Beauty and the Beast Sneak Peek: Cat's Big Crisis, a Huge Bombshell and One Bloody Mess

When The CW’s Beauty and the Beast resumes Season 2 on Monday, Jan. 13, there won’t be a lack of fallout from Cat shooting Vincent to save her biological father’s life — and we’ve got a series of photos (garnished with scooplets) from the twisty, turny hour.

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Per the official logline for the episode “Don’t Die on Me,” “In order to prevent Vincent from further injuries, Cat helps protect Tori when her life is threatened, revealing a new, unexpected mystery. Meanwhile, Vincent’s stubborn attempt to intervene leads to life-changing consequences, which causes Gabe and Cat to grow closer.”

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In other words: Beasties aren’t out of the woods yet, not by any stretch. As I teased on Twitter, “Brace yourselves,” because there are some difficult scenes and dialogue to get through, including this exchange: “I thought you loved him?” “I did.” Ouch. Past tense. But the “new, unexpected mystery,” at least the little that is teased of it, has me curious, hinting at a new branch of the show’s mythology. Also, a certain burning question is intriguingly answered.

But here now the pics, with more to ponder….

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  1. katerina constantinidou says:

    Thanks we have been waiting for some news on beauty and the beast .It has been a long long one and a half month well done Mitovich……

  2. Hmm says:

    Hold on I’m confused. I thought it was getting a longer hiatus? Nevertheless I am THRILLED to hear scoop on BATB. Love the show. Not into this whole Gabe/Cat and Vincent/Tori thing. No. But let’s see how it plays out. If this show is dying (which would make me SUPER upset) and this is the last season, I CERTAINLY hope they patch things up between Vincent and Catherine.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, per the “CW Midseason Plan” link up above, it’s back Jan. 13, then goes on hiatus after March 10.

      • Hmm. says:

        Ahh this is the longer hiatus I was talking about. There’s no set return date after March 10. Thanks for clarifying.

  3. SuzieQ says:

    Thanks Matt! We can count on you for some solid spoilers to ponder!

  4. Neethi says:

    Thanks, Matt. You always give the best scoop on shows :)

  5. Maryann says:

    I hope the show leaves Cat and Vincent together at the end of the season, since the season finale will more than likely be the series finale. Also, I hope the show gets better by the time the March hiatus comes around; the remainder of this season’s episodes likely will air in the summer after renewal decisions have been made. The showrunner’s idea that they can’t be together now if the show is going to last for five years is so totally flawed: if they are not together now, at least emotionally, then there won’t be a third year, much less a fifth. He should get a clue!

    • Beth says:

      I’m okay with them not being together right now for this stretch of episodes. Cat deserves to be appreciated for all she has done for Vincent. I don’t think it’s fair for her to sit around and watch him fool around with this latest red head while he figures it out. As long as the finale for the hiatus ends with a big fat apology from Vincent and than them getting back together.

      • Liz says:

        I completely agree! The first red-head, his fiancé I thought was a legit storyline – it was something that Vincent did need to go through and Cat was MORE than understanding during it all. But for him to ask her to sit on the side lines AGAIN while he goes on a dalliance is ridiculous! And she shouldn’t stand for it.

        • Cassandra says:

          I think it will hurt my opinion of her if she just takes him back again after being pushed aside for another red-head. He better do something more drastic than a flash mob on VD to make up for this.

          • shannon says:

            I agree. Last season he chose Alex a red head and his human side and it took her trying to kill him to realize that cat was the one he wanted. Now he is amnesiac I think still and chooses tori another red head and his beast side. Leaving cat to pick up the pieces and protect him still. Cat shouldn’t take him back quickly. Vincent first needs to get his memory back, decide who he wants to be and who he wants to be with and he needs to start working on regaining people’s trust especially cat’s. He needs to start fighting for things especially cat. I agree cat shouldn’t take him back quickly. I am just hoping the writers aren’t stupid and do something more stupid than cause Vincent to cause cat to crash. I did like cat showing she was hurt on many levels with what Vincent did and liked her flashbacks, maybe have her in therapy to talk to someone. I still think gabe is not fully good especially after he talked to her dad and the facial expressions he uses.
            Please tell me the writers won’t make cat pregnant with Vincent’s child, not yet anyway maybe in later seasons and most definitely don’t let him sleep or have tori get pregnant because I will settle for things right now but couldn’t and won’t stay for it if they go that direction. Please more tess and jt screen time being the best friends. Please let jt whack Vincent upside the head and knock some sense into him.

      • shannon says:

        I agree. If Vincent can snap out of things, work on getting his memories back, realizing he messed up and apologizes, work on winning cat and their relationship back, I can deal with tori for right now. I want Vincent and cat to choose.each other because they love each other not because of some mythology thing but free will. Please please for the love of all just make gave and cat friends and work on gaining trust and being friends not romance. Why does gave like her now when months ago he wanted to kill her? I know he stated he wanted to help Vincent and cat, but seems he also wants to give Vincent a run for his money. I guess Vincent needs a wake up call cat is not just going to sit and wait while he dailies with the new red head. Again for the love o f all don’t let Vincent sleep or have him impregnate tori with a beast child that would make me tune out. I can take it him being her friend and mentor and training her, but I won’t take what I said above and that being my worst fear and would kill the vincat romance. The episode had good quality and like the little darker it went. Curious did Vincent go to the warehouse to save cat or tori?

