Winter TV Spoiler-palooza! Your Scoop-Filled Guide to 31 Returning Favorites

‘Tis the season to put the holidays behind you and get reacquainted with your favorite shows.

Many of your obsessions — from cable dramas such as The Americans and Suits to those that took a winter hiatus (like The Vampire Diaries, Sleepy Hollow and Bones) — will soon be back with fresh episodes.

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To help you prepare for the onslaught of returns and premieres, TVLine presents a gallery that will not only catch you up on where the action left off, but also spill juicy spoilers about what’s ahead.

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Flip through the slideshow to get all the intel and then hit the comments to tell us what you’re psyched for!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jennifer Laybourn says:

    Dear, Can you give us Bones fans a guesstimate of when we will hear if Bones will be returning for season 10?

    • rowan77 says:

      The upfronts are in May, so somewhere between January and May.

    • Judy Williams says:

      Yes, we would love to know and see if our Bones can continue to dazzle us with quip and gore and love and creepy. It combines both and lots of characters we have loved for years.we want them to continue. I never get tired of my Bones it still satisifies a need for us to see a couple we love finally get together! All of the squints adventures every week plus the major criminals bagged and arrested or the major ones after Booth and Brennan and the whole clan schemes and murder and relationships all tested or found between the characters!! Personal and professional blur the lines on this show and it is still AWESOME!!! I love my BONES

      • Mariana Vidal says:

        Judy, I agree with you Bones has captured my attention with all its multifaceted characters. They facinated me from the first episode years ago. The actors are terrific at conveying emotion; I actually care about what happens to the people involved. I never get tired of these people, on the contrary I want to see them again and again. I remember foundly one epidose called: The death of the Queen Bee. It explored the meaning of true friendship and Temperance realized that her true friends were those people she worked with everyday. I am also impressed by the fact that although the main characters are Bones and Booth, the rest of the cast is just as important. I could not imagine the show without Camille, or Angela, their boss and everyone else. They are all an esential part of the show. BONES FOR EVER! Mariana Vidal

      • I agree. Its about the only show on TV that does not bore me. I hope it keeps going for many more years. Love #Bones

      • Robin says:

        Oh, yes, I still love Bones best of any show. I will never get tired of these characters.

    • Jen says:

      My opinion is that Bones has jumped the shark. I stopped watching, it has gotten pretty bad.

      • Mariana Vidal says:

        Jen, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I respect it but obviously I do not share it. Bones is one of my favorite shows and I welcome its return.

        Have a wonderful day, Maiana Vidal

        • Jill says:

          Great for you that you enjoy all the characters, the supporting characters for me are just that supporting. Its seems like the writer’s have forgotten that B & B are a couple since the wedding, I’m all for them being the center again. I want to know how they adjust considering they are still so unlike. Also it would be nice if Booth could get a storyline apart from being Brennan’s husband now.

        • I am with you Mariana. Bones is my favorite.

      • Missy says:

        Bones is one of the best TV shows of all times. Period. I wish people would find a more creative way of expressing criticism than with that old, meaningless (and certainly NOT applicable)expression. Besides, those of you who are NOT watching cannot possibly know how great the show is going. Can’t wait for Fox’s announcement of its renewal for Season 10 plus.

      • Lori says:

        I agree. Temperance is starting to get on my nerves. Absolutely love the other members of the cast

      • Robin says:

        If you truly stopped watching, you really don’t know how it is now, although you have a right to your opinion. Obviously we don’t share opinions on this show.

  2. dude says:

    I love The Americans but I’m not encouraged by their decision to shuffle the deck in no way in the finale. If they can’t change the game at all in season two, what does that say about what they have planned for the rest of the series?

    • rowan77 says:

      Relax. You don’t have to completely reshuffle a deck and fix what ain’t broke.

    • Adam says:

      I get that, but I was really satisfied by the finale. The FBI now knows that they are looking for a couple – a man and a woman, Nina is a double agent, Stan is on a bigger vendetta after his partner’s death, Martha’s marriage is surely going to explode, and the Jennings family has its own issues to work out. The stakes were really raised by the last two episodes of the season, so season two should be pretty promising.

