TVLine's 2013 in Review, Part 3: Best Couples, Break-Ups, Sex Scenes and More! Plus: The Most Annoying Character and Best Murder!

You may be perfectly fine with forgetting auld acquaintance as we head into 2014, but for the love of your hard-working DVR, save a little storage space in your noggin’ to remember the past 12 months of television!

To help with that task, TVLine presents Part 3 of 2013 in Review — including our selections for Best Romantic (and Non-Romantic) Couples; Hottest, Ickiest and Most Unfortunate Sex Scenes; Best Wedding and Best Proposal; Most Annoying Character; and even Most Enjoyable Murder. (Yeah, we’re a little twisted like that.)

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(For those of you who missed Part 1, including Best and Worst Drama and Comedy, Most Improved Series, Guiltiest Pleasure and even the Cancellation That Hurt Us the Most, do click here! Part 2, including Most Underrated Actor, Best/Worst New Characters and Fave Death Scenes, can be found here.)

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As for the rest of you, go ahead and browse through the gallery below for our picks in 42 hotly debated categories. When you’re done reading, hit the comments and tell us where our opinions matched your own, which selections had you crying “what the what?!” and which characters and story arcs you think we egregiously neglected.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jen says:

    My pick for unnecessary death is deb from dexter.

  2. Paula says:

    I agree with Pi being the most annoying character this season.

    • Stormy says:

      Annoying as Pi may be, for me the most annoying character on TV is Brennan on Bones. I watched the rerun of the going undercover at a dance competition episode last night and wanted to smack her with a cast iron frypan [thank you Flynn Ryder]. She was not only dowdy and clumsy, she was insufferably overconfident about her talent. A female Sheldon Cooper without the comedy is intolerable. I watch the show for the rest of the cast. JMO

    • bellarina says:

      +1 notice the only thing castle related in this list is Pi? so much for getting castle and beckett engaged. they hardly act like a couple.

      • I’d like to disagree. Castle and Beckett do act like a couple. And we’re shown that in every episode.

        Food for thought: what makes two people a couple? Are all couples/relationships alike? No. We’re all different people, and we’re all different in relationships. We act differently as individuals and as couples/part of a couple, so there’s no such thing as one and only right way to act to be considered a couple.

        Castle and Beckett have even addressed on screen how they’re both strong individuals, and how it takes hard work to make them work together. They talk. They share. They are taking steps forward in their relationship. They have a cool, strong relationship IMO. There are many things they still need to work out, and I’m sure the writers will have them do it, but I’d say they possibly have one of the best and strongest and “real”-est relationships on current crime shows – at least from main couples.

        But I’m assuming you’re comment is supposed to mean something I’ve read others say, but don’t agree with – that there’s not enough kissing and bedroom scenes for Caskett. I disagree. I enjoy the way the writers do their relationship. And I think having them kiss after every line or even every scene or even every episode would be too much. Public displays of love by two people – whether on TV shows or real life, aren’t the main indicator of how much a “couple” the two people are. [but then again, perhaps I’ve got it all wrong, and the more kissing scenes for on-screen couples and the more kissing for real life couples on public – is the only indicator how to measure how much like a couple two people are…] We don’t have to see everything on screen. Just like we don’t see them brush their teeth each morning/evening, we don’t see all of their couple-y act in every scene/episode. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. So much happens “off screen” aka during the time between the scenes we see their lives. And I personally am happy that there’s one show which does it the way I like it and enjoy watching. There are so many shows that don;’t dare to get their couples together at all, or shows that do it and then over-do it. I am just glad that IMO Castle’s the show that in my eyes has it all balanced. I hope other and future shows take tips from “Castle” and how to make it work without going “too far”

        But there are viewers for all types of shows. I;m just glad there’s something for my ‘bizarre’ taste. :)

    • ollie says:

      Runners up should have been Joel and linly from hod. And really SPOILER ALERT clay wasn’t most satisfying murder to watch?

      • Ally Oop says:

        Agreed! Both of them especially Linley need to vamoose.

      • Ally Oop says:

        Wanda’s proposal to Tom on Hart of Dixie is by far the most heartwarming, smile worthy and creatively romantic proposal I have ever scene on TV. Not only did she sing to him, but she organized half the town to act as zombies as part of it.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Right here with you on “Pi” being the most annoying. I’ll never be able to look at a papaya the same way again! But I think he still kind of managed to get into Rick..or else why the fruit plate resembling Pi?