    • Cassandra says:

      I just rewatched all BatB with my sister and I agree that last season was definitely better. Them having a lot of cases of the week instead of just beast hunting made the show a lot less tedious. I’m super pissed that yet again Vincent is screwing Cat over for another red head. Also, if there were so many beasts loose in NYC, why were the only attacks that were noticed in season 1 only related to Vincent. Here’s to hoping the show will do some course correction, because even though Gabe is hot and all, he still kidnapped Cat and tried to kill Vincent so there is no way I can get behind pairing him with Cat.

      • Vee Harris says:

        Amen!! Gabe is the one that started all this in the beginning; I guess we’re to forget that his kidnapping Cat is what lead to Vincent’s Capture in the first place..

    • Vee Harris says:

      I Love this show, but I was so disappointed with the direction that season 2 was taken in by the new exec producer. I understand that all romantically involved couples have to hit some bumps in the road, but they have all but destroyed Cat and Vincent as a couple. Their relationship was the heart of the show, and one of the key things that Fans enjoyed so much! That has all been taken away, Where is the Romance?? I also in particular hate that Gabe is now being slotted as the Savior and Super Hero and I don’t care for him being pushed at Cat as a love interest.

      • Carly Marino says:

        I completely agree! Gave tried to kill them and now he’s her love interest! Get tori off the show and bring back Vincent and Cat. I’m having a hard time watching this show anymore. I hope they realize they are ruining a great story!

    • Brenda says:

      I agree totally.Doesn’t do any good to keep them apart if there is not a season 3.

  6. Morgan says:

    Since TPTB seem determined to ruin what was once a great show, I think I’ll remove the show from my DVR and clear up room for something else. And I also believe that this season will be its last. Too bad, it could have been better.

  7. Liz says:

    I’ve been so disgusted with Vincent’s actions this season I have fully switched over to Team Gabe. Where Vincent is selfish and constantly puts Cat second, Gabe puts Cat’s wishes first. And I like that; a man that listens and respects boundaries even when those wishes go against what he wants.

    Team Gabe!

    • Fran says:

      I’m totally agree with you Liz! I prefer so much Gabe now. He made mistakes but fight 24/24 7/7 to fix them, he changed so much!
      And for me, something is really broken and over between vincent and cat, Vincent don’t make me dream anymore… Team Gabe!

  8. Liz says:

    Also, the Tess/JT stuff is so damn adorable. The show needs a stable romance and the humorous sidekicks fit the pill perfectly

  9. Jay says:

    VINCENT KISSED A TEENAGER AND THEN HE ALMOST KILLED CAT BY PUTTING HER IN A FATAL CAR CRASH.HE ABUSED HER AGAIN! Why on earth should we rooting for that kind of beastly behaviour. This beast is the most immoral version, at least Ron Pearlman’s vincent may be ugly but he was a better guy than this criminal.

  10. Abby says:

    I have to admit, the love quadrangle is turning me off. Cat and Vincent have enough obstacles–she shot him, his memory gaps, taking care of Muirfield, etc–without adding in other “love ineterests”. It gets to a point where the story/plotlines get too complicated. We’re very much nearing that point… which is critical at a time it needs to gather more viewers not turn them away.

    Also think about this for the Vincent/Tori thing… isn’t she supposed to be a high school/college student? If he was was an ER resident in 9/2001, he would be at least 37 years old (assuming 21 when graduated college and 25 when graduated med schoo and residency comes after med schooll)… and if she is supposed to be a high school student… ew!

    However… I love Tess and JT!

  11. Adele says:

    So exicited!! Can’t wait for January 13th. Love the roller coaster ride!!!

  12. Jj says:


  13. Brandy says:

    I admit I like the show but think last season was better.Hate Tori.Want VinCat.Dont care for the Tess/JT pairing. I miss the procedural case of the week aspect of early season one instead of the beast of the week.I know they have to draw out the happy ending for VinCat but amnesia(so overdone /chilche)& turning Vincent from a good guy who helped innocents in danger to a cold blooded assassin that blindly takes orders from who he dosent know ,hunting & killing others like him when he knows what it like to be on the other end isnt the way.The fact Cat would choose her dad over Vincent makes sense n a way(Mom & other dad died,sister moved away,Cats curious,lonely, wants a family ) but in a ay not(Vincent’s protected and saved her multiple times and she’s known him longer but she’s know Agent Reynolds for a month or two,just found out they’re related,he ants to kil Vincent(the man she loves)& he hasn’t been a part of her life

    • shan says:

      Cat wanted to arrest her father and did. She was bringing him in when Vincent caused her to crash. She told him earlier what line she wouldn’t cross and to save his humanity. He chose beast, caused cat to crash, didn’t see if she was okay and went straight for agent Reynolds. Cat begged Vincent not to cross that line and did it anyway so her shooting him is understandable and she didn’t shoot to kill. I want Vincent to choose Cat and them and his humanity for once. I also liked Vincent saving innocents and the procedural of the week. I also like some of the darker stuff too. A mix of both would be great. I wish if there were more beasts they could have done it a little differently than just having Vincent all of a sudden become a beast assassin. I am curious how they changed Vincent’s beast side. I really think Jt should have a talk with Vincent like last season that he can’t expect cat to sit around and wait. Sure he will be there to tear apart the bad guy, but she needs to know that he isn’t going to go off with someone else like with t h Alex. Although I understand that arc, not liking Tori arc and not seeing the point. I thought all beasts in Vincent’s unit was killed, so where did the beasts Vincent hunted come from? Mixed feelings about everything…

      • shan says:

        I wish the writers would have continued to spark Vincent’s memory like in the elevator he got flashes of Cat, in hospital he saw his nephew he got flashes I liked those episodes and events and it flowed well. In those episodes and moments the old Vincent started to shine through. I liked Tess giving J.T. a pep t talk. Will we see Vincent reunited with some of his family now that he announced publicly he is alive? ….

  14. so disappointed says:

    This show was awesome last season filled with dynamic,strong,funny characters and an unparallel love story on 2day’s tv. It has been turned into an absolute shamble! What a shame…it had so much potential!

  15. charity says:

    I’m still a fan of the show, but I agree with most comments here that the show I loved is long gone. I found myself during this hiatus watching most of S1 and mourning the show I was so passionate about. I’ve barely watched any of the S2 episodes more than twice. My interest has clearly wanted and it’s sad. If this was the show they were intending for Season 1..I admit, I would’ve left a long time ago. I still love the characters even though they are a pale comparison to the ones I loved from S1. I will stick with it as this appears to be the last season and hope the show finds its way back to the show I fell in love with. It’s clear as day to me that Mr. Kern and his “5 year plan” is a major fail and is partly the reason why this show is in shambles ratings wise and why many fans have left the show since S2 started. I’m sad that this show which had so much potential is now a total mess. These new spoilers don’t give me much hope. Oh well.

  16. Penny. Thank you for the scoop on Beauty and the Beast. So looking forward to new season. says:

    Thank you for the info. But tell us please, what happens after March 10? Do we get it back!? Please say yes!

  17. ride's not good says:

    Fun tv? Come along for the ride? Epic love? NO…NO…No! It’s not fun anymore. The ride is making me ill and the only thing left that’s epic is the epic fail of this new direction. I honestly feel the only way to somewhat salvage anything good from S1 is to put the creators Jen Levin and Sherry Cooper in command of this vessel. S3 is a very bleak beacon.

  18. Danna says:

    Although the actors have amazing chemistry the writing ruined the perfect love between VinCat. I don t get people’s reaction to Vincent. Cat loves to play the victim but for me Vincent is the victim. He has been thru hell bc of her father and lost his memory. Cat pushed and pushed Vincent to remember, she didn t give him time after he was found and she refused to understand the he wasn t the same man. Woman get a grip. V didn t choose to be tortured for 3 months he didn t choose to forget you that was your fathers doing, the father you ve known for 5 minutes and that you chose to save by shooting V (the so called love of your life) the process. Also the whole Tori fiasco is obviously the beast bond crap and not V”s actual feelings.

    • Brenda says:

      I agree.The storyline is terrible.Why didn’t they just stick with police work and working on cases.It made more sense for Cat and Tess.They didn’t need Gabe on here at all.I also agree that Cat shooting Vincent over a dad she hardly knew also doesn’t make sense.I truly hope the writing gets back on track.I hardly know any of the characters.Last season was wonderful.

  19. brooke says:

    Many interesting comments. Fans keep blaming people that are being honest about SO2 as being the reason that the show is failing; that and it being on Monday night. But seeing all the activity on Twitter and passion about the show, then whatever day it is on should not matter. Beasties are a dedicated bunch. There is NO denying the reason we are in this situation is the vision did not catch on like expected.. The desire to bring in a male audience to a predominantly female demographic was a huge mistake. The whole “let’s totally change the whole tone of the show” drove fans away not brought more in. I am surprised the writers etc from last year thought this would work, knowing that the biggest complaint last year was not enough romance as the romance was not shoved down the fan’s throats. There was a good balance between romance, action, humour. This season was suppose to be about character development; to date, the only character development has been Gabe and Tori-everyone else’s character from last year has been totally destroyed. And the whole story line has brought this battle for who is right in the usually connected fandom. I go on other show’s fansites and people express their honest opinion but the other side seem to accept it but not with this fandom. I think it is because last year everyone loved what was happening and the complaints were so little. The network is also being blamed for not promoting the show better, which I agree, but at this point they had to do something to address the dismal ratings. Numbers do not lie; comments can be anything but at the end of the day it is the numbers that tell the story; 56% choose to not watch the midseason finale over last year. IF there is any hope for this show to continue on, the show needs to some pretty fast re-grouping and re-connecting to what the show was last year; these writer’s all seem to have talent, even the show-runner so do your magic. I am liking most of SO2, not the whole love-triangle thing and not so much focus on characters that aren’ the main characters, but even I can see where all the people who are not buying in are right in their feelings and they should be allowed to be honest. If this were a normal year, it would probably be very satisfying for those not liking the season to see the whole season arc as I think the getting back to the epic love will be sweet but I don’t think we have time for that anymore. I think the getting back for the fans needs to be before the hiatus; that would at least make those fans happier that have lost hope in the show. I would like it too!