      • Holly says:

        I feel the same way. I thought The Americans told a great story in Season One and every episode advanced things, unlike so many other shows where you get great eps and then “filler” a lot of the time. I can’t wait to see where they take it next. Would much rather they continue the same great slow burn of season one than to make it ridiculous and implausible like how Homeland managed to ruin such a promising start.

    • Holly says:

      Completely disagree. The events of the finale including the near-capture of Elizabeth, the actual sighting of the KGB spies they’re looking for, and the recent turning of Nina as a triple agent will absolutely up the stakes. They also have not only a lot of good material coming up in the cold war in the next few years (82-83) but also plenty of dramatic tension to explore with the kids getting closer to the truth of who their parents are.

  3. Dan says:

    No Teen Wolf. Bummer.

  4. Jay says:

    Is Rachel/Sam “flirtation” in one episode really noteworthy enough to be included in a season recap? God bless us all when Sam moves to NY after graduation.

    • NY Glee says:

      More like God Help us all. Chord is a good supporting actor but is so far from leading man material is sad and paring him with Lea will only highlight his short comings. Not looking forward to Sam in NY or Blaine for that matter. Kurt is so much more fun w/o Blaine.

      • KC says:

        I can’t wait for Sam and Blaine to get to NY so they can focus on NY and dump Lima. I love how everyone assumes Sam/Rachel is happening so now they are all “I’m not watching”. Don’t assume until you see it. Season 5 has been fantastic so far. (Except for that Christmas Ep)

        • DE says:

          Season 5 has not been fantastic it is has been filler. NY once again has been sideline for lesser actors and Blam in NY only if they get put back to supporting character were they weren’t as awful.

      • Jay says:

        Lol yeah I meant god help us all. I’m just so tired of Sam/Chord. He and Blaine have completely taken over the show and it’s overkill at this point. NY was my happy place within the messy glee narrative, and now that’s going to be over :(

  5. GildedRose says:

    So many great shows to look forward to. I can’t wait! I’m particularly excited to see what Arrow’s Slade Wilson has planned for revenge against Oliver Queen and how that’ll impact & involve all the people in Oliver’s life, especially his team in Diggle and Felicity. Speaking of Felicity…. LOVE Oliver and Felicity together so I’m really excited to see the show indicate they’re aware of their terrific chem and that viewers like me really like seeing them together. Can’t wait to see the Oliver/Felicity relationship and attraction continue! Gotta love a show that can deliver such hot action, stunts, and cool villains as well as a great romance.

  6. Dani says:

    I really hope they don’t the Sam/Rachel route. Sam is such boring character and Chrod Overstreet such a dead weight as an actor, dude sucks the life out of every scene he is in and his only talent seems to be showing off his abs. One thing that visit by Blam hit home is the NY being the only part of the Glee that is still good will be totally ruined once the Moronic Blam Borthers show up. I guess I should enjoy what little of Glee is left because I sure won’t be watching once Sam & Blaine take over NY.

    • Matt says:

      LMAO if you think any part of Glee is “good”.

      • Dani says:

        I was being an optimist lol! I love Lea’s voice so for me that is the only saving grace the show has left. But pairing Rachel with Sam is yet another viewer lost because I wan’t no part of watching that. And with Lea releasing her own music, I really won’t need Glee anymore!

        • Daley says:

          Lea will have more focus and songs coming up so I’m very excited! I doubt Sam will get as much focus, even once he is in NY, but Blaine definitely will.

          • RE says:

            Neither Sam or Blaine need to be the focus that leasing men plan failed. Here is a idea let Rachel and Kurt be your leads with a nice helping of Santana and the rest can be supporting chracter who get a plot once ina awhile.

    • Sandy says:

      People who spend time reading articles and writing disgusting comments about actors/characters/shows they don`t like have probably no life of their own. However one moronic hater less is always a good thing :) So good bye and good luck in finding a new show to hate on and other actors to make crude remarks about.

