Walking Dead Recap: Where Are They Now?

Downton Abbey Season 4 Carol ReturnsIn this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, not only do we learn the fates of all of the prison refugees who aren’t Rick, Carl and Michonne, but we’re also reunited with two characters that we couldn’t be sure we’d ever see again, and we meet the TV version of a fan favorite from the comics. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get our recap on!

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THE ODD COUPLE | As “Inmates” opens, we hear a bittersweet Beth voiceover — a diary entry about her hopes for her new home at the penitentiary — and see her and Daryl participating in a Zombie Fun Run minus the fun part. Later, though she’s eager to locate other survivors of the Governor’s siege, her traveling companion is… let’s say less inclined to do so. And he might have the right idea, too. When he finally acquiesces and helps Beth follow some tracks, she’s soon made to regret it: They happen upon a walker feeding frenzy! (Because, on this show, it’s never a cocktail party or a Zumba class, is it? Always a feeding frenzy!)

FANCY MEETING YOU HERE | Elsewhere, Lizzie and Mika are on the move with Tyreese, who — in a moment that has to make you smile — turns around to show us that Judith is in his arms, safe and sound! Okay, maybe not ENTIRELY safe: Her crying draws walkers like dubstep does club kids. Anyway, when Tyreese dashes off to investigate a scream — it’s the doomed folks who are zombified by the time Beth and Daryl interrupt their lunch in this out-of-order hour — Lizzie seems poised to smother Judith to keep her quiet, and antsy Mika fires at a walker and misses its head. Hearing the shot, Tyreese fears the worst. But — hurrah! — Carol has found them! (Okay, technically less excited about Carol finding the girls than just having Carol back. Nonetheless… ) Since Tyreese doesn’t know that Rick banished Carol, much less why, he’s so thrilled to see her that he hugs her. Soon, the group finds a makeshift sign for a place called Terminus. Its slogan? “Those who arrive, survive.” Hmm…

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THE BUS STOPS HERE | In yet another location, Bob and Sasha refuse to let Maggie set off in search of Glenn on her own — if she’s going after him, they’re going with her. And in no time, we arrive at a major good news/bad news scenario. The trio quickly find the bus on which Glenn escaped from the prison (great), but it’s full of walkers (significantly less great). BUT, none of the walkers are Glenn! (Which maybe makes it a good news/bad news/KINDA good news scenario?) “They were good people,” says Bob after he, Maggie and Sasha have rekilled the walkers. “All of them.” And, as simple as the line is — as eulogies go, it ain’t much — it’s still pretty nice that he acknowledges that, until very recently, the blood-thirsty horde they just dispatched was their friends and cellmates.

DESPERATE TIMES | In the episode’s last vignette, we discover that Glenn has doubled back to the prison in search of Maggie. Failing to find her, he’s about to try to part a sea of walkers and leave when he spots a despondent Tara, who readily admits, “I was part of this” disaster. Regardless, he recruits her for a tag team effort to make it out of the gate. On the road, she inadvertently breaks it to him that Hershel is dead. (And, for those keeping score, so is Lilly.) “I’m a piece of s—. Why would you want my help?” she asks. “I don’t want it,” he replies. “I need it.” But, before they can make any headway in their hunt for Maggie (who he sweetly refers to as his wife), they are — as will happen — attacked by walkers. When Glenn passes out after Round 1, Tara defends him, then notices that a military vehicle has pulled up in front of them. “Hope you enjoyed the show, a–holes,” she shouts. And out steps new cast member Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Ford. “You’ve got a damn mouth on you,” notes the tough guy (flanked by two sidekicks). “What else ya got?”

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Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised to find out that Judith survived? Hit the comments!

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