What to Watch Friday: Dracula Finale Sees the Light, Carrie Goes to Prom, Shark Tank and More

dracula-finale-325On TV this Friday: Dracula goes public (in love and in technology), Carrie & Co. go to prom, Bones calls “Checkmate!” and Helix can’t control its suspicions. With CBS in repeat mode and as supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked within), here are 10 programs plus 1 Netflix entry to keep on your radar.

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8 pm Bones (Fox) | Sweets goes undercover in the world of professional chess to catch a killer, while everyone’s favorite chirpy forensic podiatrist, Dr. Douglas Filmore (Queer as Folk‘s Scott Lowell), returns. (As does Brennan as Ms. Grumpy Gills.)

8 pm The Carrie Diaries (The CW) | In this season’s penultimate episode, Carrie, Mouse, Maggie and Walt attend their senior prom. (Let’s hope there are no buckets of blood at this Carrie’s prom.)

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9 pm Shark Tank (ABC) | Mark Cuban hears his favorite story ever on how to start a business and a Salt Lake City man pitches a pill-sized food substitute. Wait, is his last name Wonka…?

9 pm Grimm (NBC) | Monroe’s parents (played by Switched at Birth‘s Dee Wallace and The Mentalist‘s Chris Mulkey) come to town while Nick and Hank investigate a killer who collects people’s scalps.

9 pm The Real Mary Poppins (PBS) | Put down that spoonful of sugar and watch this special that explores the parallel lives of author Pamela Travers and the beloved character she created, Mary Poppins.

9 pm Enlisted (Fox) | New time slot alert: Pete tries to distance himself from his brothers and the platoon but (spoiler alert!) it ain’t happening.

9:30 pm Raising Hope (Fox) | New time slot alert: Jimmy and Sabrina start fencing. Molly Shannon (Getting On) guest stars.

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10 pm Banshee (Cinemax) | A shocking murder near an Amish farm finds Proctor and Lucas at odds with various members of the mob; Carrie welcomes an unexpected visitor. (Get romance scoop.)

10 pm Helix (Syfy) | As Walker tries to survive on Level R, suspicions and secrets mount between members of the team.

10 pm Dracula (NBC) | Season finale: A public demonstration of Grayson’s technology moves forward with unexpected results; Van Helsing exacts revenge on Mr. Browning and Lady Jane; Mina discovers a certain someone loves her.

Mitt (Netflix) | Via unprecedented access to Mitt Romney and his family for six years, this documentary follows the politician’s presidential aspirations, from his initial bid to be the Republican nominee in 2008 to his concession speech in 2012.

Hit the comments with your must-see picks from tonight’s lineup!