  7. Georgia D says:

    Arrow exec: “Our lead has chemistry with multiple actresses”.
    Well yes, with one very unfortunate glaring exception….

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Agree 100%. Talk about a buzz kill. She brings nothing to the table as far as I’m concerned.

    • JC says:

      Unfortunate is the word. It’s a shame, because Stephen Arnell seems to have chemistry with every woman on the show, except the one they really needed him to have chemistry with.

    • Bellerina says:

      Lol. That was exactly what went through my head when I was reading it too.

    • says:

      “We just do what we feel is right,” Kreisberg says, “and up until this point we’ve been lucky that most of the audience has agreed with our choices”…

      umm if Olicity docent happen…grr… because I do not agree with Laurel/ Katie Cassidy at ALL! I don’t think anyone in the audience does lol

    • div says:

      Totally true.

  8. Matt says:

    Coming up on Glee… guest stars, guest stars and more guest stars! (because we can’t be bothered to write for our regular characters)

    • TJ says:

      Because outside of Rachel, Kurt and Santana the regular characters suck and the actors are limited at best, it seems the writers are finally figuring that out. They are barely holding 3 mil viewers per episode. Each new show either ties a series low sets a new series low. Making the 100th about the New New Directions signing the Classic Glee songs would have driven even more viewers away and as for the Nationals episode, not many people give a rats butt about this version of ND’s so why not bring in Skylar Astin, he is way more talented then anyone left in in the Glee Club and people actually want to see him.

      • Terry says:

        PREACH! They spent all of S4 giving focus to the Newbies and Blam and really messed up the show. Now they don’t seem to know how to fix it because they were stupid enough to promote the Newbies to regulars thinking Cory would be around to carry them. Chord and Darren got screen time by default since all they had left in Lima was the Newbies, but boy what a disaster it will be sending them to NY because quite frankly NY is SO much better with just Rachel, Santana, Kurt, Elliot and Dani along with the FG guest stars. What’s Sam going to be doing in NY? Walking around shirtless doing his really bad imitations?

      • RE says:

        But then they bring in Skylar to interact with Blam when 75% of the people would prefer to see him with Lea. So no the witter have learned nothing.

  9. the old proofreader says:

    Grimm: Adalind is the *what* for the change? “Emphasis”? Perhaps “impetus”? These people are writers?!

  10. Dana_S says:

    I love Arrow, but have a hard time trusting the producers about Laurel. Time and time again they’ve tried to make her storylines work, but it’s such a snoozefest. The writing is bad, and Katie Cassidy has been subpar this season, I don’t know what happened. I used to love her on SPN, and I liked her last season, especially the Laurel/Tommy arc. Great chemistry there, as opposed to what she has with Stephen. The idea of FOUR episodes about Laurel makes me want to pull my hair out, frankly.

    • Anna says:

      I agree. I just don’t like her character, I don’t think she works with Oliver and I don’t appreciate the showrunners trying to force Laurel/Oliver on us.

      • Dana_S says:

        Even independently of her relationship with Oliver, which I find unwatchable on account of the terrible pre-island baggage, I just can’t see her becoming Canary now that they’ve introduced Sara. Much more interested in following Sara’s story than Laurel’s this season.

      • magda says:

        You are 100%right!!!!!!there is no chemistry between Laurel and Oliver, so if they’re going to be together it will be a DISASTER!!!!It would be be so fake!!!

      • Bellerina says:

        I agree whole-heartedly with your comments. When I heard that there was going to be not one but FOUR Laurel-centric episodes, made me quite literally roll my eyes.

    • janean137 says:

      I watch Arrow online and whenever Laurel shows up I skip her parts! That is how boring of a character she is!

      Team Olicity! :) or just keep Oliver single! Why does everyone have to be with someone?

    • wajood says:

      Exactly what I’m thinking as well. I’ve started to like Laurel/Katie less and less since season two began. Her character just comes off as whiny and I’d rather have her sister Sarah/Caity stay on as black canary for the rest of the series. And Katie has either had some work done or has lost so much weight that her face just looks scary now. Please, please either take her off the show or just keep her in the background. Highlighting her uninteresting character will probably stop me from tuning in any more.

