Exclusive Once Upon a Time Bombshell: A [Spoiler] Is Coming -- Ready, Set, Speculate!

Warning: The following contains a spoiler of unusual size from the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 3.

By the time ABC’s Once Upon a Time closes the book on its third season, someone will have been definitively denied his or her chance at a happy ending. Because that character will be — gulp — ended.

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Series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis tell TVLine exclusively that the fantastical series will be killing off a major character during the second batch of 11 episodes (launching March 9), resulting in the exit of a series regular. “The character dies, for real,” Kitsis makes clear — at which point his/her portrayer will, make no mistake, leave the show.

Every series regular cast member is a possibility — except for Robert Carlyle. The EPs have agreed to rule out that one candidate, seeing as Rumplestiltskin is theoretically already “gone” (having sacrificed himself in the name of vanquishing Peter Pan).

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Review our slideshow of the eight candidates and cast your vote for who is likely to meet their maker.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Et al says:

    Pretty please make it Henry! Pretty please with sugar on it!

    • Ashley says:

      My first thoughts exactly!

    • Deb says:

      I’m keeping everything I have crossed for Mary Margaret, I am so tired of her, either let her have a back bone or get rid of her please

      • Mariana Vidal says:

        Well Deb, too bad, so sad for you because the fairest of them all has to stay. Leave your personal dislikes aside. I cannot understand why anyone would not like Mary Margaret. Ms. Goodwin is perfect as Snow White. Mary Margaret has to stay, Mary Margaret has to stay, Mary Margaret has to stay. Mariana Vidal

        • Perhaps you should take your own advice and leave your personal dislikes aside. Deb isn’t the only fan who has grown tired of Mary Margaret.

          • MARIANA VIDAL says:

            Michae,l I do take my own advice and I do it often. Remember that we are all entitled to our opinions and we are certainly free to express them. Perhaps I lost it a bit, but I do grow tired of reading negative comments about the actors. Some people never heard of constructive criticism.

            There is a way to solve the problem alltogether, if you and Deb are so tired of Mary Margaret, don’t watch the show! Mariana Vidal

      • Freya says:

        I couldn’t agree more. I’m so tired of Mary Margaret, literally everything about her annoys me.

        • MARIANA VIDAL says:

          Well Freya, I pity you and all those that are annoyed by the lovely Mary Margaret. If she bothers you so much, the solution is simple. Do Not Watch The Show!

          • Kat says:

            Why would you pity her? Didn’t you say we’re all entitled to our own opinions? They are opinions there’s no right or wrong answer but personal preferences. So you’re in no posision to pity her for her opinion. The only reason MM is somewhat tolerable is that GG is a great actress, unfortunately it seems like they have been making her less of a strong woman she was back in S1.
            That’s whan many complain about…hell who tells their daughter who spent all her life not feeling like she was enough, that as great as she is she’s not what Snow wanted, so she wants a new baby? Yeah okay GG is pregnant they were going to make it happen but why that way? And They didn’t even talk about it afterwards…I miss bandit Snow.

          • MARIANA VIDAL says:

            Good morning Kat and thank you very much for putting me in my place. You are absolutely correct of course, I should have never said that I pity Freya; that was a very poor choice of words on my part. I do apologize to both Freya and you. I have this unfortunate tendency to get upset and overly critical when I see any of my favorite characters under attack. Again, I am truly sorry for my outburst!

            I believe you are mistaken about what Snow White/Mary Margaret said about her beautiful daughter Emma. She never said that Emma was not what she wanted. She said something to the effect that she missed the chance to enjoy her as a baby, she was not around her baby, she did not get so see her grow up. Well she said many other things and then she added that she wanted a baby! This of course as a result of the fact that Ginny and Josh are pregnant, perhaps they already had their child and that happy detail will be written into the show. The scene was necessary in preparation for their new baby. I hope you would agree with the fact that Snow/Mary Margaret has never made derogatory remarks about Emma in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, Snow and Charming have always acted in a caring, loving manner towards their beautiful Emma.

            I hope you have a wonderful week

          • CJ says:

            Mariana, you are embarrassing yourself, stop.

    • charlotte says:

      Lol I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this! Kinda felt guilty wishing for a little kid to kick the bucket.

    • sexyback says:

      Henry or Emma! PLEASE!

      • Lucy says:

        YES. Ditto. This^.

      • VeRa says:

        Emma is the lead so is impossible. Henry? Maybe…but improbable. My vote is for Belle.

        • Mariana Vidal says:

          VeRa, get real! Your vote is for Belle to go away? The beautiful, wonderful Belle? I mean, a character so enchanting that she accomplished the impossible, winning Rumple’s love. Do you even pay attention when you are watching this show girlfriend? If Belle goes away, Rumple might as well not come back from the dead, you know that is not possible right? Belle is as essential to this show as the awesome Rumple, her majesty Regina, the enchanting Chamings, the lovable Henry, Red, grandma, eveyone absolutely everyone. If you must take someone out, let it be the gorgeous Hook for he has no love of his own. I know he is interested in Emma but Emma is for Neil., Auggg! my day was going so perfect until I read this horrible news.

          I do not want anyone of these characters to go away. Producction could you at least try to stop this nonsense? Mariana Vidal

          • Thisguy says:

            So basically everyone should be entitled to their opinion unless you don’t agree with it and therefore go on the attack. Got it.

          • 8273873837 says:

            I agree with everything you said – no one should go but if it’s someone let it be Hook because he doesn’t really matter much for plot purposes and none of the other characters really like him.

          • Grace says:

            Mariana you are Trollin in the Deep on here. Take a breathe and let people have their differing opinions.

          • MARIANA VIDAL says:

            Well, well, well, Grace, I am as free to comment as you are. Belle happens to be one of my favorite characters and I do grow tired of people expressing such vicious comments about her. Apparently that bothers you. Too bad so sad. Get over it because I am not going away.
            For as long as this fantastic show is on the air and we get the opportunity to comment about it I will do so…

          • KK says:

            I also think it’s Belle. Not because I don’t like her (I DO) but because she makes Rumple “nice”. I think something will happen to her which in turn will make Rumple resort to his his old Rumple ways of being very very bad as he is so very very good at it!!

          • Danielle loves Neal says:

            Plz don’t be a hypocrite I just got done reading all these comments your a bit extreme

        • Cleta says:

          Please no! Not Belle- I love her and Rumple together. Who else could love him? Not Belle!!

        • Captain_Swan says:

          I doubt it will be Emma too, and I hope it won’t for Hook’s sake – he would be heartbroken. My vote is for anyone except Hook;) But my money’s on Belle, Neal or Henry.

      • Mariana Vidal says:

        No, absolutely not! Emma and Henry have to stay. Emma is the daughter of the Charmings for heaven’s sake. Henry is their darling little grandson. What is wrong with you people? How can you even consider suggesting such a horrible thing. Taking Emma and Henry away would be like saying that her Majesty, the Evil Queen, and Rumple would leave the show. Don’t you realize how important all these characters are? Ahhh! I cannot believe you people! Mariana Vidal

        • Steve says:

          It’s going to be Neal.

          • I agree,my first thought is Neil…2nd is Belle and 3rd possible would be Henry. Hate to see any go…but this is what I think the possibilities are.

          • Danielle loves Neal says:

            I hope not Neal is one of the best characters and he has a vital role as Henry’s father and a good friend to emma as much as I’d like a little more than friends for emma and Neal I understand emma not being able to go that way again but I will always be a swanfire fan I just excepted (unfortunately) captainswan

      • mark says:

        If Emma or Henry go then the entire premise of the show is compromised. Emma reps the New Hero type Strong independent woman. Henry the optimism and naivety of the show.

    • Michael Beechan says:

      I’m also hoping for it to be Henry. I liked him a lot more as a character when he was in Peter Pan’s body: made him a lot more likable to me haha

    • When Cora tried to take Emma’s heart, she couldn’t because she was the product of true love. That’s what the one comment is alluding to.

    • Bells says:

      Regina would smother Emma in her sleep if that happened…

    • Amelia says:

      Will never happen.

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      No, no,no,no, how can you even suggest such a thing? Leave my precious little prince Henry Alone. He is a most important character and I want him to stay. In fact I want all of them to stay. How can the producers consider eliminating anyone. Once Upon a Time would not be the same if anyone of them goes missing.

      Please reconsider, please, please, please reconsider! Mariana Vidal

      • 125363474375 says:

        Agreed… they shouldn’t kill off anyone. But my guess is Hook, because originally he wasn’t going to be a series regular they just made him one because fangirls though he was “hot”.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          That’s interesting to hear, since Colin was promoted to series regular before he first aired: https://tvline.com/2012/10/04/nashville-premiere-video-fringe-jill-scott-once-upon-a-time-season-2/

        • Captain_Swan says:

          How rude. Colin got promoted to series regular because he was a brilliant actor and he brought a lot to the show. Not because of ‘fangirls’. That is so offensive to Colin AND his fans. I find it unlikely that Hook will be the one killed off, as the writers are going down the route of making him Emma’s happy ending, and the show always has happy endings one way or another. Also, he recently moved himself and his family to Vancouver to be closer to set, so there’d be no point in him doing that if he knew he was going to be killed off, or atleast the writers would warn him before he completely uprooted his family.

      • Queenie says:

        Neal – NEEDS to go. he’s pointless. yes, yes, I know he’s Henry’s father, but besides be scummy and creepy, what does he do? Nothing. He’s gross. He’s a scumbag, because left Emma and let her go to jail for something he did. How could she ever forgive him. If I was her, I’d rip his b@lls off.

        P.s. it’s already been announced he’s taking a job at some other show. thank God!!!!

        • I like Neal he never had chance to show his dark side renner he is rumples son, and what ever happened to his mom she left him so may by the witch is his aunty hum, gives mesopthing to think about and maybe just many they device a with led plot on so when they find out she’s p.g. and they may still the baby or something who knows . And miss back bone and the prince have to find out where they are hiding it or them..

