Is Veronica Mars Coming to a Theater Near You?

Veronica Mars Movie PosterPencil me in for either the Garden State Plaza or the Palisades Center (if I’m in the mood to deal with the parking garage’s swamp vapors).

A list of U.S. theaters that will be playing the Veronica Mars movie has been released, listed alphabetically by major-ish cities at the AMC Theatres website.

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What’s more, arrangements have been made to screen the beloved series’ big screen lark at a few areas where AMC does not have locations: Premiere Cinema 15 (in Lubbock, Texas), The Living Room 6 (Portland, Ore.), Cinetopia Progress Ridge Beaverton (Portland, Ore.) and Cinetopia Vancouver Mall (Vancouver, Wash.).

Does any of the above have your Marshmallowy needs covered?

Tickets will be available for pre-order on Feb. 14 — a LoVe-ly date if there ever was one — aka one month prior to the move’s theatrical release.

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For those outside of these here United States, Mars man Rob Thomas says he is still working out the arrangements for international distribution.