Did SNL Dis Melissa McCarthy? Bachelor Double- Talk? Who Invited a Kardashian?! And More Qs

SNLWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Saturday Night Live, The Following, The Biggest Loser and Supernatural!

1 | Hey, Carrie Diaries, there’s room for Walt in that loft, too, right?

2 | Did Helix “get” you with that Jaye-doesn’t-actually-exist twist?

3 | Saturday Night Live does know that Melissa McCarthy can play something other than a manic or disturbed (or manic and disturbed) woman, right? And has a sketch ever imploded right out of the gate as painfully as that “living museum display” one?

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4 | The man and woman ranchers from Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl spot kinda sorta have to have a country wedding during next year’s telecast, right?

5 | How much are you looking forward to the day that Downton Abbey’s Mrs. Baxter finds her way out from under Thomas’ thumb… and then scratches the scoundrel’s eyes out?

6 | Granted, Showtime could not have entirely predicted the timing, but shouldn’t Episodes‘ “Matt LeBlanc” have felt honored to have been booked for The Tonight Show during Leno’s farewell run — going on after Zac Efron or not?

7 | Was something lost in translation or did Bachelor Bachelor_Sex_ClareJuan Pablo have a sexual encounter with Clare during their late-night dip into the ocean and then essentially shame her the next day, because he realized it might not play well when/if his daughter watches the show? And is this the same guy who was preaching last month about the moral murkiness of ever casting a gay Bachelor?

8 | Does Annie Parrisse get, like, a $5 check from The Following each time they show her on Ryan Hardy’s corkboard? And has Ryan been out of the FBI so long that he’s forgotten everything he learned about not spooking a suspect?

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9 | Even from the first moment he appeared on this week’s Almost Human — who greets a Terminator-like robot with a pleasant hello?! — didn’t you Castlejust know that John Larroquette’s Nigel wasn’t on the up and up?

10 | What does this TVLine screen grab tweeted by a Castle fan mean?

11 | On Supernatural, was Sam’s confession that he wouldn’t save Dean over the greater good that surprising? (He has always been the one more likely to be able to move on. Case in point: Sam’s year of normal while Dean was in purgatory.)

12 | How convenient was it that NCIS had immediately handy phone call recordings from Parsa’s sister that said exactly what they needed them to say over the loudspeaker?

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13 | Should New Girl have aired the much funnier Adam Brody episode one after the Super Bowl, and Prince’s visit on Tuesday night? And how long until the Untitled Half-Hour Single-Cam Prince Project gets a green light at Fox?

14 | Was Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s birthday party for Captain Holt the funniest episode of television in 2014? Speaking of which, is How It’s Made: Contact Lenses — one of four programs we saw on his bedroom DVR — a real thing?The Biggest Loser

15 | In the wake of the Biggest Loser winner’s alarming weight loss, did anyone actually expect a producer or trainer to come forth and issue a public “OMG”/”Oops”? Has no one heard of “legal exposure”?

16 | With so much going right for Justified‘s Art, is this where we worry that something awful looms ahead — possibly including but maybe also more “fatal” than Raylan’s confession? Also, what was this week’s biggest twist: Danny gunning down the Haitian, Johnny double-crossing Hot Rod or Ava being framed for shivving that lecherous guard?

17 | Wasn’t it about time that a gizmo-centric show like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had some fun with characters not knowing how to operate the Holotable?

Nashville18 | On Nashville, is extreme hair growth a side effect of Scarlett’s uppers addiction? Is the show setting the stage for Brent to tip off the tabloids to Will’s sexuality? (And seeing how Will got his handler/erstwhile lover fired for no other reason than his latent attraction, would Brent be kinda sorta justified for doing it?) And doesn’t Rayna’s rockin’ “This Time” deserve a better video than the Robert Palmer-lite one we saw being shot?

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19 | Yes, we love Arrow‘s Felicity, and yes, she’s very smart — but: She deduced a long-held Queen family secret in just a few hours? And then she just had to tell Oliver right before his mother’s important press conference?Bob-Costas

20 | Would an eye patch have been preferable to the disease-ridden, blood-splattered monstrosity (aka pink eye) that Bob Costas was sporting during the opening night of NBC’s Olympics coverage? And what are the odds NBC will acknowledge how Sochi’s preparations for the games have fallen short?

21 | Whose brilliant idea was it to sully Jay Leno’s final episode as host of The Tonight Show with a cameo by Kim Kardashian? And how did they break the news to the legendary Carol Burnett that the reality bubblehead would be participating alongside her in the “So Long, Farewell” musical number?

22 | Big Bang Theory fans, how does Tania Raymonde’s veterinarian compare to Raj’s last love, Lucy? And what most surprised you about The Kiss: Sheldon getting into it, or Amy’s modulated appreciation of the moment?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!