        • Quinn says:

          You want Neal off because he’s “scummy and gross”? Really? I am going to make a guess that you prefer Hook, don’t you? Neal is like Belle: both have tried countlessly to have their happy ending, but something is ALWAYS stopping them. Belle has lost Rumple AGAIN and Hook is coming between Emma and Neal.
          Another thing: you said Neal doesn’t deserve Emma because he let her go to jail? Did you forget that Neal was freaking out about letting her take the blame? But August CAME BETWEEN them and told Neal that Emma has a destiny she must fulfill, and therefore that was the only way Neal could let Emma do it. PLUS Neal left the car and all the money for Emma once she was out, but August stole the money! People also seem to forget that Hook locked Emma up, probably with the intentions of letting her die.
          In the end, Neal deserves his happy ending.

          • I like Neal to he just needs to have a chance to prove his love to Emma and Henry.. let them alone renner they where young and it wasn’t there faults like Emma she was in a place she had to do all she did so was Neal and for the sake of true love can’t the entire family have it. At least for a while. And Henry needs his dad to get to know him. Be for some want to. Be (hook) who I think is OK looking but not come sexy guy trys to take over his job.

          • Captain_Swan says:

            Yes, August initiated the whole deal but Neal also recieved a postcard from August as soon as ever Emma broke the curse, and did Neal think to go visit her in Storybrooke after all this time? To apologise, explain himself, tell the truth? Nooooo. He stayed in his little New York apartment pretending Emma didn’t or never did exist, and getting engaged to Tamara. If it hadn’t been for Emma going on the trip to New York with Gold and them meeting, Neal would’ve never made the effort to see Emma ever. He was quite happy without her.

          • Elisabeth says:

            To quote an anon from Tumblr…
            “So let me get this straight… Neal gets a message from a bird telling him that Emma is free and he chooses not to make a few hours drive to find her. Hook gets a message from a bird telling him to find Emma and he freaking crosses worlds to find her. All we need is for Hook to wear a flashing neon sign that reads “TRUE LOVE””

    • al says:

      If Prince Charming is killed off… It will make Snow Stronger. He says he will always find her. So he will be able to come back later. If Belfire is killed off… it will make rumple more evil. But if Belfire stays and the triangle between Emma Hook and Belfire stays could be more engaging. After all, Neither Belfire and Hook can be trusted as far as Emma is concerned. If Henry is killed off Emma will be angry with everyone, yet could decide she wants another child….She sleeps with both…..hmmm which one could be the father Belfire or Hook????

      • Mariana Vidal says:

        Al, you have a very twisted mind. Nowhere in the fairy tale are we ever told that Prince Charming is killed off. Snow is already a very strong character, she does not need for her adored husband to die so that she can grow stronger. PLEASE! Belfire is Rumple’s son and he has already been given for dead so forget that line. As far as Emma sleeping around with these guys, you are terrible, my beautiful Emma is a decent woman whose only true love so far is her precious son Henry. And i think you got your stories crossed. The Charmings are having a baby, not Emma!

        I personally will be very upset and dissapointed if any of these characters dissapear for ever. I want them all to remain exactly where they are and to eventually get their much anticipated HAPPY ENDING! MARIANA VIDAL

        • Cute McBeauty says:

          Mariana, I’ve been following your posts and honestly, I’m stunned. You seem to jump at ANYONE who differs from your opinion. Seriously honey, it’s JUST A SHOW.

      • once963 says:

        hmm.. your story is interesting. if henry dies Regina will go dark too. so she and emma can cast an another curse together. welcome to dark side. *evil chuckle*

    • Renee Cassidy-Plumb says:

      Henry is like the very center of the show!

      • Mariana Vidal says:

        Absolutely Renee,

        Darling little prince Henry is unquestionably essential to the storyline of the show. He is the son of the savior and the grandson of Rumplestilskin, Prince Charming and Snow White for crying out loud. How can anyone think it would be Henry. Whenever he was in danger, Red and grandma would be there to protect him. I understand that some of the viewers no longer like Henry and some of it is because they find Robbie Kay more atractive. But give me a break, a character as important as Henry does not lose relevance just because another cute kid comes on the scene.

        I personally do not want anyone from the show to dissapear. I love them all. I treasure them all, each actor has created a marvelous character and although Hook is devilishly hansome, he does not have a true love, Not many people would be devastated if he goes away. Keep in mind I am not saying that I want him to go away; he has a right to his happy ending along with eveyone else. However, if anyone has to go, please let it be HOOK. MARIANA VIDAL

    • Anita says:

      Kill Neal please!!!

    • zuly says:

      Omg pleasee.. Let it be Henry.

    • Sasha B says:

      OMG! Yes plz! I really want him or Neal to get killed off. But I don’t think they will be because if a little boy like. Henry dies, no one would think it is appropriate. I still hope for Neal’s death (sorry if I’m offending you). CAPTAIN SWAN FOREVER!

    • princessbecca200 says:

      y henry hes awesome

    • Ruby says:

      I really hope it’s Henry, Neil or Prince Charming……purely for drama purposes. But very honestly……I think it’s Snow/ Mary Margeret.

      I think she’s going to give birth and die, and here’s why I think that…..

      1. Ginnifer is pregnant AND engaged. So she’ll soon be a newlywed mother. She won’t have time to spend nine months a year filming OUAT. So I think she’s leaving for family purposes, and I think they’ll write that into the story as her character dying.
      2 (extra explanation). They said the person is never coming back. That means that there must be a pretty damn good reason and also a knowledge, that in the coming (I don’t know, like…) 5 years there won’t be time, room, will or money (who knows) for this actor/actress to participate in OUAT. Now unless one of the other actors/actresses has scored like a 6 year Batman blockbuster franchise deal we don’t know of (very possible), Ginnifer is up untill now the only person with an actual fairly ‘certain’ future right now. A future that could and probably will come in the way of her OUAT role.

      Either way, I really hope this show continues the path it’s on: The Path To GREATNESS!!!!! And runs for a few more years with all (or well…..most of the) characters intact.

      And guys, NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

      • EvilRegal says:

        That… actually makes A LOT of sense when you think about it…

      • Guys its a show I love it as much as any one. But let’s not get hate full over this or that person leaving..the writers are in charge of who stays and who goes. I think snow because she and charming are getting married for real and having a real baby. she just wants time for her baby can you blame her for that.or maybe belle Cuz she’s on a current show ,we don’t know for sure .any way the new season starts next mo. Let’s be. Sivel one to a nether ..and enjoy the new show. I can’t wait.. thanks to the ones who created once..keep up the gr8 work. Happy writing..

      • Luis says:

        She’s pregnant by and engaged to her co-star, Josh Dallas. Two parents and on-set day care.

  2. xav says:

    Had to address those set rumours, I guess. Probably it’ll be Neal but I’d rather have it be Hook.

    • Arthur says:

      I would much, much rather it be Neal than Hook.

    • Heisenberg says:

      This. I like Neal a lot more than Hook, but unfortunately, the writers seem dead set on making Captain Swan happen. :/

    • Marie says:

      They already did the storyline with Neal dying and everyone mourning and moving on. I don’t understand why they would repeat the same thing. Makes no sense.

      • gdv says:

        I agree. A part of me thinks it might be Neal, but in writing, Hook makes much more sense. I can really see Hook sacrificing himself to help save Emma’s family. And they’ve already “lost” Neal before. There would be no impact unless Neal was around for another season or two before they killed him off.

      • Because if they had him turn into a bad guy first, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of mourning going on.

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      Yes Xav, I am with you on this. If absolutely necessar for any character to leave, let it be Hook. Yes he is handsome, talented, and believable in the role. However, Neal is Rumple’s son, precious Henry’s father and I like him a lot so I would much rather he would stay. Mariana Vidal

    • Linrei says:

      Yeah, kill hook!
      all his promotion is exhausting!

  3. Totally think it’s hook.

  4. Alex says:

    as bad as this sounds, i would love if they killed off henry only because the kid has become super annoying and i don’t want the show to lose any of the other characters listed above.

  5. hello says:

    Hook is probably the most likely candidate

    • Arthur says:

      There is pretty much NO chance in hell they’d kill off Hook. Colin has way too big of a fanbase, and for good reason.

      • Mireille says:

        As all the other actors/characters, maybe except Neal and Henry, have. Colin just had a baby, it would make sense if it was him leaving the show. And Hook is the only character who doesn’t have any real relationship/story with anyone else but Emma. It would be a bold move to kill him off, but he is not essential to the main storyline, like Emma, Henry, Regina, Snow and Rumple are.

        • Rebecca says:

          Colin had a baby a while ago where as Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin are about to have one. I could see one of them leaving to be with their child.

          • Mireille says:

            It’s a possibility too. But Colin’s family is in Ireland, so it’s probably harder for him to spend time with them than it would be for Josh or Ginny. Anyway, I just wanted to state that it’s not impossible for Hook to be killed, even if he has a big fanbase. I love him as a character, but he is not essential to the main plot. It would probably affect Emma, and David – and maybe a little bit Neal and Tink – but he doesn’t have any real connection with anybody. His main storyline right now is to pursue Emma.

          • Mariana Vidal says:

            Absolutely not Rebecca, the Charmings are essential to this show. Her Majesty, the Evil Queen, showed up at their wedding and promised to destroy them, as well as all of their guests. Regina’s problem began with Snow White and her charming prince.

            Either one of them leaving to take care of their baby is not acceptable. Let them get a reliable baby sitter or bring their precious child to the set. Whatever the case may be, they have to remain in the show becasuse without them the show will lose the favor of the public I can assure you of that.

            Mariana Vidal

          • Ally says:

            Colin’ family is in Vancouver now…they moved once he was promoted regular and left his band…

          • Ally says:

            and they said that Snow will have another child, this was planned before they knew Ginny was pregnant…many actress get pregnant while filming and work it out fine… Alyson Hannigan in HIMYM, Cobie Smulders, also in HIMYM, Jamie King in Hart of Dixie – and she just had her baby… there are many…
            so no, I don’t think is Ginny…
            the spoiler on twitter said that this person is leaving the show because they don’t want to be part of the show anymore…I don’t know if this is true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Neal, since his arc is kind of weak this season…his character is important but we don’t see it on tv, cause writers don’t write him this way, so…

          • You know, if they made Neal more like how Rene was on True Blood, that would be interesting.. it’ll be like watching Neal become Rumple’s darkside, eager to absorb magic now that he thinks Rumple is dead. Pan could’ve taught him in NL and Rumple didn’t even know Bae was there the whole time, as Rumple tried to search for him in LWM, when, Bae was in NL for 250 years Neal can’t go, it won’t be fair on Henry. He only knew him for like a week after he broke Tamara and then then chaos happened… he barely knows Neal; his own Father. I’ll stop watching if it’s Neal.

