Revenge Winter Finale Recap: The Ex Files

Revenge Midseason FinaleOld flames burned anew in the midseason finale of ABC’s Revenge. But, since the episode’s called “Hatred,” love is the last thing on any of their minds.

Daniel moves his ex, Sara, into Grayson Manor to tick off Emily, former couple Nolan and Patrick find themselves “a million miles past ‘sorry,’” and Conrad’s first wife (the fabtastic Gail O’Grady) touches down in the Hamptons. Need a scorecard to keep up with it all? Not to worry. That’s pretty much what this recap is. Read on… (And remember: Revenge returns on March 9, now airing at 10 pm.)

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MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY | To thank Patrick for assaulting and robbing him, Nolan reveals to him not only his father’s identity – Jimmy Brennan (Brett Cullen from Devious Maids) – but also that he came looking for him at the orphanage and, per Mommie Dearest’s instructions, was turned away. Only after locating his pop – and seeing Victoria’s freaked-out reaction to her chance encounter with him – does Patrick allow her to reveal that Jimmy raped and then stalked her. That’s why she gave Patrick up for adoption – to protect him. Um, and also to go to art school. (But mostly to protect him.)

FASHION VICTIMS | When she isn’t busy making plans to buy a house with Jack – not a chateau? – Margaux learns that Conrad planted false content in Voulez just so he could sue the magazine for libel. Mind you, neither a lifetime subscription nor a hefty settlement is what Daddy Warbucks is after: Still as pissed at his son for costing him Lydia as I am, he wants the editrix to can Junior and make him her new partner. Her immediate answer: Oui.

THREE’S COMPANY | At first, it seems like Aiden’s Niko problem can’t possibly get any bigger: Besides wanting his help to avenge her father’s death – awwwkward! – she also moves into Nolan’s house (which is most definitely not covered by the odd couple’s roommate agreement). Shortly thereafter, however, Nolan fabricates intel that recasts Declan’s killer (you remember, that whole bombing thing?) as Takeda’s killer, in order to send the ninja nurse off on a wild goose chase. The one fly in the ointment? Before Niko can leave, she finds the murder weapon hidden in Aiden’s bedroom. (What’s worse than “awwwkward”?)

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FIGHT NIGHT | Though Victoria warns Daniel that, by moving Sara in, he’s asking for trouble – “She’s a soft target” – he delights in rubbing his affair in Emily’s face. (Three words for you, Danny: Mother knows best.) In no time, the missus has called in the big guns: her rival’s mother! And, after being disowned for standing by her married boyfriend, Sara decides that, on second thought, she doesn’t wanna stand by him after all. (What?) Enraged, Daniel gets violent with Emily and, all but foaming at the mouth, says, “Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe.” Yikes!

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Throughout the hour, Emily seems to be suffering from blackouts – a side effect of her head injury. First, this results in her turning up unexpectedly at Nolan’s (making Aiden think that maybe they still have a chance), and later – mon dieu, as Margaux would say – it results in her waking up in Conrad’s bed! He even compliments her on the night they spent together! (I can’t imagine they really did the deed, but still – a great WTF moment!)

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode – and of the season thus far? While the show still makes me scratch my head on almost a weekly basis (What kind of magazine is Voulez, anyway?!), I think we can all agree that, at least for the most part, it’s achieved its get-back-on-track, er, initiative, right? Emily and Daniel’s War of the Roses is as vicious as we could have hoped it would be. And, even though we only got a little peek at the first Mrs. Conrad Grayson, I have a hunch she’ll give Victoria a run for her money. Or Conrad’s money. Money in general. Any old money. Don’t you? Hit the comments!

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