    • shan says:

      Very well spoken and valid points. I agree with most everything you said. I also want to see more fluidity in things and not this stock and barrel stuff they have been doing. I also want Vincent to regain his memory through things sparking it a n d let it lead him b back to himself and who he wants to be and saving innocents. I guess a mix between last season and this season would be interesting. I will continue to watch and hope for more seasons. I just hope the writers don’t do something drastic and very stupid. I want to see cat and Vincent come back to each other and fight for each other and what they have. I agree some things could have been handled differently but too late to go back so they can work on t he here and now. The writers could h ave Vincent and Cat together and fighting together against obstacles that want them apart like the people hunting Vincent, or other obstacles. I did not think it was completely necessary to have them apart and bring in New love interests.

  20. Irene says:

    I don’t usually comment on shows but as I am an avid fan of this show want to put my 2 cents in. I am sad that our show is in such fear of being cancelled. It is such an amazing show with awesome acting but this season has been struggling. I think that these are the problems this year. I think the vision started out great. Last year the crew was given a 13 episode order. The show caught on and suddenly they had to finish a whole season. I think it was hit and miss for awhile but it worked and the season finale had a solid viewing. So this year the network decided they needed to have a whole a season vision which was again great. They hired someone to do that and he came up with a good vision for the whole year. Here is where I think,things started to fall apart.

    Along with the vision came a desire to,bring in a male audience. This meant amping up the action. This meant more special affects as had to compete with other shows on TV. This added huge new costs. Then the new vision meant trying to bring in better named talent for recurring episodes which again meant more money and finally filming in New York AND Toronto so again added cost. And it seems like they have hired quite a few more people as writer’s and assistants, etc. So to me it seems like the show has become quite expensive and it hasn’t paid off as the ratings are low so the vision didn’t really catch on. So the network had to do something, it is really too bad as I do think the vision was a good but all of these things put together with no promotion by network. I don’t even think the Monday night was a bad time as last year it was on Thursday and competed with Grey’s Anatomy and Glee and for me I watch the show whenever. I honestly sometimes get up at 4 instead of 5 am to watch episodes over again that I like.

    • shan says:

      I actually liked more action, but it seems the same amount this season and last season. I think you have valid points.

  21. kelly says:

    What man wouldn’t want to trade up to a younger woman. Catherine’s too old for Vincent and he really needs someone he can throw and punch around without them whining. Catherine should stop crying for this misogynistic pig. How about mixing it up and have her cry for her real dad from s1.

    • Please says:

      If 28 is an age you need to trade down on in your mind, then you have a problem. I guess based on your stereotypical logic, Cat better off with Gabe since he has a better paying job.

  22. Najeeb says:

    i don no abt the season 3 but i am sure writers and crew of the show must got some plan we have more 14 episodes to go…………..lets hope good and prepare for season 3

  23. trust has been broken says:

    TPTB stayed in constant contact with fans via social media. Fans spoke openly with them about why we loved this show S1 and what we craved to see more of(romance, romance, romance!); we also spoke openly about the things we hated seeing most. Plse don’t insult us anymore by patronizing us.
    We hated that flashback army love affair of Vincent’s and the smirk on his face. We were told he grinned b/c he was psyched about having a memory…He grinned b/c of type of illicit memory it was, & also Beasties remember in S1
    Alex told Cat, Vince always does the right thing? Beasties have very good memories by the way and know when obvious contradictions to previous themes occur!
    Now let’s look at the the Redheads.Yes another Redhead add insult to injury…Beasties were irate abt Alex and she was more legit. Hence another slap in the face! We’re being told Tori will contribute something important to the mythology aspect, so we can now just block out the fact that she is also blatantly trying to take Vincent away from his Catherine? Another kiss Cat is to bear witness2! Think we’ve made if very clear how we feel abt irrelevant love triangles 2.
    Now let’s take a look at this physical abuse thing, who in their right mind thought a predominantly female fan base would even remotely tolerate small in stature Cat being tossed half way across the rooftop by Vincent? Then she makes excuses for him and two episodes later she’s right back under him. When we complained writers were making Cat V’s doormat, EP Kern’s comment was when you love someone when do you decide enough is enough? I’d say immediately following the abuse! My 13 yr old daughter saw this abusive scene and when she saw Cat rt back under V again said to me..”Mom why is she so desperate?” Key element in S1 was that Vincent would never hurt Cat and #Beasties loved the calming affect Cat and no one else always had on V. That affect which we adored is gone with the wind2 now. V2.0 caused an almost fatal car crash where as V S1 saved her after one! It was last year’s midseason finale when V carried Cat from the crashed car, by the way this scene was ranked no1 that season by fans! Hence another slap in the face.
    I could bring up abt another 50 things that have upset us, but I won’t. My point is I don’t expect us fans to get everything we want and I don’t expect us to like everything we see but what I never expected was for the writers who we loved, trusted and thought beasties had formed a great bond with to destroy r beloved characters, to destroy r beloved romance and repetitively disregard r feelings and outcries! And instead of addressing r concerns they continue to add insult to injury and patronize us…the same writers who kept telling us how much they loved and appreciated the fans. And because no one listened to us… ratings and a diminished fanbase speak loudest of all! And what was an incredible beloved show now has a black ominous cancellation cloud looming above!

