Exclusive Beauty and the Beast First Look: Vincent Rescues a (Beastly?) Damsel in Distress

Beauty and the Beast‘s Vincent is about to again dabble in a bit of kidnapping on the sophomore CW drama, and we’ve got a first look at his pretty captive’s reaction.

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In the episode “Father Knows Best,” airing Monday at 9/8c, Vincent (Jay Ryan) sets out to neutralize a high-profile beast, but in the course of doing so, he must rescue his target’s daughter Tori (played by Amber Skye Noyes). Under Vincent’s watch, Tori will make some shocking “discoveries” about her life — like perhaps that she, too, has beastly DNA coursing through her system?

Elsewhere in the hour, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) confronts her birth father, Agent Reynolds, about the mysterious role he’s played in her life.

Noyes, who played Matthew’s online honey Michelle on One Life to Live’s online incarnation, is due to guest-star in at least three episodes.

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