        • Kara Moore says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Henry, because Jared seems to be getting bored, especially after playing pan.

        • Wow I was. Just thinking on that subject. Be cause they never said. What he was doing all the time he was there. And some where Peter pan could have put all kinds of hidden stuff in his youngmid and of ccourse hook might have done the same before he. Changed. I could see rumple coming back soon and being changed as such a sweet man ,and seeing base being the bad guy and maybe he offs. One of the people like snow be cause she’s pg and will need time to have baby and such .and after the stuff with the green witch maybe Neal. Will get saved by magic and a. New curse would send them else where…I’m so excited about new season andwantto see what happens to them all.go once and have fun ..

      • Rebecca says:

        THANK YOU.

      • Steph says:

        An internet fanbase is not indicative of the desires of the general viewership, though.

      • Frizzbine says:

        The wolfman had a huge fan base and they killed him off… So if it is true that Carlisle has signed for 5 seasons, Belle is essential, Neal and Henry are not negociable… Hook would be the best candidate. I see Hook getting killed for True Love, like a self sacrifice for Emma,

      • kaytlin_mace15 says:

        hook is too important

      • Danielle loves Neal says:

        That’s the more reason the writers will kill off hook because they do the opposite of what ppl want lol so more ppl ship captainswan we know that won’t happen not very many ppl ship swanfire so I’m guessing swanfire might win;) hopefully

    • 1234567890 says:

      Agreed… especially with the “I only risk my life for love and revenge”… he’ll probably give his life for Emma. Few people (except for Emma) would be affected, and then the Emma love triangle wouldn’t be a triangle anymore and she would go with Neal.

    • Jaded says:

      As much as I hate to agree with you, I kind of think it’s going to be Hook. They’ve already recently pseudo killed Neil off, plus having Emma end up with Hook, considering Hook was the reason Neil’s mom left him, and that his dad went all dark side would be kind cruel. Almost like he’s the bane of any happiness Neil could ever want.
      On the flip side of this argument. The writers said any series regular cast member is a possibility. I wonder who are considered series regulars in the eyes of the writers. As far as I’m concerned Grumpy is in almost every episode, so he’s pretty regular, at least as much as Belle is.
      Now don’t get me wrong there is a very special place in my heart for Grumpy, and I feel like something would be missing without him, but if someone has to go I’m voting for Grumpy.

  6. Tony says:

    I wouldn’t really miss Bae or Henry. I’m thinking it’s either Bae or Belle.

    • i doubt its belle. They’ve already said she will eventually get her happy ending, and that they will explore her and rumple’s relationship in the last half.

      • Kara Moore says:

        Yes. The creators have said they think Emile is only getting better and that they are going to develop her character more. Yay! My guess is Henry because Jared seems to be getting bored, and snow and aurora are both having babies, so the show won’t be lacking in children. Regina is too badass and snow,Emma , and charming are too central to the plot. Neal has family ties and maybe Henry’s death would bring Emma closer. Family is so important. And hook still seems useful risking his life to get Emma to believe again. Maybe he could be what Henry was in the first season. And whether we like it or not the Neal-Emma-Hook triangle is keeping tensions up. Rumbelle forever:)

  7. Henry has already been in two death like situations already. My best bet is Neal since Emma/Neal are not together and since his story has been told, there is not much left.

    • Mary says:

      Not much left? There’s the when did he arrive in this world story to be told.

      What’s left for Hook? Frankly nothing except chasing after Emma and being errand boy.

      • emy26 says:

        hook is emma’s true love, he’s not gonna die

        • Fergie says:

          Hook is not Emma’s true love. He kissed Emma but didn’t break the curse, not to mention that Neal IS Emma true love.

          • kat says:

            Anybody trying to state definitely who Emma’s true love is is jumping the gun.
            It was already shown in previous episodes, and it’s been confirmed by writers on the show after Going Home aired, that True Love’s Kiss does not work on memory loss, so Hook’s failed attempt at TLK in the finale does not mean anything either way.
            Similarly, nothing on the show has confirmed that Emma and Neal are True Love (the way Snowing are), just that they loved each other over a decade ago for a few months.
            It could still go either way, so will both fandoms just take a freaking chill pill.

          • lynn says:

            Given that Henry was able to have his heart taken (Regina had to cast a spell to protect it; whereas Emma’s heart can’t be taken because she’s the product of True Love) I’d say that means Henry is not the product of True Love, meaning Neal can’t be Emma’s True Love.

          • JC says:

            I completely agree with Kat. There is no proof yet that either Neal or Hook is or is not Emma’s true love. It could still go either way. Or the Mad Hatter could come back. :) (I’m mostly joking – I really do think it will be either Neal or Hook, but I just really enjoyed the chemistry between those two.)

          • joe says:

            It is NOT TRUE that Emma’s heart couldn’t be taken because she’s a product of true love. Please, if this has been confirmed, link me to where. I see this all the time (mostly from a particular fanbase) and as far as I can tell there is NO support for it.

          • Sid says:

            Neal just doesnt fit the role for true love, nothing he has done or given the role of true love, finding her, or choosing her ever. letting fear come over love. – so at this point i dont see it, they have never given him those tropes

            They put in a true love kiss attempt from Hook to Emma in the finale and knowing that memory loss doesnt break it, why do something so big in the finale… unless to pay it off later. Also narrative wise – i am seeing a Emma/Hook build up here more, they have shared moments with each other and Hook falling in love with her, believing in her and choosing her, loving her! FINDING HER!!!

            Out of the group – i guess likely would be Neal

          • once456 says:

            To joe

            In 2×09 after emma saw gold wrote her name on scroll & cora couldn’t take emma’s heart emma thought her whole life is gold’s plan. when she asked about it gold (in 38 min) he said he has nothing to with it cora couldn’t take her heart bc she is product of true love. let’s just say henry is product of TL & first time he could take his heart bc he did it. but later Regina had to put a preventing spell so pan couldn’t take his heart.
            And what exactly neal did to prove he is emma’s true love? I do believe emma went to jail wasn’t his fault. but what did he do after break the curse? instead come to emma he got engaged to tamara. if tamara not villain she is still his fiancee. after hook step up now he wants emma too.
            And what “this from particular fanbase” mean? show didn’t tell emma is a white woman but we can see it. so if you can put two & two together henry is not a product of true love.

          • person says:

            The reason Emma’s heart could not be taken is not because she is the product of true love. It is because she was willing to sacrifice herself to save her mother’s life, and that made Cora unable to take her heart. Although, even if it was because she is the product of true love, Regina didn’t know about any of this, so she wouldn’t know whether or not Henry was safe. It was precautionary. Also, it was stated in an article that Henry’s heart could be taken because he did it himself. To me, this implies that it could not be taken otherwise. Which supports the idea that he is the product of true love. Besides, whatever happens between Emma and Neal now, they definitely loved each other when Henry was conceived. In fact, I’d say that Neal’s leaving Emma even though he didn’t want to so she could fulfill her destiny was proof that he loved her. As for not going after her, did nobody else think that his explaining that he was afraid she wouldn’t forgive him because he couldn’t forgive himself mimicked his father trying to explain something similar? And he eventually forgave his father. Emma has repeatedly told Neal she loves him. She has never once said that to Hook. All she and Hook have is one kiss, and that was to thank him for saving her father’s life.

        • mori says:

          how is hook emma’s true love?? because he’s hot and she might be sexually attracted to him? nah son, i think they’d focus more on emma’s feelings than her attraction if he was her true love.

          • NK says:

            (Y) :( The logic of alot of the shipper fans of this show is killing me and making me hate it!!

          • Rebecca says:

            If you can’t see the chemistry between Hook and Emma then I’m not sure if your watching the same show I am!

          • Mariana Vidal says:

            Please, please, please, people, just because Hook is hotter than hot, does not mean that he is Emma’s true love! You all keep saying that Neil has not done anything to become Emma’s true love. Well neither has Hook for that matter. So far all we know is that Neil is Henry’s dad. However, the producers and writers have not provided anything in the storyline for Emma to favor either one of the guys. But Baelfire/Neil is Henry’s father, for me that fact alone gives Neal an advantage over Hook. As I said before, I do not want any of these enchanting characters to go away, but if one of them has to go let it be HOOK. Mariana Vidal

          • Steph says:

            Yeah seriously. I’m tired of shippers stating their wishes as fact.

          • person says:

            Shippers don’t state their wishes as fact, they explain why they think certain things are true. There is nothing wrong with stating who you think belongs together unless you say it is 100% certain. Saying that it appears a certain way to you, or that you think a certain way, is not stating anything as fact. If you don’t like shipper wars, don’t read the comments.

          • Captain_Swan says:

            Feelings and attraction are both equally important in a relationship, especially one of true love. I’m not stating that Hook 100% IS Emma’s true love, but I do believe that he is. For a start, Neal put Emma through a hell of a lot, whether it was intentional or not – he did, and even when he found out Emma broke the curse, he didn’t go back to her in Storybrooke. He stayed in New York, in the meantime getting engaged to somebody else, so he clearly didn’t care about her THAT much. If it wasn’t for Emma bumping into him in New York, he would’ve never spoken to her or attempted to…ever. Hook is the only man to be able to see past Emma’s walls. He knew from their first meeting that she had been abandoned as a child, and he genuinely cared and was interested until Emma once again let her trust issues caused by Neal get the better of her…as she chained Hook to the top of the beanstalk. BUT, even after THAT, Hook found a way back to Emma. The sexual tension between them is unbelievable, but Hook is also an honourable man with her. He gives her constant reassurance and helps out her family even when nothing is in it for him. And he told Emma about Neal being alive even though he knew it would only break his heart if she chose Neal. He makes his choices based on EMMA, NOT HIMSELF, which is the major jigsaw piece in a relationship….putting others before yourself. True love’s kiss in New York didn’t work because Emma didn’t have her memories. It didn’t work in an episode for Snow and Charming once, when Snow lost her memories and they are the prime example of true love on the show! So don’t rule him out. In-fact, there are so many parallels between Snowing and Captain Swan that it seems highly likely that this is the direction the writers are taking, so you may want to stop watching if you don’t like.