    • Bridget says:

      Ditto. I thought Katie Cassidy was outstanding as Ruby on SPN, so I know she has it in her to be a good actress, but Laurel is nothing but a limp wet blanket. If Laurel/Oliver end up being the endgame, it’ll feel too forced for me to buy into.

  11. Kofi A. says:

    Why does Revenge come back on Jan 5 but Once Upon a Time comes back on March 9. Don’t they usually come back together?

  12. Chritsa says:

    No Grey’s spoilers??? :***(

  13. Dave says:

    Nothing on greys anatomy, family guy or doctor who?

  14. Patti says:

    Excited for Dallas to come back on in February!! Not looking forward to the show trying to turn John Ross into a clone of JR. The cheating storyline with Emma is so tacky. There is no chemistry there and tons with Pamela. If it goes on for too long, I hope the show doesn’t lose viewers cause adultery doesn’t play too well on TV….especially with alot of ladies.

    • Mary says:

      I disagree about adultery not playing well on tv with either men or women viewers. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of it but it has been a common theme in many popular shows, past and present. Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal immediately come to mind. All the old primetime soaps, including Dallas, featured many cheaters in their heyday. The only example I can think of it not going over well is this season’s Betrayal but from what I’ve heard, that wasn’t it’s only problem. Though I was surprised by how many people came to it’s defense (at least on this board) when TVline voted it worst show. So, I don’t think it’s as off putting as some people claim, at least not on tv ;)

      • Mary says:

        OMG, grammatical errors ! Two it’s should have been its. And yes, I find it sad I’m replying to my own post. What’s next; sending myself flowers and chocolates?

        • Mariana Vidal says:

          Why not Mary, if it feels good to you send flowers and chocolates to yourself. there is nothing wroing with a little indulgence now and then. Furthermore, if I knew your address I would send you some flowers and chocolates.

          Thank you for your comments and I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Mariana Vidal;

  15. Original Cast Glee says:

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s HILARIOUS Glee had to bring back the old cast to try to get people interested in the 100th episode and went from having the Newbies/New New Directions doing all the classic songs to instead giving at least half the song to the REAL Glee cast, and a guest staring KC, and by real glee cast I mean the ORIGINALS from S1. Sorry but the Newbies SUCK and same goes Chord Overstreet and Darren Criss. The only thing highlighting that group has done for Glee is make the rating fall like a brick!

    • Tomas says:

      Not surprising lol! Who wants to see the Newbies ruin the happy memories of when Glee was great by letting them sing the iconic songs? The truth is the new cast never took off and will never be accepted as anything but interlopers who ruined a good thing. Besides the New Cast had and has nothing to do with Glee’s success or what made Glee a World Wide sensation.

    • Jen says:

      Gee, I take it you don’t like/watch Glee?

  16. Lyss says:

    I was psyched for a Psych spoiler… But got nothing

  17. Pickle8182 says:

    I sure hope NCIS episodes to come are better than the one aired before the break. That was terrible, and the acting so weak. Never, EVER thought I’d say that! And that new girl is not only a bad actress, but SO annoying- talking with her mouth full, and just a dumb McGee. I see no reason for her. She does nothing but make the team lseem dumb and incompetent. So disappointing. Fingers crossed.

    • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

      I would not hold my breath on that one because I just read that Tony and his dad will be dating the same women in the 250th episode. Talk about making Tony a bufoon.

      • Danyelle says:

        Source…? Or fan sight rumour?

      • Debbie says:

        Well you didn’t read that from a reputable sight. No article says the two are dating the same woman. That’s just a rumor stirred up by fans who want to see the show fail now that de Pablo is no longer with the show.
        The real deal? Tony takes an interest in a new mystery woman in his father’s life who could potentially end up as his stepmother. Translation? Tony is investigating this woman because he senses there is something not quite right with her. She’s probably a black widow or something else in her past or present activities that could hurt his father.

