Exclusive Castle Video: Rick and Kate Encounter a Big Problem in the Bedroom

A third party is coming between Rick and Kate — and in the bedroom of all places.

In Monday’s Castle (10/9c. ABC), Rick awakens to find his better half being terrorized by a menacing creature — or as she calls it,  “a hungry lion about to pounce.”

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The fact that the puma in question is both safely contained behind a frame and a prized member of Rick’s family (he even has a name for the kitty!) fails to calm Kate’s nerves.

“Kate’s spending a lot of time over at the loft and it’s very much Castle’s place,” explains series creator Andrew Marlowe. “And when she starts to try to make subtle changes, so it’s a little bit more welcoming environment to her, how does Castle react to it? It’s a really fun, funny [storyline] runner.”

Press PLAY below to find out exactly how Castle reacts to it…

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