Exclusive Atlantis Video: Meet Pythagoras (aka the Triangle Guy) and Big-Boned Hercules

BBC America is taking viewers to Atlantis, a new fantasy-adventure series premiering after the Day of the Doctor special, and its inhabitants are not exactly as legend has built them up.

We’ve got your exclusive first look as modern day Jason (played by Dancing on the Edge‘s Jack Donnelly), on a search for his missing father, unexpectedly wakes up in the lost city — to much confusion.

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First, he encounters the noted figure Pythagoras (War Horse‘s Robert Emms). “You’re the triangle guy,” Jason says in shock, leaving the mathematician perplexed himself.

“How did you know I’ve been thinking about triangles?” he replies.

But the biggest surprise comes when a portly Hercules (Game of Thrones‘ Mark Addy) enters the room and defends his “heavily built” frame.

Atlantis premieres this Saturday, Nov. 23 at 9/8c.

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