Almost Human: Is Its Future Bright or Bleak?

Almost Human Series Premiere RecapFox’s Almost Human made its debut Sunday at 8/7c, bringing viewers into a dark Los Angeles of the near future and introducing us to an unlikely pair of cops.

Now that you’ve seen the first night of the series’ two-part premiere, will you partner up with the futuristic buddy-cop drama?

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Before you answer, a brief recap: The J.J. Abrams/J.H. Wyman-helmed series opens on Los Angeles Police Det. John Kennex (Star Trek‘s Karl Urban) in a firefight with a gang of bad guys who end up killing one of his fellow officers and blowing off Kennex’s leg. It then cuts to a glowing close-up of Kennex’s lovely ex-girlfriend holding him near. As we soon learn, the traumatized amputee is undergoing a dangerous form of regression therapy in an effort to recall the event that put him into a coma for 17 months.

Kennex spends his days popping pills, fixating on his missing love and cursing his new, tempermental robotic leg. A call from his boss, Chief Maldonado (played by Six Feet Under‘s Lili Taylor) brings him back to the station: A crime organization called The Syndicate is wreaking havoc in the city.

The detective returns to work alongside colleagues both human — like Richard Paul (Michael Irby, The Unit) and Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly, Friday Night Lights) — and android. Given the skyrocketing crime rate, each flesh-and-blood officer has been paired with a MX-43 combat-model android for protection and backup.

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Kennex loathes his humorless new “synthetic,” and wastes no time getting rid of him (in rather violent fashion). So Maldonado partners him with Dorian, a decommissioned model android (played by Common Law‘s Michael Ealy).

“Wait a minute, that’s one of the crazy ones,” Kennex complains to the department’s robot wrangler Rudy (Mackenzie Crook, Game of Thrones). Rudy corrects him: The DRN series, of which Dorian is a member, was taken out of the workforce because of some “bugs” regarding emotional regulation.

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Those issues make Dorian much more human-like than his MX-43 counterparts, a situation that Kennex doesn’t appreciate… at first. But as the pair investigate a robbery/kidnapping/terrorism plot exacted by The Syndicate, and when Dorian saves Kennex’s life during another bad memory trip, the android’s bugs — including his ability to intuit — are what eventually help save the day.

Now that Almost Human has established its characters and its slick, tech-filled world, we’re looking forward to seeing Dorian and Kennex’s work relationship — and dare we suggest friendship? — evolve. And what the heck is the deal with Kennex’s missing ex?

Enough about what we thought. It’s your turn. Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice.

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