        • I think hook and Neal. Should have a fight to see who dies may the best man win or not or maybe woman went ink or emma and maybe just maybe.accidentally Henry gets in the way and Emma kills one of the guys guess we will find out this spring

  8. Susanne says:

    Just kill off Neal and be done with it.

  9. Joe says:

    Hopefully Neal or Hook

  10. Lucy says:

    Well, if it were Emma or Henry, they just might get this viewer back…
    but I doubt it, so I’ll just keep remembering the show that had so much promise and too much bad CGI.

    • Hey says:

      Please let it be Emma. She is the worst

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      Lucy dear, you are sadly mistaken, we the viewers who love this show have not gone anywhere. We are anxiously waiting for the show to resume in March. They do not need to kill precious Henry or Emma to get us back. We are still right here. However, the real possibility is that we will dessapear if we lose Emma or the precious little prince Henry! They are essential to the continuity of Once Upon A Time. MARIANA VIDAL

      • EvilRegal says:

        Okay, we GET IT. You do not want anyone to die, but PLEASE could you allow people to have their opinion about who they think it might be/who they would prefer it to be? Because honestly, reading your petulant insults after nearly every comment is annoying.

        • Mariana Vidal says:

          Well if the shoe fits go ahead and wear it and while you are at it, learn to live with it because I have as much right to my “Petulant comments” as you have to your arrogant attitude. What do you think gives any of you the right to attack me for my comments? Who made you General Manager of the Universe? According to you, I am sooo wrong and the rest of you are perfect right? Wrong! Mariana

          • Ariana adiv says:

            Dearie Marina Vida,
            Your opinions are EVER so interesting so i thought i should reply!
            I disagree with you ever so much! Your comments are petulant and just plain rude!
            Also it would be ever so kind of you if you would stop writing you your name at the end of every comment!
            Yours sincerely ARIANA ADVID

            P.S #HOOKERS FOR LIFE BITCH!!!!!!!!!! XOXO :P

          • General Manager of the Universe, Bitches. says:

            You attack everyone who has an opinion! You were the first person on here to get insulting, rude and mean! You keep saying everyone has the right to their opinions, then attacking people for expressing that right. It is fine to say what you want to say, but it is really not necessary to be insulting about it. It just speaks of a very low self-esteem. Grow up.

  11. D. says:

    I hope it’s Neal. Or Prince Charming.

  12. spindae2 says:

    Most likely Belle, Hook or Charming.

  13. I’ll be PISSED if it’s hook. It totally needs to be Neal. He’s so Casper Milk-Toast.

    • xav says:

      Caspar Milquetoast?

    • not cool buddy says:

      LOL. Neal already “died” in 2×21 and there was all the mourning and grieving from Emma and everyone else. Why go through the same thing again? That would just be bad writing (what season 3 has been). If they go that way, I won’t be surprised, though. The writing from the end of season 2 and so far season 3 has been horrible. I’m probably going to give up on this show soon.

      • heather says:

        Sure, they can do it again. Shows have done it before. Charmed did a fake-out death with Shannen Doherty|Prue in the s2 finale but then killed the character off for real at the end of the s3 finale. Why can’t the character of Neal possibly be killed off for real this time? Not liking it is a different matter. Plus we do not even know if the actor leaving is going because they wanted out or if this was purely a writing decision. That can change the whole name of the game from who we think should be killed off to who the show has to kill off. Just saying. Alot of guesses appear to be based off of preferences only.

  14. With Baelfire leading, I’m guessing he’s the character most of us would be happiest to see go….

    • Jus says:

      no, it’s just mean we think it’s probably him…that was the Q in the poll…

      • aw says:

        … in Germany, we say “Der Wunsch ist Vater des Gedankens” -> a thought is fathered by a wish. I voted Neal because I do not really need him in the show to enjoy it and hope the writers see eye to eye on that with me. So i HOPE it is probably him, because it REALLY SHOULD be him.

  15. Amy says:

    I hate to have any of them die, but if it has to be someone I’d prefer Neal.

  16. Cory says:

    Okay so I don’t know if anyone remembers this or not, but a series regular… I’m not sure if Robin Hood falls into that category, because if I’m right, it’s said that Regina and Robin would be united only for it to end tragically with his death.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I have handily listed above, in the very visual slideshow, any and all candidates.

    • xav says:

      You misunderstood that spoiler from way back. The ‘tragic’ part already happened.

    • Shawn says:

      He’s not a regular and the tragedy already occurred with her missing the first chance at love way back. There’s nothing to suggest that they can’t find a happy way of things now. We’ll see. Either way, I don’t think it’s Robin.

    • Griffin says:

      “Okay so I don’t know if anyone remembers this or not, but a series regular… I’m not sure if Robin Hood falls into that category, because if I’m right, it’s said that Regina and Robin would be united only for it to end tragically with his death.”

      I believe Adam was asked about that because it was put in a previous article that the relationship would end on a tragic note. He replied that it was not true. The reporter was never told that would happen.

  17. mac says:

    As much as I want it to be Henry I fear that it might be Hook

    A full on redemption trough death

  18. dude says:

    Vancouver isn’t very cold. Even in the winter. It’s like the mildest Canadian city ever. Just throwing that little tidbit out there.

    • Danyelle says:

      You dont read many interviews with the cast, I take it?

      • Please says:

        Well, just cause they whine a lot, doesn’t mean it’s super-cold…

      • xav says:

        They live in California and go home every weekend. It’s not like it’s -35

        • dee123 says:

          Yeah and David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson got fed up doing that after a few years too. So much so they got the show moved.

        • linda says:

          Wow dont know much about canada u guys….Vancouver is beautiful n not very cold…not like Saskatchewan the prairies …this morning -68 below… now thats cold…

      • gdv says:

        “dude” is right. Vancouver isn’t very cold compared to other harsh wintry Canadian cities. It’s more wet cold, like Seattle. Still chilly if you’re filming outside without a coat all day, but not like it’s negative 20 or anything.

    • Liz says:

      Lol I was thinking the same thing. Whenever I watch the national weather forecast and it’s Sudbury -35, Vancouver 5 I roll my eyes. They had to import snow for the Olympics Lols.

  19. trainwreck says:

    As long as this ain’t Regina, I am good with any!
    For me the show belongs to Evil Queen / Regina.. even when she isn’t all that evil now ( or would she be EVIL again in 3B? )

    On the other hand, i care the least about Belle in above mentioned, so yeah i would go with Belle.

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      Well, to bad for you trainwreck. Although I totally agree with you that Regina is fantastic and she has to stay, Belle, the beaautiful and enchanting Belle is no less important and she is not going anywhere! Belle and Rumple belong together, the chemistry between these characters is amazing and they will get their happy ending no matter what anyone says. Mariana Vidal

  20. A says:

    Anyone but Hook!

  21. HEATHER says:

    I am hoping Belle!
    I love everyone else :(

    • Kara Moore says:

      Noooooo! Not beautiful, smart, brave Belle the yin to rumpled yang. And they so deserve a happy ending. And I’m not sure Neal would be able to pick up the pieces, although not for lack of trying. Rumbelle forever:)

  22. anna says:

    It’s probably Michael Raymond-James, but I wish it was Jared Gilmore. Henry is so annoying and Jared is not a good actor.

    • MARIANA VIDAL says:

      Anna, your opinion is valid but i do not share it. That darling Jared is a good actor. obviously you dislike the child and that prevents you from recognizing his talent. Please try not to lose your objectivity, he is young and I am certain that with a little more experience his acting star will shine brightly. I really fail to see what you find annoying about the kid. His voice is pleasant and he is definitely a talented, good looking boy, but then again, maybe I am partial because I have always found him to be adorable. Mariana Vidal

      • Kara Moore says:

        The girl who played young snow studied Ginny and replicated her movements perfectly. She was also an excellent young actress as she portrayed snow. I know Jared is young but so is this girl and I was far more impressed by her abilities. I actually want to see her again.

    • Des says:

      I can see where some people say that the kid is a bad actor, because Henry does seem a bit… bland, at times, but in my opinion, he did amazing when he was acting as Pan in Henry’s body.

    • MARIANA VIDAL says:

      Anna, I really and truly hope that is neither Baelfire or my little Prince Henry I love them both very much, they look wonderful as father and son. The show would not be complete without either one of them. Shish I was so happy with the way things were going! Why does anyone have to leave the show? Why? Now instead of looking forward to more exciting developments in the story, I have to look forward to dissapoinment.

      Caramba! these days one cannot even count on happiness within a TV show. Mariana Vidal

  23. Kelly says:

    If it is Regina, I will stop watching!!

    • Sara says:

      Most definitely.

      • not cool buddy says:

        ^^ Agreed. This season has already had a bunch of horrible writing and Regina and Neal are like the only good things on the show left. If they kill one of them off, I will stop watching. ESPECIALLY if it’s Regina.

  24. Anna says:

    I think it will be Hook. If Neal was to die, they would have killed him at the end of season 2 when he fell through a portal. I also believe Henry’s happy ending is his parents being together, so..

    • Me says:

      But think of the Hell Rumpel will rain down if Neal was to die! I happen to like the Dark One, well, dark. It could reset that character for a bit. Neal is just one of a couple of characters that could be taken out. But impact to the story, Hook would be limited, and Belle is the voice of reason for Rumpel, which makes her less likely. So I think Neal has a possibility of going six feet under.

    • Rebecca says:

      When they fake killed Neal they still thought that the fans were split when it came to whether Emma should be with him or Hook. Now theres only like 2% that want Emma to be with Neal over Hook. Everyone wants it to be Neal but it probably wont be him. Hes the obvious choice.

      • Cass says:

        Please describe your methodology of determining that only 2% want Neal and Emma together. I’m certain it’s fascinating. Thank you.