    • shan says:

      I agree. Well spoken thoughts. I forgot about the military love memory, but then I thought about it and wasn’t he with Alex during that time and so he cheated on Alex. The timeline for that memory was in line when he was in a relationship with Alex. I glad you caught that. I also remember Alex saying Vincent does the right thing and saved innocents and did a complete 180 this season. The writers will probably state it is from the memory wipe and such h e endured for three months and they changed his beast side and personality? I want more seasons so I am still watching but I like your points. I thought Vincent an d Cat can be together and fight the external and internal obstacles together and fight for their epic love. I would like that and more action.

  24. outcry says:

    Fan are saying to other fans that all this expressed negativity doesn’t help the show….What fan r expressing is their “Honest Feelings” about what has transpired this season with the characters and the storyline. Read and pay attention to the majority of comments posted here and at ksitetv. Somebody needs to start listening and more importantly HEARING!!!!!

  25. Adele says:

    Vincent was in captivity for 3 months, his memory was erased. He doesn’t remember anything about Catherine, he has only had flashbacks of her, not memories. He pushed
    her in the “Kidnapped” episode because he does not remember her at all at this point and
    he is a completely different person/beast because he was rewired while he was in captivity.
    He is not going to be the same person/beast he was in the season 1 at the start of season
    2. Vincent’s connection with Tori will lead him down the path to find out who he really is and what Muirfield actually did to him will start to be revealed in the second half of season 2
    on Jan, 13th. Because of that door opening, Vincent will also discover his connection to
    Catherine and how deep their connection goes, which is beyond them just meeting and falling in love. They will fall in love with each other all over again and their bond will be even stronger when they come back together in the second half of season 2. Gabe and Catherine are bonding because Vincent is not himself yet and Gabe is the friend that
    Catherine needs right now, he will not be a love interest for her. Even though he has feelings for her in that way she will not reciprocate those feelings because deep down inside she will always love Vincent even if she’s not feeling it right now which is understandable because of his actions. She will still protect him and do everything to help him because that underlying connection is still there between them. In season 1 Vincent only turned to Alex because she was safe for him. By the time Alex came into the picture,
    he was completely in love with Catherine and fear set in, that’s the only reason he turned to
    Alex. Love is a tortuous process, it’s full of trials and tribulations, it doesn’t come without risk. The question is: Can you live without this person? If not, then you have do anything and everything to be with them!!

    • wanting to be hopeful and understanding says:

      Thoroughly well spoken. I like your rationalization of Tori and her arc with Vincent and can handle it if that is the case. I hope down the road he is led back to who he is and probably be a combined version from season one and two and cat and Vincent’s bond will be stronger and fight the external and internal obstacles together. As for Alex, I guess Vincent did get a little scared because Cat was in the hospital and not sure to make it. I didn’t like that he turned to her while Cat was still in the hospital and wanted her to wait for him especially at a time where Cat just started to let her emotions for him show. I am still watching..

  26. Adele says:

    Catherine shooting Vincent was more about saving his humanity and less about saving her father. Catherine is strong but she can’t overpower Vincent physically, so shooting him was her only option. Catherine is not a vindictive person.

    • sl says:

      I agree. Cat told him prior a line she will not cross either and told him that would make him lose his humanity. She shot to wound to protect his humanity not to kill and plus she couldn’t over power him. I am willing to see what writers do with this half of the season and see how they do things and add more fluidity.

  27. CRV says:

    Guess I’m the only Tori fan…

  28. Jay says:

    Cat always let herself being abuse by vincent. She’s a weak person who chose to be an enabler to abuser who whas Vincent.

  29. too much says:

    We all are aware of Vincent’s rewiring, memory loss and being controlled issues…….that’s the storyline we came into and those are the excuses for his despicable behavior. Fact is it’s been too much for many to stomach and many don’t even want them back together anymore.Too much damage and crossing the line has occurred. We keep hearing they r destined, they’ll be together in the end. Journey is more important than destination. Sometimes in relationships damage becomes irreparable. Because of everything that has transpired when they do get back together will it even feel like the same kind of wonderful? Half the people who were watching won’t even be around to see it because they stopped caring and have already changed the channel.

    • Flora says:

      100% agree with you! It’s too broken, so much is gone, I don’t want them together again and I think Cat deserves better (like Gabe now)

  30. love's a struggle says:

    And love should NOT be a torturous process…it should be a struggle of ups and downs but never a torture! And it’s not can I live without this person b/c a person should always be strong enough to stand on his/her own. It should be do I still love this person and do I still want to be with this person? Is he or she worthy of me?

