Video: Behold TVLine's Insanely Star-Studded and Totally Shameless Birthday Flashback

No exaggeration: There are astronomers who will never see as many stars as you will in TVLine’s third anniversary clipfest!

Besides shining a nostalgic spotlight on some of the actors who’ve joined Michael Ausiello and Matt Mitovich on the Spoiler Alert! couch, the video flashes back to Comic-Cons past, walks a marathon’s worth of red carpets, takes you to the sets of such series as Bones and Community, and waxes pretty hilarious about old episodes of Michael Slezak’s Idology and Reality Check.

Did we mention that Lucy Lawless plays the ukelele?

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You’ll also spot everyone from Aubrey Plaza to Zachary Levi — and, as an added bonus, often hear them singing Ausiello’s praises the way so many memos suggest that the TVLine staff should. (We know the lines, boss. We’re just working on sounding sincere.)

If all that’s not enough, may we remind you that Lucy Lawless + a ukelele = awesomeness? So stop dillydallying and get clicking before we’re ready to unveil our fourth anniversary montage!