    • Lia says:

      This would be right if the writers were making the decision. But the actor decided that they wanted to leave. I think that MRJ is the most likely candidate…

  25. HeatherC says:

    If it’s Neal, I will be genuinely very upset because that character has been put through the complete and total wringer for the entire series and if anyone deserves a chance at happiness in some way, shape, or form….it’s Nealfire. I fear it is him though thanks to the media’s Hook obsession, over zealous shipper fans in general, and so many people sending MRJ hate tweets all the time. Thanks for ruining my day Matt. *sigh* =(

    • NK says:

      (Y) *Thumbs up* That’s exactly what I wanted to say.. It’s sadly true :(

    • not cool buddy says:

      ^THIS. I’m so worried that it’s Neal. :(

    • MandaJ says:

      I am right there with you, I am very worried it’s Neal. Neal is the only character that I can stomach lately. Hook is such a weasel. Those Captain Swan shippers are cuckoo.

    • h67r7r437t says:

      One of the last things Rumple said to Bae before “dying” was “I wanted you to have a chance at happiness.” If the writers kill him off, it would just be a waste of a lot of character development for Rumple. Also, the writers have been leaving hints that Bae and Belle will develop a friendship in the Enchanted Forest, and I doubt they would do that just to kill either one of them off.

  26. Liz says:

    I’d like it to be Neal, cause I can’t stand him. But it will probably be Regina. Which will be disappointing, I’ve been loving her journey back to redemption.

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      Liz, it will not be Regina. It could never be Regina. We need our lovely and wonderful evil queen or the show might as well end! Mariana Vidal

  27. Olivia says:

    As long as it’s not Regina, Emma, Rumple, Belle or Henry I’m fine with it.

    But honestly I hope it’s Hook, so I can enjoy the show again. They tried to “Spike” him but they failed miserably and that’s a huge understatement.

    • This! He had potential and I loved him in hir early days but in S3….. he’s so bad written and lame… Colin deserve a better character

    • Addie says:

      This. I hate how they’re essentiually ignoring all the bad stuff he did last season to make him a love interest for Emma. He locked her in a cell to die! He was willing to let the town blow up! He did numerous other things that unlike the characters on the show, I’m not forgetting about.

      • Alex says:

        But loads of people looooove Rumple and Regina even if they did HORRIBLE things, no? Putting someone in a cell vs snatching hearts and killing from cold blood. Considering letting the town “blow up” but turning back to help vs killing entire villages. Still, Rumple and Regina are still love interests and have the biggest fanbase and defenders. lol. ironic is it not?
        Redemption guys, this show is about redemption. (well…Regina and Rumple had the support ofthe fanbase even before that..)
        Double standard, much?

        • Cass says:

          And Regina and Rumple have done huge redemptive acts including dying or nearly dying for their loved ones. Hook hasn’t. There’s also the fact that the show isn’t trying to hook them up with one of their victims.

          • xav says:

            Well, that’s not entirely true. They did hook Rumple up with one of his victims.

          • Crysania says:

            Who was that?

          • JC says:

            I’m guessing xav is referring to Belle.

          • person says:

            Belle is not Rumple’s victim. She chose to go with him. And he let her go.

          • Andie says:

            Bell “chose” to go with him because otherwise Rumple was going to let people die. That’s not much of a choice. Don’t get me wrong – I love Rumple and Belle as a couple. Let’s just not whitewash their less than ideal beginnings.

          • MARIANA VIDAL says:

            Andie, their less than ideal beginnings as you so aptly call them had to be presented that way or in a similar manner. The Beast had to meet Belle somehow. You are correct, Belle did not have much of a choice at the time; but remember that she was looking for a way out of her arranged marriage to Sir Gaston. Her father had her very controlled, Belle needed adventure, a different scenario. She had to get out of the paternal home some way. I see nothing wrong with the way she left with Rumple, is not as if she was terrified of being near Rumplelstilskin. Yes, she cried for a time because she missed her father and was concerned about him. However, as I remember, she quickly adjusted to her new situation.

            One thing that keeps me facinated about the show, it the fact that none of these women are delicate little flowers. Oh no! These ladies can hold their own fighting side by side with the men. Not one of them has ever run from trouble when trouble has come looking for them.

        • xav says:

          But we’re two and a half seasons into both of their stories, with set backs and triumphs for each. Hook was ‘redeemed’ in two days, apparently.

      • Kara Moore says:

        So true. I wish the characters would remember. That would build some tension. Rumbelle forever.

      • Livia says:

        Alex brings up a good point about Regina and Rumple, but my issue with your post is that you’re saying he hasn’t done anything to redeem himself and that he did all this horrible stuff…. Except he has. Yes, he locked Emma in a cage, but she locked him up first. You wanted him to trust her after she left him to possibly die by Anton’s hand? Also, yes, he took the bean, but he CAME back and provided the way for them to get to neverland to save Henry. He also saved Charming’s life. He told them Neal was still alive when he could have just kept that info for himself when everyone thought Neal was dead. He risked his life in the fight with the shadow so they could have a chance to get the black fairy’s wand and end Pan. And finally, he apparently spent a year looking for Emma and found her, so she could come back and help out her family. You want to sit there and say that everyone’s forgotten about all the bad things he’s done, and you’re not going to, but it sounds like you’re letting the few bad things he’s done shield you from all the good he’s done as well. Me personally, I don’t care who Emma ends up with. I love swanfire because of how cute they were when they first were together, the labor con in the gas station was too funny. But I also enjoy Captain Swan because I love the two’s chemistry and witty banter… But let’s not just focus on one character’s shortcomings when he or she has done good as well. As Alex said, this show is about redemption which means no one character is wholly bad.

    • Joey says:

      I am most thankful for this post.

    • Arthur says:

      Wrong. Hook is brilliant and they would never get rid of him.

  28. Andrew Hass says:

    I think it’s Neal who dies and maybe he does it saving Emma and/or Henry.Plus his death could somehow be an obstacle for Emma and Hook.Plus then Henry would have to deal with his father’s death and then could send him in a evil direction story wise.

    • Ann says:

      Rumple already dealt with his death. Why do it all over again? Same for Emma and Henry. That would be redundant and bad writing. Hook poster says, Can a Pirate become a Hero? I can see him on the Jolly Roger saving everyone, I don’t know from what. Going to the great beyond and dying hero’s death fulfilling his destiny and becoming a hero.

  29. Patty says:

    It has to be Hook. I can’t stand him.

  30. Ben says:

    My guess is death resolves the Emma love triangle one way or the other. My guess is, Hook is the one that dies. My wild card is Regina. I think we can firmly count out Emma, Snow and Henry, and I also think Prince Charming would be very unlikely (you are really gonna split up Ginnifer and Josh??) So I guess, any of the other four.

    • Kara Moore says:

      I think Emma,Snow and Charming are the three that will almost definitely stay on. My guess is that Henry will die, or the love triangle will be resolved through either Hook or Neal’s death.

  31. Lee says:

    I hope it’s Hook.

  32. Liz says:

    If there’s one thing this show loves it’s it pro-bio heteronormative family. So it will be Regina; she doesn’t fit that narrative.

    • Rams says:

      It is very anti-bio heteronormative. Are we watching the same show?

      • Velace says:

        Ever since the curse broke, Henry has been with his bio-family – despite it being entirely illegal for her to be anywhere near him in our world. Emma and Neal both call themselves his “parents” and no one bothers to call them out on it, except Regina. The last few episodes were great in that regard, with the whole “our” son between Emma/Regina but that doesn’t erase all the anti-adoption crap beforehand.

        • crysania4 says:

          It might have more to do with Regina’s being a murderer many times over than her being his adoptive mother. Because I’m pretty sure if I was adopted by someone who murdered people, they wouldn’t allow me to remain with that person. And that wouldn’t matter if that person was my adopted mother or biological mother. Children are removed from the home because of that.

          • Ben says:

            Yeah lol. But really, overanalysing TV is problematic. I really don’t think the show was going for ‘anti-adoption’. It’s done a remarkable job of not even going entirely anti Regina.

          • Amy says:

            People love to forget that most people would not leave a child in the home of a mass murderer. Especially one who is still killing people (poor Graham).

          • Choc says:

            Not when they’re the bio parents. Blood wins in the courtroom. When it’s the bio parents being horrible, it’s always “mother/father knows best” or the parent gets played as the victim of the lying child who isn’t grown up enough. Bio children hardly get an opportunity to leave from abusive or dangerous parents because of the myth “blood=real family=loving”.

            And then explain why viewers got so mad at Neal for not forgiving his father but say Henry is right to not want Regina, and why Rumple and Jefferson should still have their children after mass murder, cold blooded murder, and kidnapping and drugging.

          • heather says:

            Lol. Seriously? We know Regina did things but knowing is a far cry from ‘proving’ in a court of law. Regina knows how to cover her tracks, got to give her that much. Still, guilt or no guilt has NOTHING to do with the legality of Emma and the Charmings taking over Henry’s life. They have no legal claim, they only have Henry based on Regina permitting it. And it had nothing to do with them, it is only for his sake she has not stepped back in and taken him back {which as the legal parent she has every right to}. Oh, and FYI, convicted felons still have legal rights to their children.

            I say it is likely Neal. I think MRJ might have asked to leave to pursue other projects. Probably was not originally needed for the story at all.

      • xav says:

        The whole show is based on biology being the most important thing

    • Velace says:

      If it’s Regina, they’re going to lose a f*ton of viewers.

    • joe says:

      This death is probably to make room in the main cast to make Sean Maguire a regular. They’re not killing off Regina; they’re adding her love interest.

    • Andie says:

      I wouldn’t say that the show is only pro-bio. There are several biological parents in the show who are shown to be horrible parents. Cora was a horrible mother, and she only showed love to Regina to manipulate her. Milah, Rumple, and Peter Pan all abandoned their children. Red’s birth mother tried to murder her friend, didn’t she?

      Not to mention that the reason Henry hated Regina had nothing to do with her being his adoptive mother; it was because she was truly evil (come on, she was) and he felt that she didn’t love him. After she starts to show signs of redemption and actual love for Henry, he accept her as his mom. Just because he had gotten to know his birth mother by then and didn’t toss her to the side of the road doesn’t mean that he devalued his adoptive mother.

