two complementing each other’s personalities and being good friends!

    • Angela says:

      Agree with this whole post, especially the last part. Seriously, it would be so nice if more TV shows realized that women don’t always have to be getting involved in stupid catfights about ridiculous things, and showed strong female friendships more often.

    • Jamey says:

      I agree! I think it has been interesting to see two women, very different, becoming friends. There is so much room for growth there but instead, we are going to make them enemies. I actually thought the camaraderie made New York better but now we may have lost Lima, but looks like we still have high school behavior.

    • Kaity B. says:

      Agreed. Lea and Naya just won a PCA for tv gal pals. That should tell these writers that we love the Pezberry friendship. I don’t know about you ladies, but my friends and I haven’t had a cat fight since high school. It’s time to let go of this inaccurate view of female friendships. Why must there always be a slap involved?

  6. kevinjohn says:

    I mean we have known Blaine was going to New York since Season two and he will be going to college in New York but why the hell is Sam going i wish he never came back in Season Three

    • Jane says:

      I agree! I HATE Sam, bland character played by a mediocre actor. Chord Overstreet needs to go back to being in the back ground he’s best suited. Just praying Lea doesn’t get stuck carrying his sorry A$$!

    • AngieD says:

      They set Sam up earlier this season to go to NY to become a model. Personally, Sam has never been one of my favorite characters and he’s become too vapid. I don’t want Rachel and Sam to be coupled – if Rachel is going to be with another guy, I think it should be someone new.

      • Ashley says:

        I agree that Sam as been very vapid the last 2 seasons but that’s the writers. Not the actor. I disagree, someone new wouldn’t understand her relationship with Finn. The person would eventually end the relationship because he can’t compete with a ‘dead man’. This DOES happen in real life and in fiction more often then you think it does. Now Sam, if she should end up with him as it HASN’T been confirmed yet, would be a better choice. He KNEW Finn. He was friends with Finn. He knew how much Finn meant to Rachel. He would understand the relationship and would help her. He wouldn’t have to compete with a ‘dead man’ he wouldn’t try to. He’d be there for her on those days that it’s hard.

        • Jess says:

          That’s the dumbest comment on this board. A new love interest could absolutely understand Rachel if he’s a kind and patient person. If anything, someone that knew Finn would feel like he was always competing or worse, betraying him. by your logic, Puck would be the ideal candidate. Rachel has her best friend (and Finn’s brother) to support her, she doesn’t need a love interest for that, or at all really, not with Funny Girl going on. I’d be happy if she met someone respectful and supportive, but it is not necessary yet.

          A better point is that Sam as a character is completely wrong for Rachel. If her and Finn’s dreams and personalities clashed, than Sam and her are 50 times worse. Sam doesn’t have the drive and ambition to be better that Finn had, or his depth. He doesn’t even have the presence to match and keep up with Rachel. I didn’t even like Finchel, but I would ever deny that Cory’s acting as Finn was on par with Lea’s as Rachel. If Rachel got a new love interest that should be the most important thing to cover- getting a capable actor and developing the character to be equal partner to Rachel emotionally and mentally. That’s not Sam.

  7. Danniel says:

    Sam is not NY material, someone had to say that.

    • James says:

      He is only going because of BLAM and since RIB want Amber back since she won Dancing with the stars Sam and Mercedes will get back together

      • Rachel says:

        Nah Sam is meant for Rachel. We will be lucky enough to get Mercedes/Amber back for a handful of episodes.

        • Chloe says:

          Mercedes is moving to New York Lea tweeted about it today

          • Rachel says:

            Yes as a recurring character, Rachel has already been seen checking Sam out (in the recent episode where him and Blaine visited NY) and they are flash forwarding in time 2+2=Rachel/Sam

        • mary says:

          Meant for Rachel? Wishful thinking? I can´t see that happening. Besides Rachel with a bad actor/man whore is already done, last season, anyone?. I know the writers like to recycle storylines, but they can´t afford to do that with Rachel/Lea. Just wait and see

        • NO Samchel! says:

          Glee would be stupid to pair Sam w/Rachel. There is no Universe that Chord Overstreet can keep up with Lea Michele. Chords a second rate talent and Sam’s a shallow bland dumb character that is nothing more then his abs. I see Chord becoming the next Dean Geyer if they go the Samchel route.

