The Walking Dead Recap: The In Crowd

The Walking Dead Season 4 RecapAs if a perimeter breach and sick bay bedlam weren’t enough for the The Walking Dead’s living to contend with, this week’s episode also sets the stage for a certain someone to come back with a vengeance. But we’ll discuss that when we get to the end of our “Internment” recap…

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WHERE THERE’S AN ILL… | As the hour opens, Hershel is doing everything humanly and even superhumanly possible to keep all of his quarantined patients not only alive but optimistic. (Let’s make it Spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday, he jokes. Of course, “first we have to find some spaghetti.”) He even moves heaven and earth to prevent anyone from seeing those who succumb to the flu bludgeoned as they turn into walkers. (“A sad soul,” he notes, quoting Steinbeck, “can kill quicker than a germ.”) Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Sasha passes out from dehydration, Glenn collapses just as Henry turns, Caleb kicks the bucket, and before Maggie busts in to restore order, a walker pins her dad, whose rescuer gets bitten himself after accidentally blowing away an innocent bystander! (Yes, it’s just as chaotic as it sounds.)

THE WEAKEST LINK | In storyline B, Rick and Maggie work to reinforce the fence against the growing horde of walkers pressing their noses (if they still have them) against it. When she’s called away by the siren song of gunfire inside the prison (see: storyline A), Rick is finally forced to let eager Carl help. But it’s no use — there are just too darn many walkers. When at last the fence gives, Rick and Carl stave off the invasion by turning the yard into a shooting gallery. Then, hallelujah! Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob return with the medicine that the infected so desperately need. “Dad,” says Carl, “everything’s gonna be okay.” But is it?

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THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM | Though Maggie and Hershel seem to give Rick a pass about his decision to banish Carol, the hour ends with Daryl asking the doc where she is. “Talk to Rick about her,” Hershel says ominously. (And something tells me Daryl’s reaction to the news isn’t going to be quite so stoic!) Then, we come to our final shot: Just after Rick and Carl split a green bean — perhaps suggesting that, regardless of the mad world in which they live, not all hope is lost? — the camera pulls back to reveal that they’re being watched by (dun-Dun-DUN!) the Governor! Okay, NOW all hope is lost.

Okay, your turn. Were you worried that Glenn might actually die? Were you hoping that, when Lizzie lured Henry away, she actually WOULD die? How massively bad do you predict Daryl’s reaction to Carol’s ouster will be? (Will he go after her?) And finally, before you hit the comments, how happy are you to see Ol’ One-Eye back?