Revenge Sneak Peek: What Does Death-Defying Emily Have to Say to Her Shooter?

When ABC’s Revenge returns on Sunday, Jan. 5 with the first of three new, pre-hiatus episodes, it appears that Emily herself could greatly benefit from an extended “Previously On…” refresher.

In this first look at the episode “Homecoming,” in which “allies and enemies scramble to learn what happened the night of Emily’s wedding,” Daniel (played by Josh Bowman) visits his bullet-proof bride (Emily Van Camp) in the hospital, one-half unhappy to see her breathing, one-half anxious that she’ll finger him as the shooter.

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But Emily, too, has questions in the wake of what happened on the boat (though to her first one, I’d simply say, “Um, look around the room…?”). The twist to come is an oldie but a goodie, begging us to wonder if she’s putting on a performance, and if so, for how long can she keep it up?

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As a TV enthusiast, this isn’t your first trip to the amnesia rodeo — how do you predict things will play out?

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