  3. C says:

    I’m gonna have to say Mama Pope eating her wrist was the most revolting for me,

  4. G28G says:

    Steamiest Sex Scene: Olivia and Fitz deserved at least the “runner-up” for sex in the closet, Scandal’s ep 2×14! That was hot!

  5. hello says:

    I passionately hate the Oliver/Felicity shipping, come on people, why can’t a boy and a girl just be close friends for once

    • andrea says:

      mmmmm…..dig and felicity are friends, and they didn’t make eye sex all the time, so of course a girl and a boy can be friends

      • May says:

        Basically, this. It’s not about them being a boy and a girl, it’s about the chemistry they have.

      • Stane says:

        Well why cant Oliver have female friends he hasnt slept with. That person was Felicity .

        Dont use the Diggle/Felicity’s excuse, Diggle is far out in Felicity’s age group and he isnt the main character who could use some female friends.

        • LSJ says:

          There’s nothing wrong with boys and girls just being friends, the problem with Oliver and Felicity just being friends is because of their AMAZING onscreen chemistry. If there wasn’t a spark, then great let them be friends, but there is some serious sparking going on between those two.

    • Liz says:

      Normally I’m right there with you; I love platonic relationships and I hate hate hate when shows do the obligatory romance angle simply because one character is male and another female. Like Elementary; if they ever make that romantic I’m done. That said, I so enjoy the Felicity/Oliver romance. They do have great chemistry and it’s just fine. But I’m actually okay if they don’t go there either lol.

      • Sash says:

        Agreed with everything you said!

        I will be done with Elementary if they make it even remotely romantic!

        As for Oliver and Felicity its hot. Yes they started off as friends BUT there was always an inflection of attraction between them in EVERY scene!

        • S. says:

          Actually, they already did when Sherlock admitted that the only person, in the whole world, he cares about is Watson. They may never actually do anything about it and keep it purely professional, but it is there, it does exist

      • dolores barnes says:

        i believe having Felicity and Oliver as lovers would ruin their friendship and ability to work so well as they do. of course they care for one another…she saved his life. I was wanting the young tec. that was on for a while with Felicity to end up working together and a romance. She has so much in common with him and they worked well together in the episode i seen. I was so happy to see oliver with his true love in one of the last episodes of the 1st series.

    • Guest says:

      A boy and a girl can be close friends, this particular boy named Oliver and this particular girl called Feliciy can’t, Arrow has been fighting against it for the last two years and the show lost the battle: Felicity is the ultimate love interest, not the charming sidekick.

  6. Dan says:

    Most Borderline Inappropriate Crush: Pretty much anyone on Teen Wolf.

  7. Dr. L says:

    The Mindy Project is one of the best comedies of 2013 by far, even better than New Girl which has gone from bad to worst to unwatchable this third season. Mindy and Danny have great chemistry too. Wish more people checked it out. :(

    • mel0329 says:

      I completely agree. TMP is just improving every week, and New Girl gets more insufferable by the week, it’s at times unwatchable.

    • Lecholls says:

      I disagree. I like TMP, but I love New Girl.

      • scooby says:

        After this season of each show, I really find that hard to believe. I can’t believe what they’ve done to Nick.

        • Lecholls says:

          I think it’s because I care so much about the characters. I’ve loved the New Girl characters for years, and I care about what happens to them. Also, I just find New Girl funnier. I enjoy watching Mindy, and it makes me laugh, but to me, the characters (besides maybe Danny) are pretty shallow and undefined.

    • Maria says:

      sucks that Mindy has been shelved…and New Girl hasn’t….

    • scooby says:

      The Christmas dance was all kinds of perfect. Love Danny, Love Mindy, Love Danny and Mindy. Such a great episode.

  8. Jason says:

    The best love triangle has to be the TVD triangle, come on!

    • Taken says:

      Sorry bro, that has to be the WORST. TVD’s love triangles have been beaten to death.

    • Maybe in earlier seasons but now it’s just a love triangle of doom. It’s my least favorite part of the show and they devote more time to that storyline than is necessary.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I don’t think the problem is the triangle itself. It’s how the show rewrote Elena. The old Elena was much better with Damon. That Elena didn’t feel like such a pushover. For example, when Damon recently told Elena he killed all those people she barely batted an eyelash. I hate Elena now whereas in the first couple of seasons she was very much likeable.

