Lady Gaga's Saturday Night Live Promos: Wig Lamps, Meat Watches and…a Case of the Voms?

Lady Gaga is pulling double duty as host and musical guest on this week’s Saturday Night Live — but while we know the “Bad Romance” singer can be outrageous, the question remains — “Can she be funny?”

The following set of promo videos is, alas, inconclusive — mostly because the concepts (all co-starring Kenan Thompson) are as lukewarm as hour-old tea.

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There’s Thompson rocking a meat watch, there’s the duo talking in heightened “thee-ay-ter” voices, there’s the pop star explaining “Lady Gaga” isn’t her real name — and Thompson responding with mock outrage. I won’t spoil the punch line in the promo centered around Tinkerbell living for the applause, as long as you don’t get your hopes too high.

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Press play below to watch all the spots, then tell us whether these promos make you hopeful or worried for Gaga’s hosting gig.