Grey's Anatomy Recap: Sister Attacked

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 RecapIn this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, not only do Jackson and Matthew get competitive over a roadside tracheotomy, but the Kepner sisters descend on Grey+Sloan for April’s bridal shower. And, though the wife-to-be manages to make it through the hour without prescribing herself a sedative, she doesn’t do so without making a big change to her wedding party. Who’s in, and who’s out? Read on…

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TWISTED SISTER | From the get-go, the Kepner girls are so annoying (fawning over Jackson and saying things like “O-M-gosh!”) that suddenly April seems downright tolerable by comparison. When at last she’s had enough of being called Duckie – because she used to be an ugly duckling, not because she loved Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink – she declares, “I’m a swan!” fires them as her bridesmaids and replaces them with Meredith, Cristina and Arizona. Meanwhile, Jackson first disses the emergency tracheotomy that Matthew performs on a guy whose tie has gotten caught in a taxi door, then tells April that her fiancé did it exactly the way he would’ve. THEN – dizzy yet? – he tells Matthew that no, he did, in fact, botch it. Somehow, this all results in Matthew insisting that Jackson attend the wedding.

TIFF COMPETITION | When not having sex with Shane – yeah, that actually happens – Cristina implants her 3D-printed doodad in her infant patient, and at first, it doesn’t look like it’s going to work. At the same time, Stephanie helps Mer implant HER 3D-printed thingy in a sheep, and it looks like it IS going to work. Sulkypants over this turn of events, Shane rudely congratulates Mer on beating him and Cristina, prompting Mer to ask her ex-BFF WTH is up with him. “Are you saying I taught him to be mean?” Cristina asks. Fight No. 103 ensues. But at least afterwards, Cristina and Shane learn that their 3D-printed doodad is going to work after all. Mer and Stephanie’s 3D-printed thingy? Not so much. (RIP, sheep.)

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ODDS AND ENDS | After spending most of the episode spatting with Arizona, Callie ends an argument by kissing her, and they realize that they’d probably bicker less if they simply talked less. (There’s a self-help book in there somewhere.) And finally Miranda takes the OCD medication that Illeana Douglas keeps recommending when Richard – newly discharged but still hanging out at Grey+Sloan – likens her condition to his alcoholism: incurable and yet treatable.

DAD ATTITUDE | Like a bad penny, Jimmy turns up again at Grey+Sloan telling Jo that he’s been trying to get clean since realizing that Alex is his son. She says that’s great and all, but he can’t detox there… so he collapses (unintentionally, mind you), prompting Owen to order Jo to take him on as a patient. This, in turn, makes Alex grumpy and puts Jo in the line of fire when Jimmy’s hallucinations make him violent.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that the show really went there with Cristina and Shane? Can there be any doubt that Jackson is going to steal April from Matthew? Are you glad Callie and Arizona are getting along again (at least for the moment), or, since they never really addressed or resolved their issues, does it just feel like the calm before the next storm? Hit the comments!