        • Jules' fan says:

          Elena likeable before the fifth season!? Are we talking about the same Elena? She was the worst with her whinny and flat personality. She kinda improved during season 4 when she embraced her vampirism. She even smiles once in a while! If we still had Season 1 & 2 Elena, she would still be bitching about Damon killing those people.

          • Francine says:

            Really? I remember reading the recaps here and mostly everyone couldnt stand Elena after the first two seasons. In the earlier seasons she was stronger and her life didnt completely revolve around relationships. That all changed and she became a whiny mess. Becoming a vampire didnt make it any better. It became all about the guys and the stupid triangle and all what Elena wanted only. They did the same thing with Caroline. So much for strongly written females. She may be getting slightly better now but that’s not saying much.

      • thi86 says:

        THIS. TVD’s triangle is literally the worst. Maybe it was ok in the first 3 seasons, but now this flip flop with the brothers and Elena is like, beating a dead horse.

        and TVD is so bad right now, really really bad.

  9. Riandy says:

    Cyrus and Olivia? Weird. I don’t think they have shared any important scenes at all this season. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Mellie have been pretty much nailing it. They’re like evil twins and their zingers are the best.

  10. Pix says:

    Hmm, how is Jaime/Brienne a non-romantic relationship as opposed to Danny/Mindy? To me their situations are 100% the same – a romantic connection, great chemistry, however no actual relationship. We might wish for Danny/Mindy all we want, but the fact is, they’re in no way in a further stage of a relationship than Jaime/Brienne.

    • Bartthebear says:

      Jaime and Brienne have romantic tension, but not a romantic connection just yet. The chemistry is terrific, their dynamic is absolutely perfect, I could tell their relationship would be nothing short than perfect but neither one of them quite realizes it yet.

  11. Mel says:

    Multiple thumbs up for your comments on Dana, Pi and Ressler/Blacklist. And I agree with the reader comment that Dexter’s Deb was an unnecessary (and off-putting) death.
    Enjoying all your end-of-the-year wrap ups.

  12. c says:

    What’s the criteria for most enjoyable murder? If the murder was done in an “amusing” way, or that it actually made viewers happy to see the person killed? Because if it’s the latter, my pick would be the Governor.

  13. Helen says:

    I loved the wedding. It was beautifully pieced together. The vows were so amazingly well written; and of course I cried my eyes out. Even in season 9, this show is able to bring surprises.

  14. kt says:

    Ron and Diane as runner up? You realize Ben and Leslie got married in 2013 right?

  15. Jane says:

    oicity are the best couple in so many people dreams, please make it real!

  16. Corinne says:

    I love the Oliver and Felicity slow burn! It’s one of my favorite things on Arrow. I also love Team Arrow, Quentin, and Sara!

  17. cas says:

    This Oliver and Felicity shipping is ridiculous. It’s starting to get super annoying. I love Felicity but I think everyone over exaggerates their so called chemistry. Most of the time Felicity seems like the only one who has the feelings and sexual tension toward Oliver in the first place and when he shows a tiny bit of interest in her, mind you he has shown interest in about every female on the show, fans think that means they are soul mates or something. Luckily, while I like the show I am not that invested in it so I can just drop it before this gets even more ridiculous.

    • lyla says:

      I agree with you cas. It started to annoy me when they tried to shove it down our throat ughhhh…

      • Ashley says:

        Well I must say that you two seem to be in the minority on this one. I don’t think their chemistry is overrated at all, and it’s obviously not a one sided thing – are you even watching the same show??

        • LSJ says:

          No kidding. Oliver came out and more or less told Felicity that he cares about her about doesn’t want to get involved with her because he doesn’t want her to get hurt (can remember the ep though, she was sitting at a desk and he was standing across from her). For me that speaks volumes about how much he cares for her. He may be sleeping with other women, but he’s willing to put them at risk, he’s not willing to do that to Felicity.

      • Abby says:

        The media may be shoving it down your throat but the show isn’t.

    • Zanthus says:

      The media like TVline are actually getting the worst at this, they are becoming as obnoxious and obsessed as the shippers.

      Stephen and Emily have great chemistry as Oliver & Felicity but its a platonic chemistry, people need to stop sexualising everything and downplaying all kinds of chemistry and relationships. Arrow as a show is turning into a joke, you dont have to give in to shippers, amateurs.

