Justified Season 5 Trailer: Trigger-Happy Raylan? Check. Badass Boyd? Criminal Cretins? Check.

FX thus far has largely been teasing Season 5 of Justified with a series of too-short promos using crow imagery and or focusing on one character or another. But this new-ish minute-long trailer is as fully loaded Raylan Givens’ gun.

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The U.S. Marshal squared off some sketchy sorts (and then literally bursts Dewey Crowe’s bubble). Boyd and Wynn Duffy (new series regular Jere Burns) dig up trouble in Detroit and get “down to business” with some Canadians. (Do not ask Boyd about the bandage on his ear, ‘K?) Amy Smart all but invites Raylan to “hit the target” (or something). And Michael Rapaport is introduced as new big bad Daryl Crowe (as in Dewey’s cousin).

Are you anxious for the Southern-fried drama’s Jan. 7 return?