The Vampire Diaries Recap: The Body Swap

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapOn Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries, Katherine takes a crash course in Elena 101, Tyler learns that eavesdropping is bad and a brokenhearted Damon makes a bold move.

Let’s review the biggest surprises from “The Devil Inside”:

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BODY CONTROL | Katherine compels Matt so she can get all the deets on Elena and continue to impersonate her. At the top of her list of all things Elena: fashion and hair. Her leather dress is definitely not Gilbert-approved, according to Matt. The pink streak in her locks is from when she turned off her humanity, and now that she has it back, Katherine does us all a favor and gets rid of it. Next question: “How exactly did Elena Gilbert break up with you? Because I’m going to need it later.”

But first, Mia the Traveler has to perform a spell that will let Katherine permanently take possession. In order to do that, they need Katherine’s body, which Damon buried somewhere he thinks she should have always been. After squeezing that info out of Stefan while pretending to be Elena – and being offended that he’s not more distraught over Katherine’s death – she knows just the place where to find her remains: the tomb she was never in.

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Unfortunately, Elena comes to during the spell, knocks out Mia and Nadia and then runs off into the woods. She tries to call for help, but Katherine put a pin on her phone (genius!). Back at the tomb, Mia wakes up and continues the spell as Katherine’s greatest hits play through Elena’s mind. She runs into Damon just as the magical mojo is completed, giving Katherine the perfect opportunity to put the final exclamation mark on that romance and get what she really wants (Stefan).

SPLITSVILLE | “You’re good, and I need a little good in my life,” Damon says. “’Cause without it, there’s an awful lot of darkness.” Katherine responds with a very Elena-esque spiel about not wanting to be the only thing he lives for and fearing what he’ll do if they break up again. He was right to let her go, she tells him. As if it wasn’t already clear to Damon’s sad face, she declares that they’re over.

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BACK TO BAD | Now that Elena’s given up on him, Damon’s back to his old ways. He and Enzo corner Aaron in the middle of the street. He used to feel conflicted in these moments and tried to be better for Elena, but now, he sees she was right and feeds on Aaron.

THE SEX TRUTH | Tyler overhears Caroline and Elena (actually a devious Katherine, totally aware Tyler can hear them) talking about her romp in the woods with Klaus. (A note to Tyler: When you declared that there would be “no more drama” after your failed revenge scheme, you were asking for trouble.) The look he gives Caroline as he walks away is devastating. So is the moment when he reminds her of all the people close to him that Klaus killed and then orders her to leave. Stefan breaks up the confrontation. When Tyler informs him what went down between Caroline and Klaus, he still punches an inebriated Tyler. “Drunk or not, she doesn’t deserve that,” Stefan responds.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad to see Bad Damon back? Were you crushed with Tyler or siding with Caroline? Hit the comments with your thoughts!