      • heather says:

        I happen to be pro-Regina and Henry and I get what you are saying regarding Henry’s trust issues with Regina in the past but I still understand why people continue to buy into the pro-blood vs. anti-adoption sentiment on this show. Lets look at it for what it is: they wrote Henry and his bio family as if they were this ready made family overnight, first with Emma, then the Charmings, then Neal, and finally, even with Grandpa Gold ~ *ahem* the same character Henry warned Emma off from, claiming he was worse than Regina? What changed, oh right, he’s blood now. Hey, getting to know your bio family is realistic but the overnight bonding with blood relatives is just way over the top, sorry. And even the examples of bad bio parents you provided were presented with a sympathetic edge coming from the children: Regina still wanted Cora’s love and approval; young Rumple still wanted to escape to a new land with his neglectful father; Bae|Neal still was willing to help his dad in his anger {they’re still blood he said}. It was just very recently that Henry was presented more favorable towards Regina when he confessed he was wrong when he thought she did not love him. If we continue to see a dominating theme of Henry + Emma|Charmings in the wake of a Regina redemption storyline, with no balance of Regina being a primary parent too, there is nothing to be argued that will convince me this show is not pro-bio. Sorry.

  33. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    It’s gonna be Hook or Henry. That’s what I feel. But honestly, when the Emall said “A [Spoiler] is Coming” as the headline, I was gonna be soooo friggin random and wild with my guesses. A laser beam from the sky! A cereal shortage! A punch in the nose! An olympic event!

  34. JustineK says:

    I already had so many issues with the show recently. And I used to love it so much! Ugh! Looking at this list made me realize that I’m okay with only one of them dying. Everyone else is pretty much a deal breaker, so… I just hate that. Sorry, just my opinion. Guess I had to share it with someone. Hopefully the rest of the viewers will enjoy the show after that.

  35. Mary says:

    They already had Neal seemingly die. Why do it for real now?

  36. Jennifer says:

    Regardless of who it is, I can at least be grateful that Once finally got the cajones to do it.

  37. sarah says:

    I don’t want it to be anyone of them. :(

    If I had to choose I guess I would choose Hook to die.

  38. Duke says:

    Is it absolutely one of those characters, or is there room for it to be one of the major recurring players?

    Because I can’t see Whale surviving for long in a post-Storybrooke reality.

    • gdv says:

      I was thinking Red would get a proper send off (death) now that she has her own show. But from Matt’s comments, it seems it is one of the above characters. Though Adam and Eddy like to stretch the truth a lot when it comes to their teases, so who knows.

  39. Lisa Stevens says:

    Why does everyone always assume it’s going to be Neal ? I personally hope it’s not Neal because I will quite watching. Neal is my favorite character he is irreplaceable in the lives of Emma, Henry & Rumple.

    • xav says:

      Well, pretty replaceable in Emma and Henry’s considering the actual show.

    • abz says:

      Neal is not a character to quit a show over for. If they killed off a character like Emma, Regina, or Rumple, then yeah I’d get it, but Neal?!?! LOL!

      • joe says:

        Heaven forfend someone have a favorite character not approved by you! People could quit over Grumpy’s death if they felt like it.

        • abz says:

          Quitting a show based on a secondary character that wasn’t even a part of the original cast or a part of the what made the show great is just stupid. I like Hook wayy more than Neal and would be sad if they killed him off, but that’s not a reason to quit the show. If they’re gonna quit the show over Neal, Belle, Grumpy or whoever, they will do so. I’m not holding a gun to their head forcing them to watch. I just think it’s stupid to quit the show for such characters and that’s my opinion.

          • Addie says:

            Well actually you could rightly argue that Neal is the reason the whole curse was even created. If Bae hadn’t gone through the portal, Rumple would have never had a reason to create the Dark Curse. And if Bae had never ended up in Neverland, Emma and co would have had no way of getting home. And you could also say that Henry wouldn’t even exist if Neal was not important.

          • Tegan says:

            Belle is my favorite character and if she died, I would definitely stop watching, so…
            Just because someone constitutes *your* opinion of a minor character, doesn’t mean they are. I watch for Rumplestiltskin, Belle, Emma and Hook. To me, Snow and Charming are irrelevant B characters. Not everyone has the same interpretation of the show that you do.
            So yeah, it better not be Belle or they’ll lose one of the largest chunks of the fanbase (the Rumbelle fans). It won’t be Regina either because the Evil Regals and Swan Queeners make up the other biggest chunk.

          • not cool buddy says:

            People have the freedom to do whatever they want – geez. Watching TV is supposed to be fun. If it’s not fun for people, then they quit watching. As simple as that.

          • Jane says:

            I actually think things go back further than Rumple. Feel Pan might have started things along in his quest to find the truest heart, otherwise why bother with the episode of young Bae being drawn away by Pan’s flute. I think Rumple and Bae have been pawns of Pan’s.

          • abz says:

            @Addie: I never said the character wasn’t an important part of the story. A lot of what you said is true and like @Jane said, it could even go further back to Pan. I just don’t think Neal is a character to quit the show over. Of course, you don’t have to agree with me. Like I said, that’s just my opinion.

            @Tegan: Saying that characters like Snow and Charming are irrelevant B characters and that Belle is more important than them is such a ridiculous thing to say. It’s not just my opinion that Belle is a secondary character compared to others. I’m sure many out there would agree. The entire story was built around Snow White. Her story is the foundation of the show. Now of course that doesn’t mean we have to like the Charmings and say they’re our favourites. So much of the time I find them extremely boring, but I recognize their greater importance to the show. But to say that they are B characters relative to Belle is absurd. The loss of the Charmings affects multiple characters (Emma, Henry, Regina, the dwarves, etc.), whereas with Belle, while the other characters would probably feel sad for a little while at her loss, it’s like with Sheriff Graham, they’ll get over it. In the end her loss would really only primarily affect Rumple.
            I agree in that I definitely don’t think it will be Regina, but even if it was, the fact that SQers might also quit the show would be even more ridiculous than quitting for Belle, because at least with Rumbelle, there is a storyline and pairing to look forward to. Evil Regals quitting would also be understandable because that fanbase is solely for Regina, but SQ I really don’t get because unlike Rumbelle, SQ was/is likely never going to happen on the show and we all know it and so quitting over something that was probably never going to happen in the first is place is just…….

            Anyway, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. We can all have our opinions. That’s what this comment section is for.

  40. Angela says:

    Please let it be the character that calls herself Belle

  41. Aleana says:

    I see Hook because he will sacrifice himself for Nealfire so that Henry has his parents

  42. KRG says:

    Why does everyone assume it’s Neal? It’ll likely be him or Hook. But between the two, Neal has far more significance than Hook ever did. He’s family to these main characters. He’s Rumple’s son, Henry’s father, and has served as one of Emma’s most crucial relationships. He’s been the turning point in a lot of things (e.g. the reason Rumple went through all the trouble and used Regina to cast the curse in the first place). In short, he works, fits in, and could continue with an ongoing story. Hook, on the other hand, has become useless and has been reduced to a pathetic, woobified, lovesick puppy. After Neverland, he has no significance outside of the forced “chemistry” with Emma. He’s nothing but eyecandy and fan service for the show at this point. And, I’ll be honest, Colin deserves a lot more than the nonsense they’ve been handing him this season. Let him go and put his REAL acting ability to use where rabid fangirls won’t fawn over him solely for his looks while completely ignoring his work on screen. Because he is talented, and it’s a shame they took away the Hook we knew in S2 and didn’t build on the character and backstory they originally set up for him.

    • I totally agree with everything you said

    • Addie says:

      Agree with all of this. And IA that Colin deserves better, Hook is a joke now and is so far removed from the book/movie versions of Hook that it’s ridiculous. Plus his super intense fans don’t really help, I basically hate Hook which is a shame because Colin seems like such a good dude.

      • WildeNight says:

        He’s supposed to be different from all the other versions of Hook we know. In fact, Colin stated in several interviews that when the creators collaborated with him, he wanted to give the character more of a “Princess Bride” Dread Pirate Roberts feel. :) If he continues in that direction – an interesting mix of hero/anti-hero who is full of innuendo and amusing wit, he could make a very fun addition to the main cast once the whole “love sickness” is resolved. I will be sad if he leaves the show – especially since he just uprooted his family to Vancouver from Ireland, and I will ship CaptainSwan hard until the writers change their minds. <3

        • Captain_Swan says:

          I’m with you on this one!:) Here are my reasons why I don’t think Hook will be the one to die:
          1) Like you say, he just uprooted his family to move to Vancouver, which is a life-altering change to make, and therefore the writers probably would’ve pre-warned him before he moved, or he might have known himself since the episodes are filmed far in advance, that his character would die. I doubt he would move to Vancouver to get closer to set for the sake of a few more episodes for the end of this season, because he coped with the travel for the rest of the time, so a few more episodes before he got killed off wouldn’t make much odds. The fact that he’s moved NOW (quite late into the filming period of this season) I’d say it proves that he’s going to be sticking around the show for a while :)
          2) It’s no secret that he loves Emma. I don’t know that Emma LOVES him back, but what I do know is that she DOESN’T love Neal in that way, because of how he scarred her from the past, and she’ll never forget that. She’ll see him as Henry’s father but never as her love again. Also, that goodbye between Hook and Emma in 3×11 couldn’t have meant NOTHING. And Hook believes that Emma loves him back due to the whole “Perhaps there’s a man that you love in the life that you’ve lost” scene in 3×12…all of this just keeps proving to me that Hook will end up being her happy ending…the man who doesn’t abandon her…the man who understands her…the man who loves and adores her without her having to feel afraid that he’ll walk out on her. After all…he’s in it for the long haul;) So, to me, it would seem more logical to keep Hook in the show, since he will become Emma’s happy ending (and really, the whole show is based on happy endings of some form) and killing Neal off since he has had his time on the show, we’ve seen his links with Emma’s past, but he doesn’t really bring anything to the present since no one else really knows him, Rumple is dead, Hook only remembers him as a boy and Emma has bad memories with him. Plus, it’s been confirmed that Michael Raymond James has accepted a role on another show, so it all makes sense.

