Exclusive Community Video: Watch the Greendale Gang's Joyous, Slightly Awkward Reunion

Community Season 5Appearances are somewhat deceiving in Community‘s Dan Harmon-ized Season 5 premiere (Jan. 2, 8/7c on NBC) when The Greendale Gang assumes fellow alumni Jeff is back on campus to save their alma mater not sink it — and we have an exclusive first look at their heartwarming (and slightly uncomfortable) reunion.

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“Jeff gets lured into coming back because Rob Corddry, his old partner, figures out a way that Greendale can be sued into oblivion and we can make a ton of money and put them out of business,” explains Joel McHale. “Jeff’s [plan] to be a lawyer that helps people did not work at all and he’s broke. So he’s faced with this massive decision. The group catches wind [that Jeff’s back] and assumes he’s trying to help the school, but in fact he’s doing the opposite.”

Press PLAY below and watch Jeff squirm amid the revelry…