Exclusive Covert Affairs Finale Video: Annie 'Tracks' Henry -- and Gets Tortured?

On tonight’s Season 4 finale of Covert Affairs (USA Network, 10/9c), Annie finally hones in on the enemy, the duplicitous Henry, and makes herself a target in the process. Not only does TVLine have an exclusive preview of the action, but also a hint of what’s to come from series star Piper Perabo.

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“When Annie decides to turn herself in to Henry, it’s in a kind of last ditch effort. And she, herself, is like the tracking device,” previews Perabo. “If she can sit next to Henry in his car, she can be in the same building where he is. And she knows Auggie is in that city. She knows Auggie will find her.”

But making yourself into a human GPS is “a really dangerous idea” that results in Annie being threatened with torture. It all leads up to a dramatic season wrap that features some big surprises.

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“There’s like multiple bombshells at the end of the finale,” teases Perabo. “I mean to the point that I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness!’ … They’re both negative and positive bombshells that go off.”

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