    • HeatherC says:

      Thank you for this post and I agree with you. Colin has too much talent for what little they’ve given him in most of season three.

    • Kaw912 says:

      And then I will gladly watch whatever show Colin’s on instead of this one, which will have pretty much nothing going for it anymore by that point.

      • NK says:

        So, you’re only watching the show for this one character that doesn’t even have much to do with the plot and only became a regular this season?!!

        • Kaw912 says:

          That’s right. So what? It’s a TV show, I watch to be entertained. You watch what you want, I’ll watch what I want. You don’t have to like my reasons, I don’t know you and don’t care what you think.

          • Andie says:

            Haha – well said, Kaw. It is a TV show for entertainment, and we watch for our own reasons. I have loved OUAT since the beginning, but frankly, many of the characters that I loved to love have begun to annoy me. Snow gets bratty, Charming gets wimpy, Regina kills an entire village one moment and we’re suppose to feel sorry for her the next, and the minor characters have turned into scenery. Don’t get me wrong – I still love the show! It’s just that for me, Hook was a breath of fresh air. He’s witty, not clear-cut on the villain vs. hero spectrum, and it’s fun for me to see where the dynamic between Emma and Hook leads. Hook wasn’t the reason I started watching, obviously; but right now, his character is my main reason for staying with it.

          • Captain_Swan says:

            Agreed! I’ve watched from the start, but as said previously by someone else, Hook’s character was a breath of fresh air. He goes against all stereotypes, and his little dalliance with Emma is fun to watch, too. He has some witty, humorous lines but he’s also quite a help to the group as well considering he offered his ship and guided them round Neverland to save Henry. Without him…they’d be pretty screwed. Hook is certainly my favourite character on the show at the minute, and he deserves more credit. I know I’m not his only fan though. We can all stick together.

    • joe says:

      This exactly.

    • NK says:

      SO TRUE!!!!

    • Jessica says:

      I disagree, they pretty much set up a backstory with Hook and his character showing what a man he was before. That whole episode of his backstory parallels to his story with Charming because of his brother Liam reminds him of him. As a general viewer, I don’t care in regards to the storyline of Emma and Hook but if they brought that much into their story, it means one thing, they are love interests. I don’t get why that story is an annoyance as it is. It may not be ‘normal’ since Hook was a villainous pirate in Peter Pan’s storyline but this show never presented normal. Hell, Peter Pan was Rumplestiltskin’s father turned evil. As for Colin, you insult the person who plays this character as it is and truly he definitely loves the work and like the majority of the cast, he likes the writing. I saw nothing wrong with a writing other then the fact that a man fell for someone.

      In the beginning of S2, he was like this with his lover Milah. He was a man in love from the start of his own storyline and his revenge was powered through it. I mean, was his revenge towards Rumplestiltskin all for nothing? No, it was to get to the man who murdered his lover whom was also Rumplestiltskin’s wife. Then everything went from there, some rights, some wrongs. That’s what creates a story.

      Then you state that his fangirls who name themselves ‘Hookers’ are rabid. I’ve seen worse from the other parts of the fandom. Just because a few women and men like a man who is talented and well, he’s handsome, doesn’t make them rabid. It’s like stating the Evil Regals, the Dearies, and so forth rabid because I’ve seen them actively act similar in that case. And this is from a general oncers point of view.

      • joe says:

        What, lol? Hook having a dead brother like Charming means that Hook is Emma’s true love?
        Hook’s “arc” if it can be called that is “believe that a pirate can be a hero.” Well, one way to prove that he’s a hero is to sacrifice his life, and after all, we just had Tink saying that Hook would only risk himself for love or revenge. He’s supposed to be journeying back to being a man of honor? Heroic death would completely fulfill Hook’s story.

      • Sid says:

        THIS!!! Do ppl not follow story and understand… and character development and this show about love, hope and redemption!!!

        • Cass says:

          Redemption via death is a very common trope. Hook dying could finally make him a hero. Neal is also trying to redeem himself; his arc is supposedly “believe in second chances.” He hasn’t had his second chance yet.

          • Stormy says:

            His entire life has been second chances! When he went through the 1st. portal and was in London with the Darlings, when the shadow took him to Neverland, when he escaped Neverland and came to our world, when he met Emma, when August sent him away and Emma took the rap, when he got engaged to Tamara, when he reunited with Emma and Rumpel and went to Storybrooke, when he went through the portal after being shot were all new chances. Enough, kill him.

          • Cass says:

            @Stormy–Neal/Bae made the right/unselfish choice in 99% of the incidents you mention; that’s what he needed a second chance. He needed a chance to make up for the great mistake of his life: leaving Emma. So he’s to be killed without getting that chance? Grim, dude, very grim.

      • Rebecca says:

        I hope eventually after falling in love with Emma that Hook realizes that Milah was never his “one true love” or his “soul mate”. A lot of people think that they have 100 percent found their one true love until they really find that person and they realize that they loved that person but he or she was not “the one” I feel like Milah just wanted out of her life with Rumple and she wanted adventure and thats why she found Hook appealing.

        • Livia says:

          I think he already has. That was the whole reason he tried True Love’s Kiss with Emma at the end of Going Home. Also, notice how in 3×06 (echo cave episode if I got the number wrong), in his confession he referred to Milah as his “first love” I believe all the other times, he referred to Milah as his true love, so I think Hook is aware that he loves Emma and that she might just be The One for him. We’ll see if the writers want it that way too.

      • Ann says:

        You could also argue that Baefire/Neal has been in the story since the pilot.

    • Cydda says:

      Ship CS or not, but I don’t see Hook & Emma’s chemistry as being ‘forced’.

      • Cass says:

        I do, very much so.

      • abz says:

        I don’t see it as forced either. I thought the clicked and worked well with each other from their very first encounter.

      • Andie says:

        I don’t either. I see the Neal & Emma relationship being forced. While the chemistry between Hook & Emma was apparent right away, I personally didn’t see any chemistry between Neal & Emma at all in their first scenes together, and I still don’t. And it doesn’t have anything to do with looks. Their connection just struck me as more superficial and immature than the deeper connection that it has been hinted she and Hook could share.

    • Steph says:

      I agree with everything you said KRG.

    • abz says:

      The difference with Neal vs.Hook dying is that if Neal we’re to die, it would have a greater effect on the characters and on whatever plan they may have to move the story forward and that’s because of the many connections he has to characters on the show. Hook’s death on the other hand would only affect Emma.

      • Cass says:

        Unless Neal is Emma’s true love, the effect that Neal’s death would have would be to make Rumple evil (boring, been there) and miserable, and therefore Belle miserable. Two characters who have very much earned a happy ending.

  43. Lisa says:

    I hope its Neal. Not a fan of that character.

  44. Cass says:

    Well, if it’s Belle I’ll have no regrets about dropping the show.

    • Mandy says:

      Yeah, me too.

    • abz says:

      I personally find Belle really boring. Even though I doubt it’s her, I don’t think it would be a huge loss to the show if it was.

      • Cass says:

        Thanks for sharing.

      • MARIANA VIDAL says:

        Well, it is just a matter of subjective appreciation. Evidently, you are incapable of appreciating the wonderful character that Emilie de Ravin has created in Belle. Losing Belle would definitely be a huge problem. Beauty and the Beast have to have their happy ending. Saying that Belle is not important is as much as saying that Rumplestilskin is minor character.

        Have you been under a rock all this time?

        • abz says:

          I haven’t been living under a rock. You’re just the one going around all over this post saying that every character deserves their happy ending which isn’t true because one of them will be killed off and therefore won’t get their happy ending. You do realize that none of them will get a real happy ending till the series finale? As long as the show goes on, they will continue to face obstacle after obstacle, until the very end.

          Belle is nothing more than a love interest for Rumple and that’s just the plain truth. And like some have mentioned elsewhere on this post, Regina is proof that you can have a second true love. I like Belle sometimes, but she, whether you like it or not, IS a minor character with regards to the rest of the cast. She’s only a plot device used for whatever they plan on doing with Rumple. Without Rumple, there really isn’t any purpose for her unless they’re just keeping her around as a way to bring Rumple back. It doesn’t even make sense as to why she’s a series regular on the show, when she really should be recurring guest star.

          Side note: One scene that has always bothered me about Belle was when she found out about how Rumple killed Milah and just brushed it off as if it was nothing and then she tried to turn it around and make Hook out to be the bad guy. Yeah, that makes sense.

          • Cass says:

            I’m not the person you’re replying to but there is so much hair-raising stuff in this post…
            a) Just because characters DESERVE a happy ending doesn’t mean they’ll GET one; I think everyone can figure that out. People have a right to say who they believe deserves happiness.
            b) It astonishes me to see people who are Hook fans say that Belle is expendable because she’s just a love interest–when almost everybody is arguing that the only reasons to keep Hook are that he’s Emma’s love interest (and Colin’s pretty face), when Emma has ANOTHER love interest, and could easily move on. Rumple, OTOH, has found true love once in 300 years–don’t think he has another coming down the pike. Belle has oodles more connections than Hook does, even if they’re mostly minor characters (Ruby, Archie, Ariel, Granny, Mulan, Phillip, Robin, the Darlings). Moreover, she has a job and a place in the community, a job that could be very useful (librarians are excellent for exposition–just ask that guy Giles). Hook has zero purpose except mooning after Emma, and not a lot of options open to him. How often will they need to travel by sea?
            c) Belle made Hook out to be the bad guy because he WAS THE BAD GUY. The guy who was trying to murder her for the second time that day. Who had also tried in the past, and who she knew had just finished torturing Archie. Guess what? Victims don’t have to be compassionate to their abusers. If they did, what’s Hook doing hounding Rumple for centuries. He should have just understood poor Rum’s pain….

