Shameless Season 4 Video: Ripped Lip, Feeble Frank and an Arresting (and in Love?) Fiona

“The Gallagher clan is flush,” a triumphant Fiona tells her siblings in the following promo for Shameless‘ forthcoming fourth season (bowing Jan. 12 at 9/8c). “We’re creepin’ up on the poverty line!”

But the oldest Gallagher child might want to ease up on the enthusiasm, given that the rest of the preview for the Showtime dramedy shows the family in its usual disarray.

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An ailing Frank contemplates self-mutilation, Lip has a rough adjustment to college, Ian’s still MIA, Debbie cops a ‘tude and Fiona — who’s getting more serious with her boss — finds herself wearing a pair of shiny new bracelets. So, business as usual, we guess?

Press PLAY on the video below to watch the Gallaghers’ upcoming ups and downs.