    • Adele says:

      Meaning of tortuous: full of twists and turns; deceitful or tricky. Some people in this world feel that
      can’t live without the person they love, it doesn’t mean that they can’t stand on their own two feet!

  31. used to love this show says:

    This reboot and telling only Vincent’s arc was a bad idea. Stop dragging this story and add other elements and ships. Can this group of writers write anything complex? Logical? Not offensive to women?

    What a brilliant idea to make Vincent sexually irresistible to Tori and vice versa. Isn’t she just out of high school? OK. Some typical hollywood male fantasy right there. The ‘I couldn’t help myself’ excuse. Rolls eyes.

    Look at the pilot, Catherine was so strong, she would have never acted like this. They wrote her into a crying victim who won’t let go even when he is violent towards her. Come on, whose idea was to have Catherine initiate sex with Vincent after he kidnaps her. What woman in her right mind would do this? And have him tie her up and manhandle her after? So creepy. That is just one sample of awful offensive writing. They’ve turned the leads into tards.

    If the wanted to do a triangle, they needed to do two guys and one girl. Not the Days of Vincent’s Harem. Look at twilight, smallvile, VD…etc.k

    • clearhaven says:

      I think you guys are missing the point.
      Okay, fine, Vincent has been horrible for most of season2 with his new love interest totally worsening the situation. Fans are upset that Cat’s acting a little too desperate despite everything Vincent has put her through, which is understandable. You guys fail to realize however that this is kinda similar to a real life situation. A lot of women make so many mistakes with regards to how a man maltreats them before they finally begin to take reasonable actions or make sound decisions. In real life, a lot of women let love blind them foolishly. In real life, a lot of women think they can change a man. As much as Cat’s reactions to Vincent’s behaviour is annoying to watch, it’s painfully real. And it is happening. Unfortunately, Fans don’t want real. They want soppy tales that fuel fantasies.
      I am a woman, and it is totally devastating to watch a man physically or verbally molesting another woman. However, Cat’s attitude toward’s vincent’s behaviour teaches women a lesson that Love is not enough. People(i.e some women) in real life act like Cat, but they don’t see how desperate they look because they’re too caught up in the hope of things getting better. Now watching a rendition of this reality will make them see that.
      Unfortunately, not many women who are in Cat’s situation in real life will learn the lesson. They’ll say after all, he’s not the beast on BATB even when they’re still getting abused in some way.

      • used to love this show says:

        The big problem is that this is a love story. It’s based and titled after a fantasy love story that girls look up to. These are Disney characters essentially. Even in the 80’s show, Vincent is a beast in looks only. He was a tender person inside as S1 Vincent was. They sold this show as romancetic love story with strong women leads. Motto was ‘save each other’, not batter each other towards couple-dom at the end of the series. If this was an episode of The walking dead, I would not have any problems because Shane would have kicked Vincent’s butt and he would have been eaten by zombies.

        What is this show saying to the audience? It’s okay for a man to batter you for asking questions? Whenyour bf kidnaps you, you should have sex with him? By making excuses for putting a choke hold on you? Because he can’t control his temper? Because he can, Vincent has better control of his beast side in season 2. At the end of the show, these two have to become a couple. This is a big no no for me. I don’t see a road back for Vincent towards Cat, just as I can’t see one for Gabe.

        I came for the love story and stayed for the connections they made in s1. I rather have Vincent run off with a woman practically half his age and have Cat find true love someone else. Someone beautiful inside and out.

        • clearhaven says:

          I don’t know about the 80s show, but if it’s based on the Disney character, the beast was a demeaning jerk with a mean streak which was what got him cursed by an enchantress. And you know all of those questions you were asking..These ones:

          ‘It’s okay for a man to batter you for asking questions? When your bf kidnaps you, you should have sex with him? By making excuses for putting a choke hold on you? Because he can’t control his temper? ‘

          You’d be surprised to find out that there are women out there who are going through such abuse and are still with their Men. Too lovestruck. It’s terrible, but it’s true. I think the show is realistically showing us that stage of women who are in denial before they are forced to open their eyes. I believe Cat will soon get there.That is, the stage when she’ll have to remove the love blindfold.

          As for Vincent, I think they’re going to use him to teach the male audience the ‘You don’t know what you have till it’s gone’ lesson. Even if they eventually get back together, I hope Cat makes him suffer before that happens. Rather, I hope they’ll write the script that way.

          Anyway, I believe we should not give up on the show just yet.

          • Vivi says:

            What male audience? I don’t think you understand that as soon as they made Vincent a misogynist, people tuned out. DVR ratings are like .2 or less. I think this is now the lowest rated show on network tv. You can’t have title characters shoot, cheat and abuse each other and call it a love story.

            Like someone said, Vincent is supposed to be a victim but he’s getting no sympathy. This is the fault of the writing.

    • sl says:

      The episode you refer to has much more to it. Vincent didn’t remember cat and had a mission and didn’t want her following and cat wanted to try and get his memories back and in season one she or sex activated it so why not try it again. Each doing some for different reasons and each making mistakes in the process. While she was tied to the share he got a sense of her familiarity and got the start of a flash. Neither behavior is excusable, but looking at the whole picture some can be understood.

