Grimm Recap: The Wedding Is On! (Or Is It?)

Grimm Recap Monroe Rosalee Engagement It’s enough to bring a tear to even a Gelumcaedus’ eye: On this week’s episode of Grimm, Monroe and Rosalee finally get engaged.

Here are the important details: Rosalee wears a hot little black dress, they dine at a posh restaurant, dinner conversation seems ridiculously erotic (and twisted) until you realize they’re talking about the first time they woge’d (heh), they come home and Rosalee is really uninterested in seeing Monroe’s newest cuckoo clock… until it chimes “Will you marry me?”

He gets down on one knee and echoes, “Will you?” She replies in the tearful affirmative, and he slips a very pretty ring on her very pretty hand. Nicely done, Grimm.

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But every fairy tale has its obstacles, and the path to the Scoobies’ nuptials ain’t gonna be a smooth one. Not long after the happy Wesen couple agree to be each other’s fuzzy buddies for eternity, Monroe’s folks Alice and Bart (played by E.T.‘s Dee Wallace and Friday Night Lights‘ Chris Mulkey, respectively) show up at the house — earlier than expected.

The mood between Monroe and Bart is stilted but not terrible — maybe that’s just because Rosalee set the bar real low with her family last week — and Alice’s warmth makes up for any residual awkwardness.  Plus, she’s excited to meet Rosalee, who in turn is horrified that she hasn’t had time to freshen up after cooking the meal.

“You’re beautiful. You’re wonderful. You’re gonna knock ’em out,” Monroe assures his future missus.

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Everyone gets along swimmingly… until Monroe’s folks realize that Rosalee is a Fuchsbau. “What the hell is going on?” Bart shouts, fully wolfed-out. Cue the all-out argument, in which Monroe must take on both his species-ist parents and his fiancee, who’s incredulous about how little he’s told them about her.

“I need some time with this,” Rosalee says, fuming, as she walks out the door. And it only gets worse when Nick shows up. “A Grimm!” Bart screams as we go to black.

In other news, the Wesen O’ the Week is a cop-killing, scalp-taking Wildesheir who wants to take down warriors … Viktor calls Adalind in for questioning, then muses that perhaps Eric Renard isn’t the father of the blonde’s baby…. The infant in question, by the way, looks like it’s trying to force itself out through Ade’s belly, face first; Stefania says that means it’ll arrive soon… Juliette mailed Nick’s mom… Alas, Wu’s first name remains a secret.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of Grimm‘s momentous episode? Sound off in the comments!