Exclusive Banshee Clip: '[Spoiler]'s Not Dead!'

The fate of one rascally Rabbit takes center stage in Banshee‘s Season 2 premiere this Friday (10/9c, Cinemax), and, from the looks of the following exclusive clip, the lead investigator — played by Damages Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek — is taking the investigation a little too seriously. (Hint: Dude’s bonkers!)

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You see, Ivanek’s FBI Agent Racine (first introduced in the Banshee: Origins comic book) has been tracking the elusive madman for 15 years, so the last thing he wants to hear is that the Grim Reaper made off with him. And the fact that there’s no corpse is only feeding his denial.

But as Rabbit’s daughter, Carrie, reminds him during a hearing into last season’s Metal Works firefight, “I shot him point-blank. I saw him go down.”

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Racine’s still not buying it. Press PLAY below and watch the the unhinged G-man go off the proverbial rails…

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