        • Letty says:

          The only one that want Samchel are Chord fans that realize Chord has to ride someones coattails to get screen time. He’s not good enough to be a leading man, certainly not good enough to be Lea’s leading man.

        • Sandra says:

          No one said that Mercedes will only be recurring, its only fandom speculation. She was named as one of the main characters along Kut, Rachel, Blaine and Sam.

    • Pedro Santos says:

      What’s NY material haha?? That sounds so stupid.

      • Danniel says:

        Characters with star qualities idiot, i.e. Rachel and Kurt.

        • Nancy says:

          With over 8 million people in NYC- I dare say most individuals- do not have star qualities. While I do not have actual facts of what percentage of the city is entertainment based- someone feel free to look it up- I doubt it even 1%.

        • Drew says:

          “Star quality” is a requirement for someone to live in New York?

        • Danniel says:

          People, do I really have to explain in the glee-universe mind? Everyone in GLEE who wants to go to New York wants to have success in the arts, unlike Sam and Blaine… Sam wants to be a stupid model, and Blaine wants to copy Kurt’s step with no talent at all. Now, if you’re all so desperate to look smart in the comments posting all kind of statistics go head. And Drew, stop being stupid for God’s sake.

  8. James says:

    Klaine will finally be together in New York i have been waiting since season two.

  9. sam says:

    None of this interests me.

    • Sil says:

      None of this seems interesting to me either. Santana being an enemy with Rachel sucks. Santana being an understudy for Fanny sucks also. Sam and Blaine are my least favorite characters. So! NY sounds so I inviting already. I’m elated Lima is going away, but, to have Sam and Blaine in NY as weekly characters is a bummer. So, for me, Glee won’t be watched weekly. Just dependent on the weeks content. This week I don’t care about.

  10. Chloe says:

    i want to ask Ryan how much longer am i going to have suffer through Adam Lambert attempting to act

  11. Chloe says:

    I used to Think Heather was the worst actress in glee but i think it goes to Tina ( i don’t know her real name)

  12. Pedro Santos says:

    People are so awful here. God

    • Lisa says:

      Welcome to the Glee fandom.

      • Jenny says:

        Well not the whole Glee fandom is like that. Glee articles on this side draw in the most disgusting and hateful part of it. The same people who probably have no life of their own are writing the same comments over and over again. That`s why the first comment is very spot on: it could save them a lot of time if they had anything better to do than – as Kevin said in his tweet to a hater yesterday- “sit at home doing nothing”….

  13. Tom Charles says:

    Who’s the cute redhead? She needs to be on the show more.

    • Angela says:

      That would be Jayma Mays, who, as the article notes, plays Will’s wife Emma :). And yes, I agree, she is adorable and needs to come back to the show more often.

  14. dude says:

    I’m probably alone in this but I’m really going to miss Marley and Kitty.

    • Drew Ryan says:

      Nope. I’m devastated because I loved them both! I hope season 6 takes place multiple years in the future and they are in New York.

      • Rae says:

        Ryan doesn’t care about those actors or characters. If he did they wouldn’t be treated like furniture in S5. The don’t sing or get screen time. I would bet we never see them again. Ryan’s baby is and always will be Lea and that where the focus will be.

        • Lisa says:

          Awful as some make take this, Ryan’s focus on Lea just came back after tragedy. It was specially shocking to see EVEN Lea Michele get so little screen time.

    • abz says:

      I liked Marley at first, but they made her extremely boring as time went on. I will definitely miss Kitty though.

    • Jillian says:

      Kitty is the only newbie I will miss. Hopefully her and Artie stay together so she can pop in to NY time to time.e

  15. Peter says:

    One more week! I can’t wait! These new few episodes look fantastic, bring on Blaine, Sam, and Mercedes in NY!!!!

