Did Revolution Sex Satisfy? Do Girls Look Better? A Dorky Vader? Coven's True Star? And More Qs

Downton AbbeyWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Girls, Revolution, The Big Bang Theory and Parks and Recreation!

1 | What are the odds that Grimm‘s Monroe and Rosalee will just elope?

2 | Who kinda wanted Dracula‘s Lady Jayne to win when she fought Grayson? (And wouldn’t she have been a better object of affection than mousy Mina?)

3 | Even if there were nothing more to Downton Abbey than Violet and Isobel’s exchanges, wouldn’t you still watch — possibly even more devotedly?

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4 | Are we to believe, after watching Sherlock, that this delayed-death-via-belt-buckle is a real thing? (Asking for a friend.)

5 | Is the entire point of Gaby Hoffman’s Girls character — Adam’s homeless-looking, graveyard-littering, violently self-absorbed sister Caroline — to make the oft-maligned core characters look sympathetic by comparison?

6 | Could HBO please fast-track a half-hour Looking spin-off with nothing but Dom (Murray Bartlett) and his acerbically funny roommate Doris (Lauren Weedman) sitting on their couch talking? And speaking of the gay-centric dramedy: Doesn’t Patrick’s thudding naiveté about sex, race and relationships sometimes make it seem like he’s only been in San Francisco for eight months as opposed to eight years?

7 | How had no one come up with the brilliant Super Bowl alternative “Superb Owl” before it was introduced on The Colbert Report this week?

8 | Hart of Dixie, why did you have to finally get rid of Lynley only to replace her with an annoying kid?

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address At U.S. Capitol9 | Were you among the State of the Union viewers wondering (and perhaps not for the first time) what was on the table in front of House Speaker John Boehner? (Answer: An antique inkstand circa 1819.)

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10 | Impetuous Revolution lovers Charlie and Connor have a lousy idea of pillow talk, no? (But Rachel’s “20 years is enough foreplay” line to/insta-striptease for Miles made up for it!) And to recap: Bret Michaels and David Schwimmer are still alive, but Steven Tyler isn’t? Lastly, TVLine reader Mbergs12 asks: “How was it that the decoy box Charlie left behind had the same lock on it as the actual diamonds? The key opened it with no problem.”

11 | As Justified‘s Joelle Carter herself asked on Twitter Tuesday night: Where’s a frying pan when Ava needs one?! And is anyone else dreading Art discovering the truth about Raylan’s role in Nicky Augustine’s assassination?Suburgatory

12 | Is it getting harder to buy Suburgatory‘s Lisa as a social outcast/insult magnet now that Allie Grant has blossomed into something of a bombshell?

13 | Did you almost think for a moment that Arrow was going to do a whole episode of salmon ladder? (How exciting for the ladies/depressing for the fellas that would have been!) And who else needed a moment to remember Laurel’s Season 1 pal Joanna?

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14 | How bad did you feel for The Tomorrow People‘s Astrid when she found out she’d have to stay underground because of Stephen? And how exactly is she going to explain her absence to her parents? (But hey, at least she gets to spend her days and nights with John.)

15 | So, one day after Madonna hobbled on stage at the Grammys with a cane, she’s bumping and grinding on Miley Cyrus, cane-free, for MTV’s Unplugged? Was the cane just a prop? Is anything real anymore?!?!?

16 | Nashville fan Andrea asks: “Did Scarlett’s pill-popping give you a hint of the classic Saved By the Bell episode where Jessie gets addict to caffeine pills? ‘I have to sing… I’m so excited! I’m so excited… I’m so scared.'” Meanwhile, we want to know: After watching Juliette take so much verbal abuse from Jeff in recent weeks, how often did you play back her scathing monologue pointing out he’d lost not one but two of his best artists in a six-month period? Speaking of the unsinkable Ms. Barnes, can you believe she’s managed to make the once loathsome Avery into a completely sympathetic (and adorable) character?American Horror Story: Coven

17 | Instead of dwelling on the head-scratchers and loose ends with which the American Horror Story: Coven finale left us — Lord knows there were many! — can we instead just agree that the best part of the season was Frances Conroy’s brilliantly batty work as Myrtle Snow? OK, one loose end: Why didn’t Madison use her powers on Kyle when he was strangling her, as she did during the competition?

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18 | Is The Vampire Diaries‘ Elena technically still inside of her body somewhere…?

The Convention Conundrum19 | Between the cell phone commercials and now his Big Bang Theory visit, James Earl Jones is very much out to shake up his officious, stoic image, huh? But are we really to believe Sheldon actually spent a day with the utterly goofy Star Wars vet, that it didn’t turn out to be some dream?

20 | Which Community reveal surprised you more: the return of Brie Larson’s coat check girl, or that Katie Leclerc’s hearing-impaired hottie was on the take?

21 | Now that they’re gone…. Can we all agree that Parks and Recreation‘s Chris and Ann made a terrible couple? (Translation: Ann deserves so much better.) Also: How random was it that both Community and Parks and Rec this week involved storylines about bribing assorted people to cut through red tape?

22 | On White Collar, were you surprised Rebecca didn’t jump into the water to try to escape?

23 | Hey, ‘member when splashy Super Bowl commercials actually premiered during the Super Bowl? Michael J. Fox, Cindy Crawford, Diet something…. Good times.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!