  32. so disappointed says:

    Unfortunately bringing in more male writers has brought in several male plots and fantasies offensive to woman. It’s also shifted this show into being all about this distasteful beast. And exactly where is this male audience this foolishness was supposed to generate? This show at it’s heart is supposed 2 be a romance & what woman in her right mind would want this?

  33. clearhaven says:

    This show is a great show. Vincent’s behaviour to Cat, and her attitude towards it is a painful rendition of reality. I really don’t understand what you guys are upset about. I’m sure some of you are fans of Vampire Diaries and enjoy how Damon gets away with doing despicable things to those closest to Elena. But I’m sure you don’t mind as long as he’s not physically abusing her in some way.
    I’m also sure some of you are fans of Scandal and you’re okay with Fitz and Olivia’s relationship but you don’t see he’s emotionally manipulating Liv. Goodness gracious, Liv’s situation is just as bad as Cat’s! Can’t you see how desperate they both are?
    Anyway, if you want to stop watching it because you can’t face reality, then fine. I just really hope they don’t cancel the show just based on people’s opinions not coming from a wide perspective.

  34. so disappointed says:

    Marriages and relationships in reality do face the issues Cat and Vincent (minus the scifi aspect of course) r going thru Here’s the thing, many relationships end b/c of these issues. Tolerance levels r different 4 different people. Fans r no different. Those who left could no longer tolerate what was happening those who stayed r still believing in VinCat.That doesn’t make 1 group better than the other in my opinion.

    • clearhaven says:

      OMG Thank you! You have just stated what I’ve been saying. Vin and Cat’s relationship does happen in reality. It is painful to watch, but I just wish viewers wouldn’t give up so soon. This is afterall still the beginning of season2 . I really hope they don’t cancel the show. Let those who are still interested still be given their due chance to watch it.

      I consider series like an art. An artist tells a tale with their painting but it is left for those viewing it to see what they want to see. If during the process of the painting someone kept hammering to the painter, ‘oh that pastel is too blue’, ‘why are they whorls there’, ‘this painting is too grey’..the originality of the artist would be lost. Their interpretation of some event would be have been tainted by how someone thought it ought to be. It’s also like telling a writer to write their book the way you want it written, else you ain’t going to read it! Imagine that!

      Anyway, thank you and great comment by the way.

      • sl says:

        Interesting input…
        I miss the Vincent talking to Cat on the fire escape, leaving her little notes, having picnic on the roof. I like different interpretations on things. I just remembered last season Vincent killed muirfield people who tried to kill him and funny they were a lot scarier than Reynolds and the bad beasts except the last one. That arc was well thought out and flowed with the rest of the show. Reynolds and his beast killing seemed off maybe because Reynolds always had others do the work for him. I can see similar and differences in killing muirfield people and Vincent try to kill Reynolds. I agree painting and even when done a viewer has a different perspective so don’t give up. Where is the male audience that they wanted to draw in? It seems actions trying to draw people in backfired a little causing fans female to feel angry alienated . I love the more action also it seems there was more last season especially fight scenes with Vincent beasting out.
        Anyways good observations everyone and even if you like or don’t like something lets keeping watching so we can get renewed and also a renewed story and love. I am keeping hope.
        The CW renewed Gossip Girls and other low rated shows lower than this show right now so give the show a chance and find a solid footing n g.
        Allow cat and Vincent follow a path to heal themselves discover who they are and h ave their path lead back to each their loved renewed, bond stronger. Don’t do it too qui but don’t drag it out either.

  35. Mw says:

    I didn’t realize everyone was feeling the same way i was feeling about the way the direction the show is going. I mostly sad to see another great show fall by the wayside. I’m 50 yrs old and maybe once a decade a truly beautiful love story with great chemistry comes along. Ex. Dr. Qinn and Sully, I still watch old episodes when there on. What happening with this show is that it needs to go back to the character driven storyline if they want to save this show. Some of the best parts of the show when they would just talk out on the fire escape. U don’t need all the distractions now going on now. Get back to the love story that’s what we want to see also JTs humor is pretty awesome as was his friendship with Vin. That also fell by the wayside. I didn’t like so much emphasis last year on the procedural cop story line but now there is none of that aspect. Writers go back to the elements from season one that worked before it too late. The CW needs to start promoting it every where they can other wise another great show will be gone before it’s time. The bottom line with TV ex is the show making ratings,money. They could care less about our investment in the show. Can’t they figure out to let a show find its way before pulling the plug. Then the wonder why people don’t start to watch a show in the first place cause we all fear cancelation is right around the corner. Another show bits the dust and the CW network is starting to follow this same patern as the major networks and u can see how that’s been working out for them!

  36. so disappointed says:

    For those fans who have left remember what we loved and please come back. I believe the writers now realize they must repair & bring back that beautiful love or the show will be lost 4 good. I am very upset about the course the show has taken but I’m hanging in. We need as many viewers as we can get 2 boost ratings & save #BeautyAndTheBeast.Plse reconsider.