  16. Andrew Hass says:

    I can’t return for of Glee.As for Blaine and Sam going to New York i think we all knew Blaine was going and i’m thinking sometime in the last season he and Kurt get married.As for Sam maybe he gets into a college near NYC.Also i don’t like some of the negative comments above.It’s one thing not to like a character but it’s quite another to attack an actor because i’m sure he or she is doing the best they can.

  17. Marine Blanc says:

    Don’t you ever get tired of hating ?

    • Andy says:

      Nope!:) For haters posting about Glee on this side it is apparently the only goal they have in their lives.When you read comments under every article about the show it`s easy to notice that they are the same people repeating the same phrases all over again. Every normal person would get bored of it after short time so they must really despise themselves or their own lives if spreading hate is the only thing they are able to share in their comments.

  18. Lisa says:

    Can’t wait! I, too, am excited for Blaine and Sam to be headed to NY. The NY cast sounds awesome. :)

  19. Molly says:

    Santana being considered as a Broadway understudy is absurd…Rachel getting the lead in a big budget revival despite being a complete amateur college freshman I can buy in a suspension of disbelief kind of way because she’s very talented and obviously a good choice for the role, but Santana is just…not. She has a nice, jazzy voice, but nothing like the range required for Broadway, nevermind a part made famous by Barbra Streisand. Not to mention SHE IS ALSO A COMPLETE AMATEUR. Shows like this cast celebrities to raise hype.

    • Meg says:

      Rachel and Santana are BOTH amateurs. But that’s not the biggest issue here. My problem is that Santana has never expressed any interest in Broadway and this clearly isn’t her niche. She is obviously talented so I would rather her get her own storyline – maybe some acting gigs or performing in some clubs.

  20. Carrie says:

    Just great! Sam and Blaine to NY ruins the only part of Glee I liked! I can deal with Blaine, we knew that would happen but sending Dumb AND the Blond Dumber aka Sam makes it worse!

  21. Fernanda says:

    and once again the BLEE picture show.Thank God Chord cut his hair when Glee NY arrives in April

  22. LC says:

    Only looking forward to the Rachel and Santana scenes. Strongest actors and strongest singers left on the show. Could not give a crap about Blam, Artie and Tina.

  23. Amber says:

    The hate Sam/Chord gets on here is ridiculous

  24. kd86953 says:

    (ignoring all the rage) i am SO excited for glee to come back! and and AND i am SO excited for glee NYC! i’m so ready to say good-bye to lima and to have the focus be on my favs!

  25. Abba says:

    You people need help. Don’t like a character, fine. But you are being downright cruel about real people who have never done anything to you. Get a life. If you hate Glee so much or hate the people on it, find something else to watch and stop stalking Internet sites and articles about it!

  26. Tracy says:

    You can just feel the bad acting hit you in the face while looking at those Blaine, Sam and Tina stills. Darren and Chord are going to stick out like sore thumbs when Glee goes all NY.

  27. Louisa says:

    With every picture or spoiler or song featuring Blaine and Sam that comes out, I just silently cheer. Such sweet, sweet schadenfraude. I hope you lot get some sort of satisfaction from bitching and moaning about Glee at literally every opportunity, because none of your selfishness and downright rudeness is ever going to pay off. Blaine and Sam are here to stay for the remainder of the series’ run so I suggest you take the next year and a half to find another show to hate watch and other actors to spew your hatred towards, because sadly your ~fun~ is almost up. Or, y’know, just grow up. One of the two.

    • Kalani says:

      It’s the same few people over and over again. A very loud minority. Luckily, they have absolutely no influence on Glee and the people who do have influence obviously ignore them because the more people hate on Blaine and Sam, the more screentime they get.

    • D says:

      Yes, Louisa! I couldn’t agree more. Part of me will be happy when Glee ends so that the actors don’t get this crap anymore. Then the whiners and moaners can inflict themselves on some other show. I don’t see any growing up happening anytime soon.

  28. Paige says:

    Finally, graduation! Excited for Blaine and Sam to make the move to NY!

  29. Erin says:

    To all the people getting upset…why do you let stuff like this bother you? I’m legitimately concerned for some of you that are getting so emotional over someone criticizing your favorite character/actor. Every single actor on this show has gotten criticized at some point. Whenever my favorite character gets bashed, I just scroll past it.

