Exclusive Almost Human Promo: The Debut of John Larroquette and One Seriously Scary Robot

This Monday’s Almost Human adds a member to the team and introduces a new DRN that makes the humorless MX models look like a bunch of fluffy bunnies.

As you’ll see in the following exclusive promo for “Unbound” (which airs on Fox at 8/7c), Night Court‘s John Larroquette kicks off a recurring gig as Nigel, a genius roboticist brought in to help Kennex and Dorian with a harsh new problem.

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That problem’s name: Danica, an advanced android (played by Gina Carano, Fast and Furious 6) who acts more like a ruthless soldier than a peacekeeping police officer.

Watch the promo below to get an idea of the havoc Danica’s about to wreak.

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