    • jean says:

      I was a devoted NCIS fan for years, loving the chemistry of the cast and each one of its members. I especially grew to care deeply for Ziva, watching her growth in all ways. While going through recovery for catastrophic injuries from electrocution, her strength became my strength. As her relationship with Tony grew, there was a sweetness to a show that made me barely able to wait for the next week. Now, without Ziva, it is just not the same. The chemistry is gone, It is just too sad to watch anymore.

      • kath says:

        I gave up on NCIS after Ziva left. It seems like nothing every changes on the show, and every one has the emotional maturity of a junior high student. Now we have McGee going through exactly the same things Gibbs and Tony went through — running from a relationship until the person is hurt and then getting all upset, until the next episode where all if forgotten. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        That’s the cost of failing to grow your characters. I’ve moved on.

    • I totally agree. do not enjoy watching the show any more.She is really annoying.

  18. Baileigh says:

    No Revolution spoilers???? :(

  19. jas says:

    I adore Katie Cassidy but absolutely hate Laurel. The writers killed that character for me from day one and there is nothing they can do to make me root for her now. The sad part is, it’s not KC’s fault – Laurel is just a terrible character. At this point they could kill her off and I wouldn’t notice, as it is I fast forward through her scenes.

  20. dragons3 says:

    Hope those “beloved characters” on SPN include the REAL John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)!! Can’t wait for some of these shows to come back. But why no “Grey’s Anatomy scoop?

  21. FatherOctavian says:

    Is Raylan’s baby not a girl? It seemed pretty clear at the end of season four that the baby was going to be a girl.

  22. AT says:

    With Supernatural, I hope the beloved characters are Bobby, Ellen and Jo.

    • rowan77 says:

      This! And Jodi. There’s not enough Jodi on the show, and frankly Garth has grown on me, too.

      • roz12 says:

        Yes 100% to this ^and this^^!! I don’t know how it would work for the dead characters (I’d include Kevin there too) but more Jodi and some more Garth please, keep up that complex Supernatural universe! (I am still so sad for Jodi Mills losing Bobby)

    • Jessie M says:

      My fingers are crossed for Gabriel. I miss him terribly.

  23. Rebecca says:

    No Blacklist or AHS. :(. Boo!

  24. Claire says:

    This has been a fairly long hiatus for most shows, especially Arrow. Looking forward to 15 January when it makes its return!

    This show has made just about every “Top of 2013” list thus far and promises to bring us even more brilliancy in 2014. Also, considering that there was ONE couple/NON couple from the show that made just about every “Best of 2013” list, well … we can’t ALL be wrong can we in picking this endgame? ;)

    If by stating “we just do what we feel is right,” Kreisberg et al will continue making Team Arrow front and center, then by all means please do so. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle working together is the best thing that happened to this show. Sprinkle in some Sara and Lance and we have a to-die-for show that can’t be stopped. Well, and I can’t leave out continuing down the F/O road to slow burn.

    I liked Laurel last year and her story with Tommy, so it will be interesting to see where the writers take her. To be honest it was her part of the story with Oliver that just didn’t jive with me and I am glad they have corrected their course. I do think that they will revisit it if for no other reason than for closure. I hope to see and quite honestly CAN see a solid friendship formed like that he has with Sara. I trust the writers and look forward to the journey.

    This show is not your usual CW and I love it. While the cast are the usual gifts from the Gods, I for one am ECSTATIC that the gratuitous flaunting of abs and sex is at a minimum and the romance is on the fringe. This is a show I liked last year (grew in affection as Felicity’s role grew) and LOVE this year — action-packed with a little romance sprinkled on top. But I really do believe this show found that the best story telling can be done with clothes, some excellent dialogue, great characters and the all important and very impressive stunt work. Let’s face it, THAT is one list where this show would be the ONLY show listed — Best Stunt work of 2013 and sorely lacking an Emmy.