      • Abby says:

        Oliver and Felicity are not, nor have ever been JUST platonic friends. What the minority of you fail to see is the potential. She’s had an obvious crush on him since the beginning, but since he’s Oliver Queen, the billionaire what hope could she possibly have. It takes two people to be JUST friends i.e. no romantic feeling for each other can be involved, which she clearly has for him. Sure Oliver doesn’t show much in the ways of romantic affection towards her but lets keep in mind that by not getting together with her, he is keeping her out of harms way. She already gets in trouble enough as it is, can you imagine how much more danger she would be in if Olivers enemies knew he had a special girl?

      • Roy J says:

        “Arrow as a show is turning into a joke”

        This is why people like you should just quit commenting on things. You say everyone makes a big deal out of shipping and yet you’re claiming that Arrow is turning into joke because the writers want to explore Oliver and Felicity’s relationship on a romantic level. It’s this type of thinking that blows my mind. Everything about this show has been kicked up a notch in Season 2 and it’s clearly better than Season 1. But no, the shipping by fans ruin it? Could you be any more ignorant?

        Listen, I don’t care much for shipping. But to even suggest that because the writers see what a ton of fans see, that they’re “amateurs”, it’s ridiculous. Let the people do their shipping nonsense. You’re the one that’s going on websites full of them. If you get so affected by shippers that you hate an entire show with plenty of other elements in it, you shouldn’t be on the internet. At least the shippers are invested in something, while you’re brooding in the corner. Stop complaining.

        As for the shippers themselves, I understand where they’re coming from. Some of these comments are talking about how Felicity is being rammed down people’s throats, when that’s clearly not the case. The show has done a good job building up Team Arrow. Especially with the parallels in season one between Oliver’s new friends and his old friends. They’ve built up a great dynamic. And now the writers wants to challenge that dynamic. But what people see as “ramming down our throats” is only based off websites and shippers on the internet that are invested in “Olicity”. The show itself hasn’t done anything to force it upon us. They’ve built it up rather naturally and organically.

        I may not ship Oliver and Felicity, but at least it makes sense. And I can’t fault the writers for that. I certainly can’t fault the writers based off assumptions(“they gave in to the shippers!”).

        By the way, just because chemistry isn’t sexual chemistry, that doesn’t it means its automatically platonic. Romance can exist without sex. That may confuse you though since you sound like a 13 year old. And chemistry between people/characters is strictly subjective anyway. You may not see it, but you can’t say the writers haven’t seen it. That’s one of the reasons why Felicity didn’t end up as a one off character anyway.

        My rant ends here. But, just in case people don’t want to read the rant, I’ll summarize it.

        tldr; You’re comment is a joke.

        • Roy J says:

          Forgive a typo here and there. Especially that one at the end. You’re should obviously your.

        • Angela says:

          I don’t watch “Arrow”, but I agree with the overall message of your post.
          I fully understand how annoying the shipping phenomenon can be (though I would argue that for most people, the shipping in and of itself isn’t really the problem; rather, it’s the insane, ridiculous fights the fans get into over certain pairings, because god forbid someone doesn’t agree with them on who should and shouldn’t get together!). If someone doesn’t want to do the shipping thing, fine. And I fully agree that there should be focus on non-romantic relationships on shows, too. Men and women simply being friends should be explored just as often as men and women dating is explored. No argument there.
          But in this day and age, with fandom being what it is, shipping is going to happen. So people might as well learn to accept and deal with it somehow. And on the flip side, the shippers need to learn to accept and deal with the fact that not everyone supports their favorite couples. There ARE ways to express your support for a pairing that don’t involve page after page of obnoxious fighting and insults (something which has happened far too often on this site, unfortunately).

        • martina says:

          AMEN TO THIS POST! i am an olicity shipper but i love arrow in general! it’s gettin better each episode this season … they doing everything right! of course they explore things that work. and olicity works perfectly no matter in which “light” you see them! so haters are just ridiculous with no real argument!

          • Francine says:

            This is exactly why shipping can be so terrible. If you don’t like a certain couple, your opinion is invalid and you’re just a hater. Chemistry is subjective and what some people see as romantic, others see as platonic. It doesn’t mean one side is hating if they don’t see that, or that one side is blind or wrong. We all have our opinions, why does it always have to turn so nasty? Shipping can really bring out the worst in people sometimes.

  18. dale says:

    Mindy and Danny as the best romantic couple? Really? Are you watching TV? There are a lot of others much better!!!!!

