¡NSFW! Exclusive: Fox's 'Animation Domination' Celebrates V-Day With Nudity, Innuendo, Typos!

Valentine’s Day is nigh, and the characters of Fox’s Animation Domination lineup have some ideas for how to spice up the proceedings. Ummm… actually, maybe not?

Family Guy proves why it’s crucial to spell-check your invitations. American Dad teaches about those occasions when a cigar isn’t just a cigar. Bob’s Burgers enlightens us on the arousing possibilities of the great outdoors. And The Simpsons offers a phallic pep talk.

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Plus, there’s an important PSA regarding condom storage!

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“Animation Domination” returns with new episodes on Sunday, March 9. Bob’s Burgers moves to 7/6c (with Aziz Ansari and Jenny Slate guesting) and The Simpsons delivers back-to-back installments featuring Daniel Radcliffe at 7:30/6:30c and 8/7c. After that, Family Guy slips into the 8:30/7:30c slot, leading into the premiere of the science-tastic Cosmos. Finally, American Dad returns with new episodes the following week in its new 7:30/6:30c perch.

Press play below for the full onslaught of naughtiness!