    • Brenda says:

      I think most people will hang on to see where this all leads.I know I will even though I don’t agree with the direction.Put Sherry and Jennifer back on as the main writers and the show will get more believable again.

  37. Beatrix says:

    To be honest BATB ratings have been declining since S1 . The renewal was a huge surprise to cast and producers and they got it thanks to diehard fans, the good chemistry between the two leading actors who sold the hell out of crappy writing and because Beauty and the Beast has always been Mr. Pedowitz personal obsession. Any other show should have been cancelled after S1 uh-oh results. Bashing the writers or the new showrunner for the awful raitings is unfair : the new season premiere was the lowest rated on CW network. The audience didn’t left after episode 1 or 2 or 3 , they left before the end of S1 and never tune in to watch one single episode of Season 2 .

  38. team cancel says:

    Is she preggers with the tool’s seed? Is this why she’s taking cooking lessons? Is this the arc they’re going for Catherine? Lol, please, no. Noooooooo. Whatever, I truly loved vincat in season1 but it’s time for me to bail. Now I vote for team cancel on my DVR.

    Guess I’ll wait for zombies and the headless horseman to come back. Also, winter is coming. Winter is coming.

  39. shan says:

    I am curious to know how the writers will eventually lead the stars back to each other. Will Vincent remain in public or something happens where he has to go back in to hiding. Will Vincent finally put Cat first? Cat suggested returning to public eye, but it was Tori who actually had him do it why? Too many thoughts and such…
    I will try and put faith in the writers…
    Will Vincent get his scar back? I actually kind of liked that.

  40. Hope says:

    My hopes for the rest of the season and through the next seasons is that Vincent goes down whatever path to rediscover who he is in terms of who he wants to be and in the process have his memories ‘re sparked and lead him back to love and cat and have her fight for her their love and any obstacles whether internal or external and kind of become a mix of season one and two since he can’t go fully back to Vincent 1.0. Let Cat help Vincent from a distance and space and work on who she was in the pilot discovering herself a be a strong career woman who can be vulnerable. Again she can be a mix of season one and two and fight together with Vincent rediscover why she fell in love with him. Fight any obstacles together..also have someone who grounds them and anchors them which Tess and J.T. can fill perfectly and add in more cases and such and not have Cat’s life devoted completely to Vincent and helping him…. have their friends use their talents more like J.T Researching and testing Vincent. Tess using her detective skills and how she discovered Vincent in the first place. J.T should be especially curious with researching Vincent since he has a new and different beast strain then what he studied before and can analyze the two and help Vincent that way. More hopes and thoughts but please let Tori only be a friend, mentor, and no more for Vincent. I can see tori brings out the beastly aggression in Vincent and hope they keep Cat as the one who calms him because it is something special. Although tori, Vincent, cat in a room is not good since one would agrees and one try to calm overwhelming his psyche as it seemed in Monday’s episode. More regular character screen time less Tori screen time.

  41. want more says:

    I wished cat saved Vincent from captivity or such instead of finding him alive and a beast assassin but oh well.. yes tori is worsening the situation…

  42. sl says:

    I hope the writers know they can still have a beautiful love story, have both leads be vulnerable and yet bad asses and have obstacles that is believable and great. I see only glimpses and nothing really flowing and it can be.
    When I look at Vincent and Cat, I think of Leo and Piper from charmed and their epic love story that was created on their own free will and it was forbidden. They had issues and obstacles but they each fought and won in the end and there was a lot of different things going on with them and were separated and found each other again. I liked how the writers evolved the love story and characters effortlessly and when there was anger and pain I could still feel the love and hope. I am hoping t h e same for Vincent and Cat and just wishing along with the hurt and anger I can also sense that undeniable love and hope too but right now I don’t just the negative emotions. Leo and Piper had a forbidden romance but fought together and went against people and things and authority trying to tear them apart and I am hoping the same to be true with Vincent and Cat. There have been shows to write great epic romances and I think the writers can do it for us beasties if they can take cues from shows that did a good job with it and make it their own and not look at ones not doing it so great like in my opinion TVd. I want to feel all the emotions radiating off the characters and whether they are together or apart to always feel that undertone of unbelievable love and hope. Aside from themselves and new supposed love interests nothing and no is forbidding them from being together and I think one needs a third party (not a love interest), maybe villain that is trying to destroy them and they fight together against it. Last year and for years Vincent stayed away because he was trying to protect her from muirfield and understandable but I could feel the pain somewhat and love he had. Here is to keeping faith and watching… I will put faith that the love story can be restored and they will fight a n d save each other against all forces. I have many thoughts but I think the romance should be a center of it and a villain trying to destroy it…

  43. For Cat and Gabe says:

    I really like how Gabe loves Cat. I hope she develops real feelings for him too. I know the plan is for Vincent and cat to be together. But I would love for cat to end up with Gabe. I loved that she kissed him. I want a love triangle where cat is torn between her feeling for both men, even though I know the writers will put cat back with Vincent . I want Gabe to know in his heart that he mattered to cat too, and that a part of her loves him too, even if she loves Vincent more. But if it was up to me Gabe would get the girl!:)