    • Lecholls says:

      I agree. They’re all right, but I can think of a lot of more interesting couples.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Way better romantic couples:
      Castle and Beckett
      Meredith and Derek
      Booth and Brennan
      Even Snow and Charming

    • Ashbash says:

      As much as I love Danny and Mindy, they are NOT a couple. They are a will they won’t they. I root for and ship they to finally become a couple but at their state in 2013 they were not a couple. I don’t understand how they are on this list as best couple either. My pick is Ryan and Tessa on suburgatory

      • scooby says:

        They’re a couple in denial. Will they/won’t they should totally count. A ton of shows have will they/won’t they “couples.” TVLine wants Mindy/Danny to happen, I concur. :)

  19. lyla says:

    I don’t understand abt this ‘Olicity’ thing ugh. Why can’t they just stay friends??! I mean, come on!
    And Ressler is more enjoyable than Keen. Too bad we can’t get rid of her.

    • Liz says:

      I LOVE Keen! As much as the show is about Red, Keen is such an essential element. I adore her and she’s incredibly relateable

    • Nia says:

      There’s more to Ressler’s story, this much is clear from the fall finale of The Blacklist. He had the chance to kill Red but for some reason he didn’t. I always thought the mission failed but I think that is just half truth. So its too early to decide about his character. And Diego Klattenhoff is a good actor, his acting was superb in the last episode where Red gives his monologue. He is also miles ahead of Megan Boon in acting department. She needs to up her game. I like her but she is working with James Spader and the difference in their acting prowess is so visible.

  20. Kali says:

    Where are Emma and Hook? They should get “Best Kiss” at least, if not “Best Couple” even if only in our dreams :)

  21. Kre says:

    Yes! Lydia’s death on Breaking Bad gave me so much joy.

  22. Rachel says:

    I think Peter Pan on Once Upon A Time should have got worst parent lol

  23. Sorry best Proposal was Caskett……..So typical Rick & Kate, a misunderstanding (they don’t talk about how much they are into the coupling) leads to the best yes ever.

  24. Lysh says:

    Best Traveling Companion? I don’t even know who else would be in the running for this category, besides Amy and Rory. Who else travels and has a companion? The category seems created for the character. I do love Clara though, so I’m glad some Doctor Who got in one of these.

    • opheliablack says:

      I completely agree. I think Clara is okay, but hasn’t been around long enough to even compete with Amy and Rory, let alone, develop as a well-rounded character.

  25. I hate that I don’t find Kate McKinnon that funny, but she always looks really weird in costume. I mean she’s got those funky eyes but she makes them work. In costume however it just looks… off, and I’m so distracted It’s hard to find anything she does funny.

  26. Grey says:

    So I guess this means no one at Tvline watches The Returned…

  27. Samantha says:

    YES!!! Oliver and Felicity have to be endgame!!! They are PERFECT together.

  28. Brandy says:

    I agree with best love triangle and Most Boarderline Inappropriate Crush

  29. Tamara says:

    How is it border line inappropriate crush on The Fosters if in real life the person playing Brandon is 21? The person playing Callie is 20 in real life. On the show they are both in high school. It’s a bit creepy that they are living under the same roof as foster sinblings but let’s face it, it wasn’t suppose to be permanent when they developed feelings for one another, it wasn’t suppose to last.

    • opheliablack says:

      It’s inappropriate because it’s against the rules. That relationship would automatically get Callie and her brother kicked out of the house and possibly separated. Using a little self control would have been great. But no, I don’t understand what his age has to do with it.

    • jerrired says:

      I think the TVLine writers meant it was borderline inappropriate crush because THEY (one of their writers) have a crush on David Lambert/Brandon Foster. At least that’s how I interpreted it with the commentary about looking on IMDB for his age. And I totally agree with that pick. I’m in my mid-20ies and I totally have a crush on DL but he looks so young, so hence the Borderline Inappropriate Crush factor.

  30. Soulfire says:

    Oliver and Felicity on Arrow have the best TV chemistry I’ve seen since X-Files. I’m all for it!

  31. Cris says:

    I love Oliver and Felicity. They’re perfect for each other. End.

