Did Arrow Pierce Your Heart? Shirtless Hunks = Ratings? Snoozy Act of Revenge? And More Qs!

Once Upon a TimeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, Person of Interest, Arrow and Glee!

1 | What brought film vet Daryl Hannah to the utterly thankless (and barely recognizable?) role of a random Hawaii Five-0 real estate agent? And whose eyes welled up a bit when Catherine was formally added to the team?

2 | So, Once Upon a Time‘s Storybrooke is basically in Thomaston, Maine? And wait, is Neal’s coconut shell encrypted star map not a coconut shell encrypted star map but a magical coconut shell trap for shadows? Gilligan and the Professor were such underachievers.

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3 | Was Emily and Nolan’s plot to destroy Ana Ortiz’s PR maven the least suspenseful takedown in Revenge history? Also, remind us why Charlotte is hellbent on breaking up Emily and Daniel? And we’ve got to agree with Conrad: How is a puff piece about Daniel and Emily’s wedding any more journalistically relevant than the glowing profile the former gov wanted written?

4 | We hate to nitpick The Good Wife — which is doing pretty much everything right this season — but in what universe would Alicia neglect to tell her brother Owen that she was quitting Lockhart Gardner to start her own firm? At the very least, wouldn’t he have heard it through the proverbial grapevine (i.e. their gossipmonger mom)?

5 | Is Homeland‘s casting director a daytime soap fan? In this season’s first seven episodes, we’ve had guest spots from Guiding Light‘s Robert Newman, All My Children‘s Vincent Irizarry and Another World‘s Stephen Schnetzer. (Roscoe Borne, call your agent!) Also: How did the neighbor’s security cam capture Quinn but not Carrie and Javadi?!

6 | Why was Witches of East End‘s Ingrid so upset with Aunt Wendy for accidentally killing her in a past life when, quite frankly, that life had her pointed straight down a path of evil and destruction?

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Bones7 | When is Mom going to release French Stewart’s amusingly degenerate Chef Rudy from the kitchen and give him a story arc of his own?

8 | It’s time again for “Was That the Grossest Thing Bones Has Ever Shown Us?” — this time, starring the fly incubating in Hodgins’ neck.

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9 | TVLine reader Leigh asks: “The Castle shootout was awesome, but there is more security when money is delivered to my ATM at the grocery store. Shouldn’t Ryan and Esposito have gotten an armored car or something?”

10 | Yea or nay on The Voice‘s new Twitter-fueled “Instant Save”? (And for those on the West Coast, did you participate in the hashtag-driven exercise as it happened? If so, did you skip watching the telecast when it aired in your time zone?)

11 | Wasn’t vengeful Tyler on The Originals kind of a badass? And who wanted to be Hayley during that hug with Elijah?

12 | Is Person of Interest‘s Carter one of the few TV characters who doesn’t have one of those “tiles” phones? And next week’s episode totally is The Warriors, isn’t it? “Man in Suuuuit…. Come out and play-ay-ayyyy….

13 | Is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. laying it on a bit thick with lines such as “[Coulson]’s acting like a robot version of himself”? And did you weep for Fitz’s prosciutto and mozz sandwich?

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14 | Didn’t the Chicago Fire producers know this week’s Severide storyline was going to be endlessly compared to that infamous ER Doug Ross/storm drain episode? Why go there?

15 | Shirtless sexytimes for Derek Morgan = Criminal Minds‘ largest audience of the season? Shirtless sexytimes for Diggle = Arrow‘s largest audience of the season? Do we have that math right?

16 | Did Arrow pleasantly surprise you with the “vague” yet emotionally laden words Oliver expressed to Felicity, about not wantingArrow Oliver Felicity to get sexually involved with someone he could care so much about? And are the show’s weekly news reports on the STAR Labs particle accelerator basically the longest planted pilot in TV history?

17 | Is The Tomorrow People rushing and forcing its love triangle, with the Cara/Stephen hook-up already? For one, doesn’t Stephen read too young for her? And has Cara seen John lately?

18 | Now that Nashville’s Peggy is married to Teddy, how long can she possibly keep up her fake pregnancy scam? And did anyone see that episode-ending kiss coming?!

19 | Is it too late for Simon Cowell to replace utterly incoherent X Factor judge Paulina Rubio? (For the uninitiated who think that question is too mean, we present a sample quote: “I think you two girls are so different between each other and so good talent, great singers, both of you. Music is unpredictable as life. If I would need to send myself someone home, the act I’m sending home would be, I’m so sorry guys, it’s Rachel.”)

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20 | How do we stop The Vampire Diaries’ Katherine from rapidly aging? Because we must never lose that sassy doppelganger.

21 | Yes, we know Reign‘s Mary eventually winds up with Francis. But don’t you want her to take a long, frothy detour with Bash?

Scandal22 | Was this week’s Olivia-lite Scandal a preview of what the show will look like when Kerry Washington goes on maternity leave? And among the episode’s myriad jaw-droppers, was Mellie’s assault a bit telegraphed by the set-up and direction of that scene? And are we to believe “Omar Dresden” has been living in that sparse cell for 20-plus years?

23 | On Glee, did Unique’s stunning “If I Were a Boy” and Marley’s tepid “Wrecking Ball” serve as perfect case studies showing why the series should focus on weaving songs into its story arcs rather than trying to recreate setups from music videos?

24 | Did your skin start to itch when The Big Bang Theory‘s Leonard put on that scratchy orange sweater? Plus, a perennial musing: Doesn’t the Cheesecake Factory mind, even a bit, that the show’s version of the eatery looks so ordinary and almost Denny’s-esque? (The menus Penny hands out aren’t even 20 pages!)

25 | Are there enough brick-and-mortar Barnes & Nobles left to justify the pricey holiday-themed commercials featuring 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!