          • MARIANA VIDAL says:

            Wow Cass, I did not realize that my comment would offend you so much. We are all just expressing our opinions about a show that we like because the actors have done a wonderful job in portraying their characters. I have been going around saying that everyone deserves a happy ending because the whole premise of the show from the beginning was the fact that they were all robbed of their happy ending. Remember, these are fairy tales that we know and most of us love. What is the ending of a fairy tale? AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
            I watch television for pure enjoyment and to cope with the streess that I have to deal with in real life. I do love, love, love all of these characters and I still hope and pray for a happy ending for all of them. I know reality is not like that but this is not real, it is a fantastic TV show. just for the record, I do love each and everyone of the characters. To me no one is more important than the other. I do not separate them into main characters and supporting characters. Each one of them is a main character in his/her own fairy tale.

            I do admire Lana Parrilla for making her majesty the Beautiful and Evil Queen a larger than life character. I mean the lady is sooo talented that she made Regina Mills real to us. Robert Carlysle is absolutely marvelous as Rumplestilskin/Mr. Gold in fact, he is totally unique! Ginnifer Goodwin is a wonderful Snow White and the handsome Josh Dallas is absolutely charming as her prince. I will admit that I am biased in favor of the little Prince Henry because I loved him from the start and I can see him doing no wrong. Jennifer Morrison does a very good job as Emma and if the writers would give her better lines, she would also show her true colors as an actor. Emilie de Ravin as Belle. Ah! the Beautiful and enchanting Belle, well she is perfect and the chemistry she has with Mr. Carlysle is undeniable. However, the fact that all these characters shine brightly does not mean that the rest of the cast is any less talented or important and I repeat, I do want for all of them to have their happy ending.

            I am very sad and dissapointed that one of them is leaving the show because no matter who it is, the show will never be the same without him/her.

            And that, my dear Cass is my very own personal opinion and nobody else has to share it.

            I hope you have a wonderful week, MARIANA VIDAL

          • Cass says:

            Mariana Vidal, I think you are replying to abz, not to me. At least I hope so, because I didn’t actually disagree with you (I disagreed with him/her).

          • MARIANA VIDAL says:

            Dear Cass, I do apologize, I did not realize my mistake until it was too late to retrieve my message. It is true that my reply was intended for abz but I goofed.

            I hope you have a wonderful week, MARIANA VIDAL

          • abz says:

            @Cass: Hey, I’m just doing what many Belle fans are doing. People who hate Hook and attack the character for simply being a love interest when they completely ignore the fact that there are other characters on the show like Belle who serve a similar purpose.

            And yeah Belle has these connections (although I wouldn’t consider some of them real connections — e.g., she knew Robin and the Darlings for like two seconds), but unlike Hook, they’ve spent more time establishing these connections, whereas his character hasn’t had the opportunity.yet. The character is still underdeveloped and the writers need to do more with him.

            “Victims don’t have to be compassionate to their abusers” –> Belle has no problem being compassionate toward Rumple who was once her abuser and kept her trapped. I understand the part about Hook being after Belle at that moment and how obviously she has to defend herself, but she doesn’t even try to act like Rumple had wronged Hook. She doesn’t even acknowledge later on that she was with a man who killed his own wife. She found out the truth and didn’t care. That’s pretty disgusting to me. I’m not saying she had to befriend Hook at that moment, but even after that episode the subject was never brought up again.

            “when Emma has ANOTHER love interest, and could easily move on” –> Our back and forth is gonna go no where because I could argue that the other love interest you said would be Hook, and that she “could easily move on” from Neal (she moved on from him for like ten year). In the end, you are pro-Neal and I am pro-Hook and our arguing will get us nowhere until we finally get a decision made on screen. I agree with others that I hope the triangle ends soon. It has dragged on for quite a while.

        • Ann says:

          I love both Belle and Neal. I feel their characters have been not utilized to their full potential. I think there is still plenty of storytelling with their connections to the other characters, whereas Hook’s only link seems to be with Emma.

    • Ben says:

      I love Emilie de Ravin and I like the character of Belle on the show, but I always find it odd (see also people in relation to Neal and Hook) when people say they would drop the show for someone leaving who wasn’t even in the show in the first place. What made you want to watch?

      • Cass says:

        The show was much better two years ago than it is now, but even then I was about to give up when Skin Deep aired. I’ve been in it for the misplaced hope of Rumbelle ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of the characters but that’s not what keeps me watching.

      • Rebecca says:

        I loved the show when I first started watching it. Then it started dragging a little bit and I was losing interest. ThenHook started on the show I fell in love with it again.

  45. Jooshua says:

    Wow I didn’t realize there was no love for Neal.. I love his character.. I feel like his story hasn’t ended.

    I like Hook too.. but I would prefer it be him.

    • Joey says:

      There’s plenty of love for Neal. The people who hate him are just louder (and far more annoying than /everyone/ else.

      • Addie says:

        This. I like Neal and think he has a lot of potential to be an awesome character and have a really good arc. If he was killed off for real, it would seem like such a waste.

        • crysania4 says:

          And rehashing the whole “everyone mourns for Neal” thing seems kind of old hat. We already saw everyone’s reactions to that.

          • joe says:

            Especially if we don’t even know if Rumple will be back by the time of the death. He’s going to come back to find his kid dead? Again?

      • Ann says:

        People are definitely more vocal about their dislike for the character. There are more people who like him than you think.

    • I feel like the writer’s just haven’t done much with Neal’s character. Not at all the actor’s fault. But honestly, he just serves mostly as a plot device

  46. Kre says:

    They wouldn’t kill off Emma or Regina, right? I would assume they are the safest characters.

    • KRG says:

      Nah I don’t see that happening. They, along with Snow, are the leading ladies. They have the most screen time and tend to get the most audience investment. In fact, I don’t see any of the “core 5” (them, Rumple, and Charming) leaving any time soon. Also, killing Henry or Belle would just be plain senseless and would make for far too much angst than this show would even dare to delve into.

  47. Katie T says:

    Out of that list I’d rather see Neal or Henry go. Henry mainly because there’s only so many times you can do the kid in danger,parents save him storyline.
    Personally I definitely wouldn’t want it to be Hook. But outside of personal preferences, I’d be surprised if it was him purely because he’s the most likely it could be. If they want to shock the audience and create a storyline that possibly goes into season 4 then to me, Hook’s death would be the least likely to do that.

    • joe says:

      It would actually be the biggest surprise since he’s been so overpromoted and they’ve been trying to make him the face of the show.

      • Addie says:

        It would be pretty ballsy if they killed Hook off. Which means they won’t unfortunately.

        • crysania4 says:

          Unless Colin wants out of his contract. There have been rumors that the person being killed off wants out. So that means it could be anyone, really.

          • NK says:

            Hmm.. Interesting.. That means Regina is totally safe :) Last time I checked, she was really enjoying being on the show :)

          • NK says:

            However, it also means it may well be Neal with all the hate MRJ has been getting :( :( :(

          • Arthur says:

            I can’t see Colin wanting out – he loves it.

          • Jane says:

            Adam dismissed that in a tweet. Said the death is purely story driven, but I wouldn’t blame any of them with all the hateful comments going around.

          • Captain_Swan says:

            That rules Colin out then, since he just uprooted his family to Vancouver, which he clearly wouldn’t do if he wanted out. Even if he wasn’t sure, he’d have to be pretty dead set that he wanted to stay on the show and was happy with his role before moving away from his hometown and his family. :)

      • Katie T says:

        It may be a surprise in that sense, but not in the sense that a lot of the audience would guess it’s him in that list of characters. If they want to shock the audience then they’re hardly going to kill off someone that the audience would guess it would be. Same goes for Neal really.
        Also as I said, if they’re going to kill someone for plot and something that has a major effect on the characters as a whole, then Hook would have the least impact. Only Emma would really be impacted by his death really and it’s hardly going to have a long term affect on the show

  48. wrstlgirl says:

    There’s only three in this list of eight that I would be upset about so I doubt I’ll be pleased with whoever it is :-) I believe this show needs a serious reboot and the only way to do that effectively would be to get rid of a big key player. Hook, Neal or Belle are going to cut it. And no those aren’t my three :-)

  49. JC says:

    I guessed Neal. I think they’ll resolve the Emma love triangle one way or another by killing one of them off, and my guess is it would be Neal. And Neal’s death would also have an effect on Rumple and Henry, whereas Hook’s death would likely only affect Emma. It’s funny – when I voted the results came out about in the order I would have picked. I might have put Hook over Belle, and Regina over Charming, but now that I think about it, I think that order is about right. Emma, Snow, and Regina probably are the safest of the bunch.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      So getting rid of one of those three would pack the biggest punch.

      • JC says:

        Sure. Still doesn’t mean it’s likely.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Probably not, but it would be awesome.

          • JC says:

            Eh. Maybe. I’m not fond of shows doing stuff just for the shock value. If it’s something that benefits the storyline in the long run, then sure. But throwing something in for a one-time emotional gut punch, regardless of how that affects the rest of the show, is not good writing.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I think losing Emma or Regina would greatly improve the show. Their constant bickering over who’s the better mother, blah, blah blah for Henry has grown tiresome. But like you I wouldn’t cry over any of them. It’s just that they are saying a “major” player will be killed off. IMHO that’s not Neal, Belle or Hook. Just looking at these comments very few would care so how much of an impact could that really make?

          • JC says:

            That said, I personally wouldn’t be that upset if it were any of those three, or any of the rest for that matter. I just don’t think the show will do it.

          • JC says:

            Shows are always saying stuff like that to get people worked up, and then it turns out not to be quite so “major” after all. If the stuff in other comments is true about someone wanting out if their contract is true, then that leaves the field wide open and it could be anyone, regardless of storyline reasons. But other than that, Emma, Snow, and Regina are really the core of this show, and I don’t really see that changing. And I can’t remember a network show in recent history killing off its series lead, which would be Emma.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Yeah I know that, I’ve been around a lonnnng time, lol. But a girl can dream. Whoever it is unless like you say it’s their choice will likely not matter much.

          • JC says:

            True. Honestly I could see a scenario where it could be any of them, except for Emma, and that includes Snow and Regina. (I don’t think there’s a chance in the world that it’s Emma unless Jennifer Morrison really really wants out for some reason.) I just think the likelihood is much less than it is for the other possibilities.

  50. Cass says:

    I will add that the only character with no family connection to the mains or real use is Hook, but he’s pretty so it’s probably not him.