    • Jana says:

      I’d be more worried about the people “criticizing.” It’s more like downright bashing. Not to mention the fact that they’re obviously trolling websites about a show they claim to despise and using their free time to talk as much BS as possible.

      • Erin says:

        Some people do still watch the show, but don’t care for certain actors/characters. It happens. Why give so much credence to the opinions of others or get upset about their opinions. I could care less if someone doesn’t like my favorite character or actor.

        • kd86953 says:

          i only see this type of “criticizing” on glee posts. god forbid if someone criticize an actor from castle or bones. most people politely stay away from posting such things out of respect for those who love the actors and characters. i know not everyone likes EVERY character on glee; i love the show but i’m meh on brittany and tina. but it’s so disheartening reading post after post about how chord is so awful and darren is the worst thing in the world. i want to talk and share my excitement with other fans of the show. it’s hard to do when 2 out of 3 posts are purely negative. and half of those are just plain hateful. i stop scrolling through the comments after a little while because it’s all SO negative.

          • Sil says:

            The Gleeforum loves Blaine/Darren and Sam/Chord. They are a positive forum for those characters. Go there if you wish. I don’t like these two characters. For me, my favorite of all time of Glee was Finn and Cory. Look how he was ridiculed and complained about. I love Lea/Rachel and Naya’s/Santana characters almost as much. They are loved and hated by many also. I don’t let anyone’s negative comments bother me. Everyone is entitled to their own comment. It is their own.

      • Angela says:

        This. It’s fine if you don’t care for certain characters or storylines, and to say so and explain why. No show is perfect, after all.
        But some of the posts here go well beyond criticism into making nasty assumptions about the actors themselves (the “casting couch” comment up above somewhere-seriously, people?), or they’re flinging cruel insults at the actors or at the fans of said actors. That’s not criticism. That’s just being rude and immature. If the show, or certain fans/actors, are making some people here THAT angry, then I think it’s well past time for them to step away from the series and find something else to focus their energy on, something that will make them happy instead of raise their blood pressure.

  30. Lynn says:

    I love Blaine! I can’t wait for him to get out of Lima and live with Kurt <3

  31. Carol says:

    Glee should cast someone like Zac Efron to be Lea Michele’s leading man! Also, please dump the Santana understudy stuff – it’s awful!

  32. so… are they like ever going to nationals or what?

  33. Mikaela says:

    Shouldn’t Artie be graduating too? I thought he was part of the same class?

  34. tiff says:

    I am out of the loop lately. Did I read somewhere on here that Finn’s cause of death would be revealed In a landmark episode?

  35. Marco says:

    Why does Sam look like Rust Cohle (the 2012 version) from True Detective? And why does Blaine look like a Criminal Minds Unsub (oh wait, he always does)?

    • Angela says:

      I have no real opinion on Blaine one way or another, but the idea of him (or rather, Darren, should I say) being an unsub on “Criminal Minds” cracks me up and I kind of weirdly want to see that happen now :D.

  36. Carla says:

    I agree with you. Sam is the best persongaem the last 2 seasons. I also think you should shut up.

  37. Teni says:

    Ooh let me guess, Sam is freaking out about not only the goodbye, but possibly not being able to graduate n maybe about the final test…then Tina consoles him by telling him how great he is and ultimately kisses him to help him get his “mojo” back? Oh wait…that happened already in the other grad ep, right? *somuchhate* I swear wouldn’t surprise me, if it’s some sort of rehash of the likes of Quinn/Puck (But at least it made some lick of sense, given the history…these 2 don’t even an iota of it, but I digress). Here we go Glee thinking it’s going out in a bang or maybe it’s a literal bang ala Wemma Wedding…yeah that’s what this show has done to me in the past 2 seasons. Whatever…good riddance. Thank You discovery to Korean subbed dramas. I’ve been so much happier since then.

  38. Teni says:

    Oh yeah n Welcome Tina to the already very long list of Sam’s Glee Girls…I’m sure you’ll be his true love too…maybe even get proposed to right there and then. *Ugh* I actually use to like Sam, but *oy* this is too much already.