Supernatural Boss Previews Dean's New Mission, Cas' 'Luke Skywalker' Complex and Big Returns

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersDean Winchester is hurting.

When Supernatural returns on Tuesday (The CW, 9/8c), the Hunter will be reeling from having inadvertently caused Kevin Tran’s death. He’ll also be attempting to make things right by getting the actual killer, Gadreel, out of Sam’s body — easier said than done, teases executive producer Jeremy Carver below.

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Meanwhile, reinstated angel Castiel finds himself at a crossroads and Crowley is struggling more than ever with human emotions.

Plus: Some “beloved characters” are coming back and viewers haven’t seen the last of the Men of Letters legacy.

TVLINE | Why take away one of the Winchesters’ last friends and allies? Talk to me about the decision to kill off Kevin.
Dealing with the events that led up to killing Kevin Tran is the most intriguing and felt [like] the most grounded way to tell the story this season. No one was doing handstands [when they] realized Kevin had to go, but it was where the story took us. That said, the killing of Kevin puts the strongest possible exclamation point on the idea that it was Dean who let the angel now known as Gadreel into Sam, right? So what you’re going to see coming up after this is that Dean is going to do whatever it takes to track down Gadreel and eject him from Sam. Part of that is going to be making certain alliances that he never thought he’d be forced to make, but he’s at a point where he’ll do anything to try and right what he considers to be one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made. Kevin’s death, in a slightly perverse way, is going to open up channels into other less savory alliances.

TVLINE | Dean was right there when it happened. Having lost Kevin, how’s he handling it emotionally? Are we going to see that toll, as well?
No question about it. That’s what I was hinting at in terms of Dean going to do whatever it takes. It’s a crushing blow to Dean and it’s one that’s going to stay with him for a while, absolutely.

TVLINE | Is Gadreel really just content to play second fiddle to Metatron?
We need to watch the Gadreel story as it unfolds, without getting too far ahead of ourselves… There’s no reason to take [Metatron’s offer to Gadreel to get his name back] as anything other than truth. We’re only going to learn more pieces of Gadreel’s background as we move forward into the end of the season.

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TVLINE | What Gadreel’s up to in the next episode?
Getting Metatron’s ultimate approval is probably going to be a harder journey than what we’ve seen so far. Gadreel’s going to be put through his paces a lot more before he earns Metatron’s trust.

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersTVLINE | Let’s talk about Castiel. Was it always the plan to have him get his grace back so quickly?
I would only say that, to me, it wasn’t that quick. What we wanted to do with Castiel was watch this guy, almost like a young child, discover what it is to be human and to figure out how to make a go of it. In a very quiet way, Cas “made” it [as a human being] when he became a clerk at the convenience store — which was something that Dean teased him about. It was actually a very noble pursuit, especially [with] what Cas had to struggle against just to get to this point. That was a victory of sorts for Castiel.  [Then] he’s once again faced with the central question of, “Is this all there is? Is this really what I’ve been put here to do?” which would be the end of end of Episode 7 when he’s staring out the windows of the gasoline station.

This is a guy who, as nobly as he tried to become the best human he could, always very much had the understanding, whether he liked it or not, that he’s intended for something bigger and greater. Some of us are just meant for a higher calling. Like Luke Skywalker could have been the best farmer he could have been, but he was meant for a higher calling. And Cas falls into this category of hero, as do the Winchesters. So it seems very apt that, at a certain point, he would come to this realization that he couldn’t sit out this fight any longer.

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TVLINE | And now that he’s an angel again, is his mission different? Has he changed somehow, having that experience of being a human?
Yes, it is different — in a way that I can’t completely go into now. But there is no question that his time being human will affect his thinking going forward. And he’s going to find himself in the angelic fray, as it were, more than ever. And he’s going to find himself at a point of decision that he never considered a few short months ago. It’s going to be a little bit of a be-careful-what-you-wish-for [situation] when it comes to Cas and what’s in store for him as a newly reminted angel.

TVLINE | What kind of a role is Crowley going to have in all this?
Crowley will have a very important role. We have just started to scratch the surface with Crowley that we started to introduce at the end of last year in terms of this King of Hell who is finding himself fighting to hold onto his kingdom, but also struggling with this feeling he experienced last year of being human. It’s a very confusing and complex place for him to be in, and Mark Sheppard has done a wonderful job with it. It’s that central conflict for Crowley that drives him through the rest of the season in really interesting ways.

TVLINE | Are there any returning faces you can talk about?
You’re going to see more people, more beloved characters that I can let on right now. There are a good handful coming and for all different reasons. Specifically, we’re going to get an answer as to what the heck happened to Garth [played by DJ Qualls] when he was supposedly guarding Kevin at the end of last season. And we will be delving even deeper into the world of the Men of Letters, and digging at some more history that had an affect, not just on our brothers, but on the organization as well.