Helix Sneak Peek: Murder Gives the Team Chills

All is not well at the remote Arctic Biosystems facility.

When last we tuned into Syfy’s Helix (Fridays at 10/9c), Major Balleseros — fearing that Doreen was drawing too close to the truth — killed the good doctor, then staged it to look like an accident.

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But as seen in this first-look clip from tonight’s new episode, “The White Room,” no amount of nibbling lab rodents could destroy the truth about what happened. Rather, Alan reports to Sarah (who’s dealing with secrets and issues of her own) that Doreen was murdered, which on the heels of Julia getting sick only adds to the CDC reps’ concerns.

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Sarah thus wonders if any of them will emerge from this horror alive. When Alan tries to reassure her, does she “comfort” her mentor, albeit in a quite (ahem) different way?

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Elsewhere in the episode, expect new reveals, a return to the “frozen monkey” field, a broken trust and an ubercreepy vector attack.