Did Sleepy Hollow Gobsmack You? Revenge Does Dallas? Is Carrie Mixing Messages? And More Qs!

BonesWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Bones, Sherlock, The Mindy Project and Parenthood!

1 | Is anyone worried that Bones‘ Wendell might elect to (gulp) end his suffering early…?

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2 | On The Carrie Diaries, how is it that Maggie’s relationship with police officer Simon was portrayed as dangerous and inappropriate, but her new love affair with an equally adult Army officer is being written as all dreamy and romantic?

3 | Do you agree that the Screen Actors Guild Awards’ little “…and I’m an actor” speeches are a hidden gem of awards season? And between Julie Bowen’s nod to Modern Family castmate Sofia Vergara’s beloved “boobs” and Rita Moreno’s zany Lifetime Achievement Award speech, are the SAG Awards slowly encroaching on the Globes for Most Lubricated Accolades?

Revenge4 | Are Revenge‘s Daniel and Emily giving you a J.R.-and-Sue-Ellen-at-their-nastiest vibe ever since (some of) her lies were revealed and he drunkenly shot her? That said, did Daniel go too far with that one-liner about sterilizing her? 

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5 | What was the point of Downton Abbey reintroducing the upwardly-mobile-in-a-lowdown-dirty-strumpet sorta way Edna if she was just going to be sent packing as quickly as she’d moved in?

6 | Can Sherlock‘s Mrs. Hudson please never let go of her belief that Holmes and Watson are a romantic couple?

7 | Did finding out what Barney does for a living on How I Met Your Mother serve as a sobering reminder that the end is very near?

8 | Seriously, did anyone out there come anywhere close to predicting the Sleepy Hollow finale’s Henry Parrish double-bombshell? (Yeah, didn’t think so.) But two quibbles: Wouldn’t the clearly visible “tracks” that George Washington’s hidden casket wound up sliding out on been a big clue to its location? And did the “Previously on…” segment take a little of the surprise out of Crane using his eidetic memory to recreate Washington’s map?

VIDEO | Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Finale — Tom Mison on Abbie’s Choice

The Mindy Project9 | What romanticized version of an airplane did The Mindy Project book travel on, with its glossy, Apple Store-like rear galley cabinetry, the unattended beverage cart and a liberal roaming-during-turbulence policy?

10 | Can New Girl at some point just give us 27 minutes of persnickety Schmidt teaching Cece how to mix (and not mix) drinks? (But couldn’t the newbie bartender just have looked up any unfamiliar recipes on her smartphone?)

11 | Doesn’t it seem like a missed opportunity that Fox hasn’t paired Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Enlisted as time slot companions?

12 | Ugh, did Justified‘s Boyd really fall for the “Show me your tattoos” trick? Also: Does Candy do the same “ice” trick that Kate Beckett does?

Chicago Fire13 | OK, Chicago Fire‘s Casey doesn’t want to tell girlfriend Gabby what’s going on. But why won’t he just see a doctor? And on that note, how long before we get Chicago M.D.?

14 | Is there a show currently on TV more disturbing than My Strange Addiction?

15 | Really? Arrow‘s Roy asks Thea to lend Sin one of her “slutty” outfits, to dress as a hooker, and she responds with not even a snide remark? But seeing Slade decked out in his mod Deathstroke gear made up for it, yes?

16 | Did Revolution nail the casting of Monroe’s son too well? They’re almost hard to quickly tell apart — save for Connor’s incongruously dandy fashion sense.

17 | When did George’s facial hair on Suburgatory go from scruffy to downright unkempt? (Should we take the bedraggledness as a sign of him reeling from his breakup with Dallas?)

18 | Which was greater — the smile that Modern Family‘s Haley gave you by repeatedly one-upping the ‘rents, or the damp eyes Jay gave you with his goodbye to Shorty?

19 | Would The Michael J. Fox Show be even 10 percent more watchable if they dropped the wholly egregious, Modern Family-like “video diaries”?

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20 | Which Vampire Diaries blast from the past did you love the most?

21 | When did Parenthood‘s Camille become rather insufferable? (Oh, sorry — “insopportabile,” as they say in Italy.) And now Kristina might start a school? We didn’t imagine Adam tearing up the $2 million napkin two years ago, did we?

22 | How many “Woe is me” farewell tours does Jay Leno get, exactly?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!