    • I agree… if the focus is on the Arrow Ternion ‘Oliver~Felicity~Diggs’ then yes, please continue to ‘add’ to these scenarios. I for one did not like Laurel last year unless she was interacting with Tommy or her father which was few and far between. Every time I heard Oliver say ‘You have failed this city’ I always replied ‘Arrow Writers, you have failed Laurel’!! She wasn’t in two episode’s this year and sorry to say, wasn’t missed. There is zero chem between her and Oli…you can’t fool the audience…WE KNOW. If Felicity is kept at arms length in a slow burn, so be it but she is now intrinsically woven in the story line and can’t be ignored something we can’t say about Laurel’s character. Four episode’s of ‘Laurel~centric’? Lord, give me strength…when I watch Season 1 or those I’ve recorded in Season 2…I fast forward her scenes. The writers have had over a year to improve the character…I’ve give them the benefit of the doubt and try to stomach the coming epi’s with her but I’m pretty sure that’ll just sour my mood. We shall see…

    • kath says:

      Very well said.

      I love the way this show has been going and how they are balancing everything. Team Arrow is the best part of the show, and so far they haven’t ruined Felicity, which would be so easy to do. Nice to see Detective Lance working with Arrow. I think Sara is a great addition, and while I liked Laurel best with Tommy last year, if they give her a good storyline (and not as Oliver’s love interest), I think she could be good this season too.

      At this point, I’m going a little crazy with the lack of new episodes but so far it’s been worth the wait.

  25. Lee says:

    Yawn@ at the ouat spoilers. I’ve been thinking about jumping ship for a while now (the Season 2 mess, the for me disappointing Neverland arc with the exception of some great acting moment from some of the cast). I’m only watching for a few characters these days and those spoilers don’t give me any hope that things will get better nor a reason to return once the show comes back from the hiatus.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’m on the fence also. The show is just not that good anymore, at least not for me. I find myself bored and only watching out of habit. Considering that I’m happy the show isn’t back until March is not a good sign.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Nothing new on OUAT but I love the photo!

  27. Angela says:

    I am SO excited that Professor Duncan will be back on “Community”! I can’t wait to see how that goes. And I’ll be very interested to see how they handle Troy’s exit, too, and how Abed deals with it.
    As for “Glee”, I’m just going to stay out of the debate I can see brewing here and simply say that the 100th episode should be fun. Shame “Criminal Minds” wasn’t in this show list, but eh, well…the 200th episode of that show is one I’m looking forward to as well :).

  28. Shira says:

    What does Dee Johnson mean when she says that Peggy’s death will impact Rayna’s relationship with Teddy? Since it’s unlikely to be anything romantic (I hope). Does it mean that now that he’s not happy anymore he’ll go after Deacon even more or will he blame Rayna and her family since Lamar is probably involved?

  29. Randy says:

    Ugh Laurel

    Attention Arrow writers:




  30. Michael says:

    Re: Castle — or the real estate agent is involved the case.

  31. Dark Defender says:

    I am still waiting to hear if the Blind Item was Damien Lewis.. and what new show is he going to be on? :)

  32. Inger says:

    I miss informations about Beauty and the Beast! The best returning show.

  33. NJMark says:

    Can’t Dallas do anything with Sue Ellen besides “she starts drinking again”?

  34. Lucy says:

    Poor Matt Czuchry.

  35. Dee says:

    I thought Natalie Zea was done with The Following! This news just makes me loathe that show even more. I guess there’s still hope for Raylan and Winona is season 6.

    • suzim says:

      Raylan & Winona being as far apart as possible is fine with me. The complete lack of chemistry between them is boring to watch. Can’t see what everyone loves about these two. Truly can’t wait to see him paired with the social worker (Amy Smart). She’s a pretty good actress. With her in the storyline Season 5 should be pretty cool.

  36. Cassie says:

    Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy have ZERO chemistry, and Katie can’t act to save her life. So what’s up with them suddenly heaping praise on her when they’ve rightfully ignored her all season? The show got so much better once they focused less on her. She’s the weak link in this show, and very few people care about Laurel. So I’m afraid they’re about to mess up a great thing by focusing on her all of the sudden. Depending on how much of her there actually is, the next four episodes could really suck, unlike the rest of the season.

