BBC America and Dracula Creator Developing Drama About Robin Hood's Double Life

BBC America LogoQuestion: Who robs from the rich, gives it to the poor and yet… works for the crown as a law enforcer?

Answer: The protagonist of Nottingham, a potential BBC America series from Dracula creator Cole Haddon in which classic characters Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham — typically envisioned as arch rivals — will be one and the same person.

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Our sister site Deadline first broke the news about Nottingham, noting that it will center “on the Sheriff of Nottingham, whose wife is killed by King John’s men. When nobody is brought to justice, the Sheriff launches a one-man war against the Crown.”

The potential drama will follow the Sheriff as he develops his hooded alter-ego and uses intel from his day job to raid the King’s allies of their loot, redistribute it to the “starving peasantry” and launch “a rebellion that will change England forever.”

Digging this concept for a new series? Any ideas about who you’d cast in the lead role? Sound off in the comments!

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