Grimm's Bree Turner Talks 'Monrosalee' Inching Toward the Altar, Bringing the Wolf Home to Mom

Grimm - Season 3Bringing home your boyfriend for the first time can be a harrowing experience under the best circumstances.

But when you’re a Fuchsbau and he’s a Blutbad? And when, thanks to some questionable decisions in your past, you’re not on the best terms with your family in the first place?

Good luck, little fox.

“It’s called up a lot of stuff for me to work on, which was exciting — but also completely draining,” says Grimm‘s Bree Turner, whose Rosalee meets up with her estranged mom and sister after a seven-year absence in this Friday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c).

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“Most of [the meeting] takes place on this farm in Hillsboro, up here in Oregon, and it was just one giant, long, 16-hour day,” Turner recalls, chuckling. “By the end of it, we were like, ‘Please, let’s just go get beers!'”

The Calvert family summit – at which Monroe does his best to make a good impression on his beloved’s relatives – kicks off a three-episode arc that will forward the Wesen couple’s long-teased trip to the altar.

Since Rosalee was first introduced in Season 1, Grimm has given viewers very about her pre-Portland life. We know she’s a former (mystical) drug addict, we know she’s great with the potions, and we know she prefers her men tall, bearded and clock-obsessed.

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The quiet shopkeeper’s life “really gets blown out this Friday,” Turner tells TVLine. “You understand where I was for seven years, why did I leave, what was going on with me, why my family was estranged, why did I feel the need to turn to drugs and hiding out. All of those questions are answered.”

Let’s just say that the two Wesen work things out with their families and formally decide to tie the knot: Should we prepare ourselves for hundreds of fairytale creatures packed into one of Portland’s poshest ballrooms for the Wesen wedding of the century?

Rosalee’s “not looking for flash or excitement,” the actress says. “She did that, and if anything, those things bring up temptation for her,” she says. “If a wedding is in their future, I think – 100 percent – it’s going to be a much more intimate, personal event.”

She adds with a laugh: “I don’t see Rosalee wanting a $15,000 gown.”

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