Exclusive New Girl First Look: Can Coach Work His Magic on Both Cece and... Nick?!

What better way to celebrate the news that Damon Wayans Jr. will be sticking around New Girl all season than with a sneak peek at what Coach has in store for one wayward roomie and their nubile neighbor?

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In this first look at Tuesday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c), Wayans reveals how Coach — who returned to the fold last week, after having not been seen since the series’ pilot — will set out to rid Nick of some bad behaviors and, heck, maybe even get him working out (for better or for worse).

And while Coach proves himself to have mad moves, the big question appears to be: Will they be enough to make a good first second impression on Cece?

Watch the sneak peek below, then make your predictions about whether “the two Cs” will or even should [ahem] together.