  32. GildedRose says:

    LOVE Arrow’s Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak together. They’re definitely by dream tv couple who I would absolutely love to see get together. There’s a ton of reasons why but mostly it’s the chemistry, the friendship, the way they’re opposites (he’s rich, she’s not. he’s dark, tortured, & serious, she’s lighter, hopeful, witty… and yet they both have that same code of loyalty, caring, honor, etc). Plus they’re just so much darned fun to watch!!!!! Together as a pair, together as friends, together in Team Arrow with their other teammate Diggle… It’s all good! Come on CW! Get it rolling in 2014!

    • Metro says:

      Lets not pretend you give a toss about Diggle, want a cookie for the obligatory mention.

      @Nat I think its about the looks with Oliver and Felicity, their mass of fans see how ecstatically pleasing to the eye the two are together and they scream chemistry. Yes the actors playing Barry & Felicity had very good, easy going chemistry that translate well onscreen not fake at all like between the actors playing Oliver and Felicity, it must be a huge relief to the their fans Barry Allen left for his own show.

      Oliver and Felicity are one of those ships that give an illusion that they are all powerful and mighty, then they crumble with time once the superficial spark fades and wears off, and it will.

      • Abby says:

        Lol. You’re funny Metro. I might have agreed with you if it weren’t for Laurel/Katie Cassidy. She’s a beautiful girl much like Oliver/Stephen Amell. Put them together and you got mush. There’s about as much chemistry between them as there is between a brick wall and a lamp. Also, I’m all for Olicity but I did and do like Barry. He’s like a male Felicity. It became an “opposites attract” vs “similar people love” kind of thing, which was fun to see. All powerful and mighty? What are you watching? I think you’re more upset with the media than you are with the show because since season 2 started they have done very little in terms of romance… and this is the CW.

        • Tanya says:

          I think you are wrong here. a lamp and a brick wall has more chemistry than Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell who are both very good looking people individually.
          Honestly, Emily’s Felicity and Stephen’s Oliver grew and developed despite of any planning by the creative team. If you look at the first half of season 1 of Arrow, there were very scenes between Emily and Stephen and she was not even present in half of teh scenes but they were so electrifying together that producers had to make her a series regular and in season 2, she has emerged as a potential love interest. All kudos to the actors who did such an amazing job and for season 2, all the kudos to the creative team who realized what was working for the show.
          The second season is far superior than the first one and one of the reason is lack of romance between Oliver and Laurel.

        • Metro says:

          Which part exactly do I mention Katie Cassidy or laurel.

          I dont like Oliver & Felicity as a romance because they dont have chemistry, full stop. I dont like them because I dont like them, dont try to make this about something it isn’t, get over yourselves, not everyone who hates this forced and senseless pairing is a Katie/Laurel fan.

      • Mary says:

        I love Diggle and his friendship with Oliver and Felicity. While I may root for Oliver and Felicity to become a couple, I also enjoy the friendship on team arrow. All 3 of them care about each other and look out for one another, it’s not just about saving the day.
        I liked Barry and will probably check out his new show, but his potential romance with Felicity didn’t bother me. I figured it was about time Felicity got attention and if it made Oliver jealous, all the better.
        I don’t see Olicity fans rooting for the couple because of their looks. Stephen Arnell is a good looking guy and his character Oliver Queen interacts with a lot of women. When reading comments about the show I never see “Oliver and Felicity look so good together” or “Oliver and Sara look better as a couple than Oliver and Felicity ever would”.

  33. Nat says:

    Olicity is a joke. Their onscreen chemistry is pretty much non-existant. People only see what they want to see. No idea why viewers say there is chemistry there. Perhaps they don’t quite understand the term. The two actors don’t have it. Mostly because Stephen’s acting (although slightly improving) is so cardboard. And now the writers have listened to what the viewers want, and are showing it down everyone’s throats. When felicity ran up to Oliver and threw her arms around him on the last episode, I laughed out loud. Sorry, but give me a break. Zero chemistry.

    You want to understand what chemistry is, take a look at Barry and Felicity. You can tell the actors like each other in real life. It translates well to tv. But Olicity is the product of socially withdraw people who really don’t know how to feel anymore.

    • Abby says:

      I bet you think Laurel and Oliver have great chemistry.

    • Abby says:

      Which is why Stephen Amell has praised Emily. He even said in her first appearance she brought out something in him that wasn’t there before. Yep, no chemistry at all.

