The Following's Tiffany Boone Talks Mandy's Upcoming Choice: 'She's Going to Shock Herself'

The Following Season 2 Spoilers Tiffany BooneEven before the first time we met her, The Following‘s Mandy Lang was well aware of who her “Uncle Darryl” really is – and what he can do.

But knowing someone is a serial killer and seeing that fact in action are two different things. Still, portrayer Tiffany Boone says, a lonely teen yearning for a father figure might be willing to overlook the fact that he is a serial killer… who’s on the lam… and who repeatedly punctured a local pastor until he bled to death while she watched.

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“It’s this thing about Joe Carroll — he’s so charismatic. People who feel like they don’t belong, he makes them feel like they’re wanted,” says Boone, who’s also had roles in Southland, Perception and Grey’s Anatomy. “He makes them feel like the only person in the world, and he totally does that with Mandy. It’s up to the audience whether or not he’s being honest about that, but for Mandy, it is very real.”

The actress tells TVLine that this Monday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c) is “what’s really going to define her for the rest of the season.” Given the high school student’s stunned reaction to Joe’s actions last week, we’re guessing that Mandy either renounces her houseguest for good or becomes a full-on acolyte.

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Though Boone’s only been with the cast for a short time, she’s already mastered the tease; all she’ll say on the subject is that Mandy is loyal to Joe – “very, very loyal,” she stresses – and that we shouldn’t assume we know everything there is to know about the teen.

Monday’s episode, she continues, has “really important moments for Mandy where she is going to shock herself, and it’s definitely going to shock the viewers.”

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