Did Revenge Cops Misfire? Is Downton Softening Thomas? Good Wife's Bad Ethics? And More Qs!

The Good WifeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Hostages, New Girl and Parks and Recreation!

1 | Was Sophia Bush-as-Princess-Leia actually only holding on – and not harnessed – to Mythbusters‘ Jamie-as-Luke-Skywalker during the show’s Star Wars special?

2 | For an ethics expert, wasn’t The Good Wife‘s Marilyn oddly aloof and unconcerned about how her baby daddy secret could cast a shadow on Peter’s administration? And did any eagle-eyed, longtime viewers recognize Alicia’s “banging” outfit before she mentioned it?

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3 | How come the police on Revenge automatically assumed Lydia shot Emily after Conrad withdrew her alibi? Since, as far as the authorities know, she didn’t have a motive to open fire on the bride — and archenemy Victoria certainly did — wouldn’t Mama Grayson have remained the prime suspect?

4 | Does Downton Abbey expect us to soften toward Thomas because the nanny he tried to get fired turned out to be a horrible shrew? Or was her evilness just another bit of random (like Cora believing dear, sweet Anna would ever mess with her wardrobe)?

5 | So, The Mentalist‘s scruff seems to be a keeper: yea or nay? Also: Was the way Lisbon and Fischer acted during Jane’s phone call with Krystal simply amusing, or did it make the ladies appear weak/boy-crazy?

6 | Was Castle‘s conspicuously minimal usage of guest star Nicholas Bishop perhaps designed to throw us off? “Hey, it’s the Body of Proof guy — he must be the killer!” And who else is bummed that we didn’t get Irish baby Javier Ryan?

7 | On Hostages, not knowing what the gas was billowing out of the OR’s air ducts, shouldn’t the immediate course of action been to get the president’s open body cavity NCISaway from it? Wasn’t Archer’s death wholly avoidable? And were you hoping for a final twist, even knowing renewal is unlikely?

8 | How funny was this NCIS presentation?! Mrs. Gibbs No. 2 = “Redhead”!

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9 | Is anyone on TV doing better two-fisted shooting than Person of Interest‘s Root?

10 | Before her (somewhat mangled) shout-out in this week’s episode, would you have guessed that Mindy Project‘s Tamra was a Sleepy Hollow fan?

New Girl11 | The actress playing New Girl‘s Young Cece has to be related to Hannah Simone, right? And Jess should’ve totally taken the better-paying, less-stress Children’s Museum job, yes?

12 | How could Modern Family not let us know how things went with Manny, Amy and the coat full of surprises?!

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13 | We know NBC is home to the gruesome Hannibal, but was anyone else surprised to see beheadings in the Chicago P.D. pilot?

14 | Has Cary Elwes ever looked more “Westley” in recent years than in Psych‘s season premiere?

15 | Were you, too, puzzled when People’s Choice Award winner Sarah Michelle Gellar said she’d “never gotten the chance” to thank everyone involved in Buffy… in the more than a decade since the show went off the air? And while we hate bloated awards show, there has to be a happy medium between “four hours long” and “mention presenter Stana Katic’s win in a barely audible aside,” right?

16 | Very occasional White Collar guest Diahann Carroll gets an NAACP Image Award nod, but Grey’s Anatomy‘s frontburner Sara Ramirez doesn’t?

17 | How funny would it have been if when Big Bang‘s Penny went to quit at The Cheesecake Factory, they told her: “Um, look around — you were never working at a Cheesecake Factory”?

18 | Parks and Recreation fans, were you expecting more blasts from the past during the 100th episode?

19 | Can The Crazy Ones‘ Sydney and Andrew just stay friends, please?

20 | Why did American Horror Story: Coven’s Papa Legba call off his deal with Fiona just because she didn’t have a soul to sell? Considering how willing she was to slaughter innocents for him — including her own daughter! — doesn’t it stand to reason that forevermore she’d be providing him with higher-quality sacrifices than she herself could ever be?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!