Exclusive Bones First Look: Booth Goes to First Base With Brennan -- While Driving

Someone needs to tell Booth that feeling up your spouse while operating a moving vehicle is illegal in the nation’s capital, because that’s essentially what he’s doing in the following clip from this Friday’s episode of Bones (8/7c, Fox).

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The set-up: Brennan, on a break from an exhausting day of jury duty, insists on spending her downtime at work instead of at home (where her husband has offered to give her “a massage… or something.”) After initially playing hard to get, she eventually comes around — and Booth rewards her with a preview of what’s to come.

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with answers to these questions: Do you think we’ll get to see any of this promised “massage… or something?” And, more importantly, will you be following B&B to their new Friday home?