Ravenswood Boss on Caleb/Miranda Soulmate Status, Hanna's Reaction, Red Coat Redux & More

RavenswoodFinaleRavenswood‘s midseason finale gave Pretty Little Liars a run for its money in the ‘shipper department when it revealed that the love story between cursed twosome Caleb and Miranda dates back at least a century. But what does that mean for the leading man’s Rosewood-based romance with Hanna?

Here, executive producer Oliver Goldstick reveals what’s next on both series for this extremely complicated triangle. He also teases twists ahead in the Ravenswood curse, the return of that creepy little girl and more when the drama resumes on Jan. 7.

TVLINE | That gorgeous little blonde girl in the red coat — clearly a nod to Alison and Pretty Little Liars, right?
[Laughs] Well, we did an homage to the red coat in the Halloween episode… But that scene was the introduction of Max, who does return. That’s not the last we’ve seen of that little devil!

TVLINE | Does the curse looming over “The Five” mean that the remaining four have to die?
We didn’t want to give it all away because it’s richer and deeper than they thought. As far as all of them being in peril, they are. Much of the next five episodes focus on whether it’s somebody in the town who has a connection to the underworld and is enforcing the curse.

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TVLINE | Is there a possibility that Miranda’s death won’t stick?
There is. The kids [on the show] don’t know everything and we don’t either. We discover things as we are in the writer’s room, so we have not committed to the fact that she might be back in another form.

TVLINE | Talk about your plan for Caleb and Miranda. Have the writers approached this story as if they are in fact soulmates?
Yes. We’re really creating a triangle here that just complicates poor Caleb’s life — how can he be confused after just four episodes? [Laughs] The man experiences a life-and-death experience with somebody, and that can bond you; this certainly makes them very close very quickly… It’s no coincidence that they share so much in common regarding their backgrounds. He and Hanna do not have that at all, so that was really important to us.

TVLIVE | Will Hanna be looped in on the supernatural nature of Caleb’s connection to Miranda?
As we speak, that is being filmed; it’s Episode 10 of Ravenswood. And he’s very much back in Pretty Little Liars‘ season opener, which would be Season 4B.

TVLINE | I just imagine that someone like Hanna would respond to something like that with a, ‘What the hell are you talking about?!’
Exactly — until maybe she experiences something like that herself.

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TVLINE | That Dillon twist was very “A”-esque in that he is a human working for some larger Big Bad. Is he around in the next batch of episodes?
He is indeed and he gets closer to Olivia, which is unfortunate. You’ll find out why he talks to that little girl — he’s got a good reason, too. He is a mortal, he’s not an evil being. But he basically has access to something else and you’ll find out why.

TVLINE | How will Remy’s sleepwalking continue to play out?
In the actual dreamworld that she inhabits, she has access to invaluable information for the group. She also goes to a sleep clinic, which is pretty damn spooky too. She has the wires attached to her head and everything.

TVLINE | Can you speak to Uncle Collins’ motives? I’m guessing he’s not as nefarious as he seems.
You have every reason to believe he’s up to something no good — he’s a dark person. But you’re going to find out in an episode that I wrote that he had a relationship with Luke and Olivia’s mother in high school, and you’ll gain some access into who he is. But that doesn’t mean he’s not dark.

TVLINE | What are you most excited for fans to see when Ravenswood returns?
The legacy of the curse, where it comes from, how it’s going to impact their lives now and what happened to Luke and Olivia’s father because of it. All of that plays in really beautifully in the next five episodes.

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