Exclusive Video: Almost Human Cast, EPs Detail a Lesson in Human Nature, Courtesy of Androids

On the surface, Fox’s upcoming drama Almost Human is filled with sleek hunks of technology that look and act a lot like people. But as its cast and executive producers point out in this exclusive video, beneath all that steel and circuitry thumps a lot of heart.

Or, as star Mackenzie Crook notes, “Through the androids and the humans, you learn a lot about human nature.”

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Ahead of the new series’ two-night premiere — which takes place on Sunday, Nov. 17, and Monday, Nov. 18 (8/7c) — we’ve got an illuminating look inside the precinct.

If it hasn’t already started, press PLAY on the clip below to hear cast members Karl UrbanMichael EalyLili Taylor and Crook and executive producers J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman detail a future, as Urban says, “that is just over our horizon.”