    • clearhaven says:

      Nat, I think I understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes Oliver is so stiff to felicity, but I think it’s because he doesn’t want her to fall for him…I think. He’s that way with diggle as well you know(e.g walking out on diggle in the middle of a convo or not answering his questions), but he’s improving cos’ they’re becoming closer. There’s definitely some chemistry between Oliver and Felicity tho..but it’s slow and subtle…and I like it that way.

      • thi86 says:

        I actually don’t mind about Felicity/Oliver happening or not, they are ok. But i like the Felicity/Barry chemistry more.

  34. Mandy says:

    Most Heartbreaking Breakup: Grissom and Sara. Really??? After 13 seasons!!! It completely gutted some long time loyal fans. Terrible move by the current writers.

    • Jenna says:

      I totally agree. There ought to be a statute of limitations so that tptb can’t break up a couple after it took sooo many years to finally get them together, and married. Unforgivable what they have done.

  35. b says:

    Arrow has done everything right this season. the slow burn works. hope they keep playing it up. Mellie and Cyrus are great. Bones had the best wedding. olivia and fitz at the house he built for her making jam was the best sex scene.

  36. martina says:

    OLIVER/FELICITY ALL THE WAY! if you don’t see the chemistry you’re just blind. and it’s so not one-sided. arguments of haters are just invalid! everyone sees the chemistry … the viewers, the actors and even the producers!
    but whatever won’t waste my time. just want to say that i love olicity endlessly and i’m not even worried about the few haters cause i totally have trust in the writers and they’re doing a damn perfect job on them. thanks <3

  37. TY says:

    I find it highly amusing that TVLine chose Al Bundy as Best Parent and Peggy Bundy as Worst Parent

  38. Monica4185 says:

    No Fiona and Marie are the best feud not the runner up. Layla and Juliette got nothing on them.

  39. Monica4185 says:

    Also well done with the complilation of best/worst of the year. I quite like it and enjoy it.

  40. amy says:

    I love olicity, it’s not just chemistry, they have great story, they’re partner, beside dig she’s the only people in this world he can trust, she yelled at him if he acting like a jerk, he broke his vow to save her, she will do anything to save him

    he gave her a change to become more than IT girl, with her, he doesn’t need to fake his smile, they need each other, they balance each other, honestly before I watch arrow I was expecting this kind of relationship between arrow and canary, now I can’t imagine oliver have this kind of relationship with anyone else,

    they’re the perfect couple for action/drama/crime series

  41. Carolina Machado says:

    Olicity <3

  42. Claire says:

    Team Arrow is fantastic! Oliver/Felicity/Diggle are the absolute best and then when you factor in Lance and Sara, well — just extreme goodness all around. I have seen F/O compared to the X-Files gems, and I have to agree.

    What I also like is that their ‘relationship’ is not the front and center of the show, but it is in there in a very grounding and cohesive manner. The connection is made throughout the show whether they are in scenes together or not. The solid foundation they are creating for their friendship and team reverberates throughout creating an amazing dynamic, not only for F/O, but for Diggle, Sara, Lance. This is solid work and excellent writing.

    Looking forward to the growth of this bond with F/O, but also with all the characters.

  43. ckate says:

    Most Heartbreaking Display of Grief: Hands down this goes to Finn’s mom on Glee.

  44. JRG117 says:

    Most Heartbreaking Display of Grief: Not even a mention of Romy Rosemont who plays Finn’s mom, Carole Hudson, on Glee? Tell me how THAT scene was not heartbreaking.

    • And yet again CM is left in the dust…

      Yes that was hearbreaking, but why does everyone overlook Reid when Maeve was killed in front of him? That was hearbreaking and the after affect of him holding the book curled on the couch was hearbreaking too.

      Shame on TV Line

  45. DarkDefender says:

    Best Bromance: RyEspo (Castle)
    Unnecessary Murder: Deb (Dexter)
    Insolent Child: Alexis, just for bringing Pi around (and for equating Caskett with her relationship)
    Best Travel Companion: Harry (Dexter) even if he is only in Dex’s mind.

  46. Hannah says:

    I love Olicity!! I love those two together!

  47. Tom Charles says:

    I actually think I’d prefer a daughter like Tessa Altman than Sue Heck myself

  48. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Gemma on SOA, Glenn and Maggie on TWD, Alison on OB and yes that Lydia chick dying on B.B haha was fun to watch!

  49. Babybop says:

    Sue Heck is the best! And I agree that Romy Rosemont should have at least gotten runner-up for most heartbreaking display of grief…