  37. Vasudha says:

    Desperate to wait for Person of Interest :)

  38. huda says:

    So the spoilers say Caroline needs some lovin, so does this mean a Klaroline hook up?

  39. Mel says:

    Last January NCIS released Shabbat Shalom and Shiva, which set up the Bodnar arc that played out the rest of the season. This spoiler seems to be using the same template, with a team crisis and the Parsa arc set up. I wish Gary Glasburg would think outside the box more. I sincerely hope this plays out better than the S10 arc did.
    And as far as the DiNozzo/Sr. spoiler, I really hope this isn’t as cringe-worthy as it sounds. I don’t know how Glasburg could think this would be in any way amusing, I’ve enjoyed S11 so far, and have especially appreciated how they’ve finally been moving Tony’s character forward, and remembered he was more than just the “T” in Tiva and the butt of every bad joke. But these spoilers have me very worried.

    • Pete says:

      I take heart in the fact that very few of Glasberg’s “spoilers” about the show have actually borne any resemblance to the episodes we actually get to see.

      • PatJ says:

        I am a faithful watcher of ncis but since ziva is nolonger on the show it is just not the same. As far as the new character that is taking her spot ,I think she stinks. Please bring ziva back to tony….Tonys character is getting to old now to be playing such a dufus. he needs to settle down and be promoted.

    • DorisA says:

      Tony seems to be moving backwards rather than forward. He is more of a buffoon than ever, and he should have been promoted out of that job years ago. I am really not enjoying what they have done to him. This love triangle storyline makes me cringe.

  40. Fernando says:

    I think ABC just wants to ruin thier network, Revenge should have come back in March just like Once, this was one of the biggest issues last year that Revenge was shown last year against the golden globes and big rating football games , it’s what brought there ratings down and now it will happen again. Hopefully for us strong loyal revengers we won’t have to see this show in the low 4/ 3 millions but we can only pray.

  41. Holly says:

    I was incredibly impressed with the first season of The Americans and am excited for what part of the story they will tell us next. Paige getting suspicious of her parents has the potential for some great drama and I am so happy to see Philip and Elizabeth will be back together again.

  42. Joy says:

    I really can’t wait for Vampire Diaries to come back! It sounds really good! It’s 100th ep after all! I need more spoilers though! Maybe a webclip or promo pictures… Even a synopsis! Come on….

  43. Kim R says:

    I’m surprised Downton’s spoilers left out an important one.

    • scooby says:

      I’ve seen all of S4 and I’m not sure what you’re talking about. It does a perfectly fine job of teasing the upcoming season and hitting the highlights (or depressing aspects) of the S3 finale. They’re not gonna give all the spoilers away.

  44. A says:

    I am excited about that Elijah and Hayley info.

  45. A says:

    Is there a part 2 to this spoiler-polooza? Just wondering

  46. Kristen says:

    Really wish the show would let Bonnie and Jeremy be happy for at least a little while. They’ve both been dead for goodness sakes!

  47. Kate says:

    CASTLE can’t come back soon enough. Sounds like there’s some really great stuff coming up!

    • Mary Wolford says:

      I know! I love Castle! I haven’t watched much TV in recent years-just busy with other stuff. My husband and niece got me watching Castle last year, and then I had a marathon with the Season 1-4 DVD’s to get caught up! Wow, I am really hooked on it now. It’s such a good mix of drama, comedy and fun. I hope this show goes on for a long time-there’s lots they can do with it, because life goes on!

  48. arial2 says:

    NCIS: I hope Hollis Mann’s visit to NCIS is a one-time thing. Like the actor, don’t like the character. On the other hand, I love Diane Neal’s Abby Borin; she’s a female version of Gibbs, yet they have some wonderful chemistry, both on a friends level and, given the dialogue at the end of her last visit, maybe as a potential love interest for Gibbs.

  49. chester says:

    This was an awesome story with so many spoilers

  50. Jessica says:

    Yay for Victor Garber appearing in Sleepy Hollow!