Obama's Vote Goes to House of Cards, Game of Thrones -- Just Don't Spoil Breaking Bad for Him

Breaking BadPolitical machinations, power plays, espionage and intrigue — even when President Barack Obama sacks out in front of the couch, it seems, he takes the (Oval) office home with him.

Topping the Commander in Chief’s viewing list, per The New York Times: HBO’s Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire and Netflix’s House of Cards.

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The Times quotes Obama as recently remarking on his envy of the efficiency of underhanded Cards protagonist Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey).

“This guy’s getting a lot done,” the president joked.

In the past, Obama has waxed enthusiastic about Showtime’s Homeland, AMC’s Mad Men, the British drama Downton Abbey and HBO’s The Wire, a series he has referred to as one of “the greatest shows of all time.”

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According to the Times, the president is also in the middle of watching AMC’s Breaking Bad from the beginning; he reportedly often warns those in his circles not to spoil him about what’s ahead.

Noticeably absent from Obama’s list of favorites: ABC’s juicy, sexy Scandal, which chronicles a D.C. fixer’s ongoing romance/affair with the President of the U.S. — though, as series lead Kerry Washington told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, former President Bill Clinton is a huge fan.

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