Revenge Fall Finale Poll: Who Shoots Emily?

Revenge Emily ShooterSince we already know that Revenge is serving lead at Emily and Daniel’s nuptials this Sunday, the episode is less a whodunit and more a who’s gonnadoit. So who is gonna make a wedding gift of a bullet?

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Considering that the erstwhile Amanda Clarke apologizes to her shooter before being hit in the abdomen, we can probably rule out suspects like Victoria, Conrad and Lydia. That leaves us with the contenders for whom Emily actually cares (or has pretended to): Aiden, Daniel, Jack and Charlotte.

Our bet?

Someone Ems would feel bad about having hurt but who is also expendable from the cast. In other words, Sarah!

So who do you think will pull the trigger? Weigh in in our poll below, then ready, aim, fire away in the comments!