Exclusive Haven First Look: Duke's Ready for Trouble in the Season 4 Finale

Us regular folk tend to not welcome trouble into our lives, but Haven‘s Duke Crocker (played by Eric Balfour) very much does in tonight’s Season 4 finale (Syfy, 10/9).

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In the episode “The Lighthouse,” as Audrey & Co. plot to return William (Colin Ferguson) to the void from which he came, Duke makes sure that his Trouble is ready for action, if the situation warrants it. To that end, in this sneak peek below, he invites Nathan to put him to the test.

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But there can be too much of a bad thing. For as the finale plays out, Duke’s new curse begins mutating into an amalgamation of every Trouble the Crocker clan has ever eradicated, all while Audrey inches ever closer to succumbing to her terrible original incarnation.

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