Exclusive Following Sneak Peek Teases Lily's Twisted Backstory: 'This Is My Family'

Lily’s twins? Just the tip of the psychopathic iceberg.

Exhibit A: this exclusive sneak peek at next week’s episode of The Following, which shows us — gasp! — that the duplicitous Ms. Gray may have some followers of her own.

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In the video below, writer/co-executive producer Brett Mahoney and star Kevin Bacon preview what Monday’s “Family Affair” (Fox, 9/8c) has in store, including Emma’s introduction to Lily’s brood and Ryan’s race through Grand Central Terminal to catch the elusive Gisele. (Frustrated MetroNorth commuters might get a kick out of the trackside beat-down. C’mon, you know you’ve thought about doing that to an annoying fellow traveler once or twice…)

If it hasn’t already started, press PLAY on the video below to see the action unfold.

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