Ike Barinholtz Breaks Down The Mindy Project's Sophomore Groove, Morgan's Romantic Future

MindyProjectIkBIf you, like this reporter, are thankful this holiday season for The Mindy Project and the comedy gold it delivers each week, the following is for you. And if for some reason you aren’t tuning into Fox’s rom-com-drenched sitcom, well… for shame (and you should read on as well).

Mindy found its funny footing by the end of its first season, but its sophomore run has taken the laughs to another level — something co-star and writer Ike Barinholtz attributes to good ol’ fashioned timing.

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“Honestly, I think for all shows, it just take a little time,” he tells TVLine. “When I watch Season 1 Seinfeld or the early Simpsons — or even early 30 Rock — they’re very different from the second season. It takes a little while to establish characters and their views, what they want and need… It’s just being given the opportunity to grow a little bit.”

The permanent additions of a pair of scene-stealers, Barinholtz says, helped greatly. “Picking up [Adam] Pally and Xosha [Roquemore] was big for us; it gave us two more big comedic voices on the show.”

That said, the scribe is careful to note that Mindy‘s flow really began to set in “toward the middle of last year” when the writer’s room really honed in on Chris Messina‘s now fan-fave curmudgeon Danny Castellano. “We figured out Danny as a character and were able to write for him better, and then at the end of last season we made Ed Weeks the Ted Knight of the show, just constantly flustered and full of bluster and other things that end in ‘-uster’.

“He has actually been one of my MVPs this season,” Barinholtz adds. “Every line he says just makes us laugh.”

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As for what’s ahead for The Mindy Project‘s loveable doof, Morgan, Barinholtz is tight-lipped but does reveal, “He’s starting to really develop feelings for Tamra… That’s a slow burn. At Christmas he makes a gesture and is rebuffed… She’s still pretty into her boyfriend, Ray Ron, but coming up in a few episodes, it’s looking like there’s trouble there and Morgan is ready to swoop in. Unfortunately, Ray Ron makes that impossible for him, but it’s something that if we see it materialize, it will be later in the season.”

Are you loving Mindy this season? Does a Morgan/Tamara twosome tickle your fancy?